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Band/Artist Title Style Label
Gideon's Army Warriors Of Love Melodic Hard Rock Retroactive 2013 75%
Gideon's Army Rock N' Roll For Your Soul Rock Retroactive 2015 75%
Gideon's Army Grace Melodic Rock Retroactive 2015 85%
Gloriam Dei The Covenant Melodic Power Metal Independent 2015 90%
Golden Resurrection Glory To My King Neo-Classical Metal Liljegren 2010 85%
Golden Resurrection Man With A Mission Neo-Classical Metal Liljegren 2011 85%
Golden Resurrection One Voice For The Kingdom Neo-Classical Metal Doolittle 2013 80%
Goliath The Gate Stoner/Doom Metal The Music Cartel
The Lou Gramm Band The Lou Gramm Band Melodic Hard Rock Frontiers 2009 75%
Grand Lux Iron Will Metal/Hard Rock Sand
Grand Lux Carved In Stone Metal/Hard Rock Ulterium 2007 80%
Grave Robber Be Afraid Horror Rock Retroactive 2008 75%
Gregorian Rock Gregorian Rock 2 Rock Independent 2015 75%
Green Sleeves Green Medicine Classic Metal Rivel 2006 80%
Greg X Dream Melodic Rock Independent 2011 75%
Grimmark Grimmark Melodic Metal Rivel 2007 85%
Guardian First Watch Melodic Metal Retroactive
Guardian Almost Home Modern Rock Independent 2014 70%
James Guest Klenzd Melodic Rock Independent 2005 80%
GX Project Bite Stick Hard Rock Image 2012 85%
GX Project Sinner Hard Rock Image 2014 80%
GX Project Raze Some Hell Hard Rock Independent 2015 80%











































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