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Welcome to Angelic Warlord- your Christian metal and hard rock resource!  Launched in the spring of 2006 with the purpose of supporting Christians creating art within the metal and hard rock genres, Angelic Warlord features an abundance of reviews, links, articles, interviews and news- all updated on a weekly basis.  If you enjoy all types of metal and hard rock - melodic hard rock, straightforward hard rock, melodic metal, classic metal, power metal, progressive metal and all things in between – that, at the same time, is backed by a positive and life changing message, then you have found a new home in Angelic Warlord.

Christian art is the expression of the whole life of the whole person as a Christian. What a Christian portrays in his art is the totality of life. Art is not to be solely a vehicle for some sort of self-conscious evangelism.

A Christian should use these arts to the glory of God, not just as tracts, mind you, but as things of beauty to the praise of God. An art work can be a doxology in itself.

- Francis Schaeffer



• DELIVERANCE - Weapons of Our Warfare (Retroactive re-issue)
• DISCIPLES OF GOD - Unleashed
• GUARDIAN - Fire & Love (Retroactive re-issue)
• HOLY SOLDIER - Last Train (Roxx Records re-issue)
• JACOBS DREAM - Sea Of Destiny
• XALT - Dark War (Retroactive re-issue)


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Update: August 20, 2017


ROSE - Songs For The Ritually Abused - NEW
Randy Rose, better known as drummer and co-lead vocalist for the at times techno and modern and others hard rocking but always inventive Southern California based group Mad At The World, released in the spring of 2017 his fifth solo album, Songs For The Ritually AbusedRead Full Review >>


CHOIRS OF VERITIS - I Am The Way, The Truth And The Life
It’s easier to find an honest politician these days than a symphonic metal band with a male lead vocalist, but Milan, Italy’s Choirs Of Veritis and its spring of 2017 Underground Symphony Records debut I Am The Way, The Truth And The Life defies the trend.  Read Full Review >>

Does it suffice to suggest that the ‘sophomore jinx’ rarely if ever rears its ugly head in the hard music world?  Read Full Review >>

Crush, the most recent (July of 2017) album from Bay City, Michigan minister and guitarist Pastor Brad Windlan, has all the ingredients needs to appeal to both the classic metal faithful and those looking for melodic hard rock hooks.   Read Full Review >>

RESURRECTION BAND - Colours (Retroactive re-issue)
What is your favorite Resurrection Band album?  Ask a dozen hard music aficionados and chances are you will receive a dozen different answers, a total that equates to the number of studio albums of unique material released by the blues based hard rocking Chicago, Illinois based five piece throughout its three-decade career.  Read Full Review >>

RESURRECTION BAND - Mommy Don’t Love Daddy Anymore
The Resurrection Band 1981 fourth full length album Mommy Don’t Love Daddy Anymore is often overlooked in hard music circles, probably because it lives in the shadows of its widely acclaimed (by critics and fans alike) predecessor Colours from 1980.  Read Full Review >>

RESURRECTION BAND - DMZ (Retroactive re-issue)
If your experience has been similar to mine, then many if not most of your favorite band’s have that one album in their repertoire that (for whatever reason) has failed to grow on you.  Read Full Review >>

THE 3 - Gospelbilly
A power trio hailing from the Oklahoma City metro area, The 3 (according to its press material) ‘records and performs an exciting mixture of modern classic hard rock, rockabilly (and) blues rock with the type of Christian themes found on the recordings of such artist as Johnny Cash, The Bryds, Hank Williams Sr. and others’.  Read Full Review >>


Angelica  - Angelica

ANGELICA Self-Titled Debut Re-issued:
Official re-release of Angelica for the first time in August of 2017 on Mexican label EMI Distro:

Born out of the demo material of Ontario, Canada based guitarist and founding member Dennis Cameron, Angelica signed to Intense Records and released four-full length albums, of which the self-titled debut from 1989 is often the most highly regarded.  Many attribute this to the presence of vocalist extraordinaire Rob Rock, whom at the time was renown in mainstream circles for his work in M.A.R.S. and its Project Driver release in addition to fronting the third Joshua album Intense Defense.  It could also relate to the melodic metal and commercial hard rock hooks infusing Angelica not to mention the virtuoso guitar abilities to Cameron.

Angelica actually acted as more of a project as opposed to a full time band in that per Cameron, “(Angelica) was more of an idea for a band than anything with my songwriting, my direction, and me financing everything from the demos to whatever” (referencing an interview from back in the day).  More specifically, “The whole existence of Angelica only revolved around making the records. As hard as I tried to make it a 'band', it never came to fruition” (as noted in a recent online interview). 

He further summarizes the Angelica mission: “(Angelica) was only meant to be a vehicle for me to present some Christian oriented music and use it to glorify God instead of trying to get myself on center stage and in the spotlight using the secular music model.”

Limited to a pressing of 300 CD copies, the EM Distro re-issue features the original Angelica cover art and track listing.  Cameron handled re-mastering.

Angelica track listing:

1. “There's Only One Hero”
2. “Are You Satisfied”
3. “I Believe”
4. “Danger Zone”
5. “Shine On Me”
6. “Only A Man”
7. “One Step At A Time”
8. “Will I Ever Learn”
9. “Take Me”
10. “Ahh!”
11. “S.O.S.”
12. “Face To Face”

EM Distro online:

ANGELICA online: &

Enzo & The Glory Ensemble - In The Name Of The Son

ENZO & THE GLORY ENSEMBLE Reveal Track Listing To New Album, In The Name Of The Son:
In The Name Of The Son is the Rockshots Records sophomore album of founding member Enzo Donnarumma’s project ENZO & THE GLORY ENSEMBLE.  Appearing are many of the same artists that performed on his 2015 debut In The Name Of The Father, including Marty Friedman, Kobi Farhi (ORPHANED LAND), Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL EAR), Mark Zonder (FATES WARNING, WARLORD, GRAHAM BONNET BAND), Gary Wehrkamp & Brian Ashland (SHADOW GALLERY), David Brown (METATRONE) and many more.

Enzo Donnarumma‘s sound explores and unifies different genres: progressive metal, classical music, symphonic soundtrack, musical, ethnic music and world music.  In The Name Of The Son accordingly delivers a Gospel metal sound thanks to the “Weza Moza Gospel Choir” from Congo.

In The Name Of The Son was produced by Enzo Donnarumma and Gary Wehrkamp, mastered by Simone Mularoni while featuring the impressive cover art by Nello Dell’Omo (Art For Music).  Set to be released in Europe on September 29, 2017 via Rockshots Records on all the major record and digital stores, the album will mark another important milestone in the band’s career.

In The Name Of The Son track listing:

1. “Waiting For The Son”
2. “The Tower Of Babel”
3. “Luke 1: 28”
4. ““Psalm 8”
5. “Glory To God”
6. “Psalm 133”
7. “Magnificat”
8. “Isaiah 53”
9. “Matthew 11: 25”
10. “The Trial”
11. “Eternal Rest”
12. “Te Deum”
13. “If Not You”

In The Name Of The Son pre order:

Rockshots Records online: &

Enzo Donnarumma online: &

Galactic Cowboys promo pic

GALACTIC COWBOYS Return With Original Line Up And First Album In 17 Years:
Press Release / Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Label Group are thrilled to announce the signing of 90’s progressive metal adventurers GALACTIC COWBOYS who return with the original line up and their first album in 17 years.

Dane Sonnier (guitar), Ben C. Huggins (vocals), Alan Doss (drums/keyboards) and Monty Colvin (bass) are strapped in, heading back to the Ranch on Mars and are recording together for the first time since 1993’s Space In Your Face, to rain down a sonic meteor shower later this year.

The Houston, Texas quartet caught the attention of Geffen Records with their eclectic blend of melodic vocals, thrashing riffery and progressive explorations to release their self-titled debut in 1991, the same year label mates NIRVANA released Nevermind. Though the antithesis of grunge, the ‘COWBOYS’ none the less chalked up videos in heavy MTV rotation, and a memorable appearance in 1994’s ‘Airheads’. Tours followed with DREAM THEATER, KING’S X, ANTHRAZ and OVERKILL. Going on to release an additional 5 albums, the group disbanded after 2000’s Let It Go. Their music left a lasting mark on many musicians, including fans Mike Portnoy, Kerry Livgren (KANSAS) and Eric Singer (KISS).

Talking about joining Music Theories Recordings (AYREON, FLYING COLORS, Don Airey, Neal Schon, Paul Gilbert), Monty Colvin shares, "I am very excited to restart the artistic engine of GALACTIC COWBOYS and bring the universe new music! We're looking forward to a great working relationship with Mascot!”

"We said we'd only come back if the world needed us. When Mascot sent out the distress call we knew it was time to return. Get ready world. Here come Galactic Cowboys!" adds Ben C Huggins.

Talking about the addition to the label, CEO Ed Van Zijl went on to say, “Every music enthusiast has a favourite band that they dream would reunite one day. Fans worldwide will be stoked to see GALACTIC COWBOYS back in their original line-up, and so are we. We’re excited to have them be part of our growing Mascot family!”

Mascot Label Group online: &



* RECON, full performance:

* SAINT, “In The Night”:

* WORLDVIEW, “Mortality”:


* IMARI TONES, IndieGogo campaign to fund new album “Jesus Wind”:

* YouTube interview with STRYKEN drummer Joey Knight:


Update: August 14, 2017


Deliverance - Weapons Of Our Warfare - Retroactive re-issue

Retroactive Records Announce DELIVERANCE Weapons Of Our Warfare Re-issue:
Classic DELIVERANCE sophomore album scheduled for re-release on September 12, 2017 (limited to 500 CD copies):

Press Release / Only a year after releasing its historic self-titled debut, DELIVERANCE followed up with their 1990 tour de force: Weapons of Our Warfare. METALLICA created Master of Puppets, SLAYER bludgeoned the world with the classic Reign In Blood, FLOTSAM & JETSAM had Doomsday..., and EXODUS boasted Bonded By Blood - all albums that would create the standard for all other speed metal releases. Weapons of Our Warfare was that album for DELIVERANCE!  It cemented the band's place as iconic speed metal royalty. To this very day, Weapons… is still mentioned with hushed reverence among Christian metal heads as one of the elite speed metal albums of all time.

Guitarist Glenn Rogers had exited the band and former RECON guitarist George Ochoa had joined in his place. Weapons Of Our Warfare turned out to be one monster of a record, a genuine speed metal classic. Each and every song is played with a feverish fury, and once again the song writing is outstanding. Since 1985, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Jimmy Brown had been crafting some of the tastiest techniques for complex rhythms and highly technical rhythm guitar. Brown’s guitar mastery drives the album from start to finish, setting new standards of power, precision, and stamina. The album shows marked musical growth with several adrenaline-driven, extended, multi-sectioned compositions foreshadowing the band's later progressive epics. And the trade-off guitar leads by Brown and Ochoa provide first rate riffage that will satisfy even the most skilled guitar hero addict.

A video version of the title track became the first Christian metal song to gain airplay on MTV, and it placed among the top three on that network's Headbanger's Ball countdown for twelve weeks in a row! In 1999, Lars Ulrich (Metallica) hosted a show in which he named DELIVERANCE "Weapons..." as one of his top ten favorite metal videos of all time.

Weapons Of Our Warfare (The Originals: Re-mastered) takes all the magic from the original release and magnifies it! Featuring a complete 2017 digital re-mastering, J Powell at Steinhaus worked hard to make it sound substantially better than the original, while still keeping the character of it. The original artwork is expanded to a 12 panel booklet (many Weapons… era photos and lyrics!) and packaged in a jewel case to make sure this reissue delights all Mighty “D” fans, as well as fans of BELIEVER, SLAYER, EXODUS, METALLICA, TOURNIQUET and ANTHRAX.

Weapons Of Our Warfare track listing:

2 “This Present Darkness”
3 “Weapons Of Our Warfare”
4 “Solitude”
5 “Flesh And Blood”
6 “Bought By Blood”
7. “23”
8 “Slay The Wicked”
9 “Greetings Of Death”
10. “If We Faint Not”

Weapons Of Our Warfare pre-order:

THE WORLD WILL BURN Premier “We All Die Alone” Lyric Video:
International hard rock act THE WORLD WILL BURN has released a lyric video for the track “We All Die Alone”, which comes off its April 11, 2017 Retroactive Records sophomore album RuiNation.  Consisting of American guitarist Alan Zaring and New Zealand based vocalist Dale Thompson (BRIDE), TWWB got its start in January of 2016 when it independently released its debut full length Severity.

The two have been working together remotely to create music that transcends culture, language, and genres. Hence, how TWWB focuses on emotion and passion instead of commercial pressure.

With over 20 studio albums released to date, Thompson, is best known as front man for the band BRIDE.  His vocals are legendary and he is consistently considered one of the top singers in heavy music worldwide.  Dale takes his talents to new heights with TWWB.

Zaring is a multi-instrumentalist who has been a part of numerous projects of all genres through the years.  He has focused his efforts into the music of his passion, which is heavy, hook-filled, guitar driven rock.  On RuiNation he handles guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and drum programming. 

“There are a lot of songs about war and soldiers, but "We All Die Alone" is a little different,” states Zaring.  “It really wraps up all of the emotions and feelings about the armed services, including the confusion, frustration, and fear that they often feel.  We are blessed every day by those that face these threats and those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice.  In the end, we all take our last breath and slip into eternity by ourselves.  My hat is off in tribute to these brave men and women.”

“My two oldest sons Alex and Zachary both served in the military,” says Thompson.  “I had uncles that served in WWII. My biggest regret is that I did not serve myself, but God has other plans. This song is dedicated to all the men and women and even service animals that have served in the U.S. military. As a patriotic American, I am in awe of the bravery and sacrifice that has been given to keep America free. Our freedom means freedom for other countries and people as well. For a lot of American blood has been spilled on foreign soil to liberate people we hardly knew. Thank God for blessing the United States military. And thanks to all who have served. This song is my anthem for all of them.”

According to its press material, the goal of TWWB is “to create modern metal music that sounds different than most of the other offerings currently available.  It seems heavy music fans have two choices: either bands from twenty years ago that haven’t changed musically or newer bands that all sound alike.  TWWB, in contrast, successfully captures the groove of classic rock bands but with a modern approach.”

RuinNation track listing:

1. “Love To Hate”
2. “Welcome To The Freak Show”
3. “We All Die Alone”
4. “King For A Day”
5. “Child Of Tomorrow”
6. “Burn”
7. “Time”
8. “Nothing At All”
9. “What Goes Around Comes Around”
10. “All Things”



* Joshua Perahia is planning in the near future a re-issue of the 1988 JOSHUA album Intense Defense.  As noted by the artist (Facebook - 08/08/17):

“I just heard from our mastering house… and soon this incredible sounding album will be ready for sale. We will begin the “Limited & Autographed” CD’ with improved original "cover artwork" as well as the newly re-mastered sound CD to be sold in a few weeks on eBay & Facebook. I will happily announce the release here on Facebook first. This 30 Year anniversary record will truly touch your hearts.

“It sounds so wonderful, warm tones, full, rich, & modern. Wyn Davis from "Total Access Studios" here in Redondo Beach did the work. He is the same producer for Dio, Dokken, Great White, Guns & Roses, Y&T, and so many bands getting a fantastic sound.  I went through dozens of recording studios & only ran into people who had no concept how to Re-Master an album then add a bass guitar together while blending them perfectly to sound natural. You won't believe how it sounds.”

* Guitarist Chris Impellitteri is at work on material for a new IMPELLITTERI album scheduled for release the spring of next year.  Rob Rock will be handling lead vocals.

* SWEET & LYNCH, behind the scenes footage to the making of Unifiied:

* Re-mastered version to WALES ROAD song, “Glimpses”:


Update: August 6, 2017


Deliverance - Camelot In Smithereens

DELIVERANCE Contemplating Camelot In Smithereens Re-Record:
In a recent post on Facebook (July 31, 2017), DELIVERANCE founding member and vocalist/guitarist Jimmy P. Brown II spoke about the possibility of re-recording the groups Camelot In Smithereens album:

“I have a quick question, and yes I suppose it could be viewed as poll taking, but it's a fair question for those who have followed Deliverance for all these years:

“If you have followed, then you know that the official 7th album Camelot In Smithereens (from 1995 on Intense Records) was not released in the manner in which it was intended. It was a concept album from start to finish. But, unfortunately (it) was hacked to pieces by the label because of lawsuit fears of sampling, voice over recordings that helped tell the story of Lindsey, and the modern church world.  It was also to be accompanied by a small book to help follow along the story.

But it was all done away with, and an incomplete record was released with little coherency.  So, I would like to know, how many would like the entire album, to be "re recorded" and re-released as intended (with dialogue, the booklet, etc)?  I have pondered this over many years, but it really has been coming to mind over and over lately.  Not that I want to rehash the past, but it's more of "righting a wrong" since the original concept was destroyed.

“If you know of any ‘D’ fans that may or may have not seen this post, pass along if you would be so inclined... and let me know your thoughts on if this would be a worth while venture to see through for 2018.”

The nine Camelot In Smithereens cuts focus around a character named Lindsey and how her life experiences are influenced by her interactions within the church.  Further details from Brown regarding the concept behind Camelot In Smithereens (from an interview with HM magazine in 1995):

“The message is about Lindsey, who is in love with an unbeliever, and through the counsel that she receives from the church, she decides to leave him.  Once Lindsey comes to Christ and grows in her faith, she then meets someone in the church.  However, she becomes pregnant and, as a result, gets kicked out of the house and becomes excommunicated from the church.

“Then Lindsey meets other characters in the story, but in essence, the father of the child forsakes her.  Finally, when she gives birth to the child, she dies (during childbirth) and her unsaved boyfriend adopts the child and finds faith in God”.

Brown also offers his thoughts regarding the Camelot In Smithereens title: “Camelot In Smithereens is a metaphorical type title.  Camelot represents a perfect world, and Smithereens means being blown to bits.  We as Christians are in a dream world and it’s time we blow it to bits.”

He further expounds upon the albums musical direction: “Stylistically, Camelot In Smithereens is different from (1994 release) River Disturbance and previous albums.  The overall vibe of River Disturbance had more of a funk feel; it was more of an epic album.  Camelot is more straight ahead musically; it is more progressive rock.  Camelot has a more loose, live feel, while River Disturbance was more structured and super clean.”

Camelot In Smithereens track listing:

1. “Somber Theme (Where Are You)”
2. “Lindsey”
3. “Not Too Good 4 Me”
4. “Anymore”
5. “Book Ends”
6. “Beauty & The Beast”
7. “Make My Bed In Hell”
8. “The Red Roof”
9. “In-U”

“Beauty & The Beast” is a cover of the David Bowie classic (off Heroes from 1977). 

Reference List
McCabe, Ginny.  “Deliverance.”  HM 58 (1995): 26.

Further discussion:


* The debut ATOMIC OPERA album For Madmen Only from 1994 is pending a September 1, 2017 re-issue on Rock Candy Records.

* NARNIA's self-titled seventh album, originally released in September of last year, has been re-mastered and re-issued with two bonus tracks, one of which is a re-recorded version of “Living Water”.  Originally appearing on the group’s 1999 sophomore album Long Live The King, “Living Water 2017” features the keyboard work of Jens Johansson (STRATOVARIUS, RAINBOW).

* SARDONYX, new album Sons Of The Kingdom video update:


Update: July 30, 2017


Enzo & The Glory Ensemble - In The Name Of The Son

ENZO & THE GLORY ENSEMBLE Sign Worldwide Deal With Rockshots Records:
Press Release / ROCKSHOTS RECORDS are thrilled to announce the signing of the Christian metal opera “ENZO AND THE GLORY ENSEMBLE”!

In The Name Of The Son is the sophomore album of founding member Enzo Donnarumma’s project and confirms the stellar line-up that appeared on his 2015 debut album In The Name Of The Father, including Marty Friedman, Kobi Farhi (ORPHANED LAND), Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL EAR), Mark Zonder (FATES WARNING, WARLORD, GRAHAM BONNET BAND), Gary Wehrkamp & Brian Ashland (SHADOW GALLERY), David Brown (METATRONE) and many more.

Enzo Donnarumma‘s sound explores and unifies different genres: progressive metal, classical music, symphonic soundtrack, musical, ethnic music and world music. The new album In The Name Of The Son delivers a Gospel metal sound thanks to the “Weza Moza Gospel Choir” from Congo, and follows up the critically acclaimed In The Name of The Father by pursuing the “sign of the cross” chronology.

In The Name Of The Son, produced by Enzo Donnarumma and Gary Wehrkamp, mastered by Simone Mularoni with the addition of the impressive cover art by Nello Dell’Omo (Art For Music), is set to be released in Europe on September 29, 2017 via Rockshots Records on all the major record and digital stores and will mark another important milestone in the band’s career.

The 85% Angelic Warlord review described In The Name Of The Father as “(giving) rise to a ‘metal opera’ feel in resting upon a foundation of the power and progressive while also yielding nuances of classical music, symphonic & art rock, theatrical soundtrack, New Age and World & Ethnic Music.  Despite such a wide array of styles, In The Name Of The Father comes across as a unified and concise whole in directly reflecting both the efforts of the artist - that also includes guitar and songwriting - and numerous guests in question.”

Rockshots Records online: &

Enzo Donnarumma online: &

SUNROAD - “White Eclipse” Lyric Video Released: 
Brazil’s SUNROAD debuts lyrics video for the track “White Eclipse”.  The song comes off the group’s seventh studio album Wing Seven, which was released via Roxx Records on April 14, 2017.

SUNROAD started out in 1996 and have been playing their brand of melodic hard rock now for over 20 years, with six previous albums, a best of collection and live DVD under their belt these guys show no sign of slowing down.

Having just finished recording their seventh studio album entitled Wing Seven, SUNROAD is ready to get back at it, playing shows, maybe hooking up as part of a tour and just play their music to the people wherever they can go.

The sound of SUNROAD could be defined as a very dynamic hard rock band with some blues and progressive rock influences thrown in. They have toured extensively, and have played with many great bands and artists through the years, including shows with LA GUNS, WHITECROSS, PETRA, JOE LYNN TURNER and STRYPER to name a few.

Wing Seven contains 13 new songs, including the first single “In The Sand” that has just been released as part of a fund raising compilation entitled Metal Pulse: A Tribute to Dale Huffman.

SUNROAD lineup:

Andre Adonis - Lead Vocals & Keyboards
Netto Mello - Guitars
Akasio Angels – Bass & Backing Vocals
Fred Mika - Drums, Percussion & Backing Vocals.

Wing Seven track listing:

1.”Destiny Shadows”
2. “White Eclipse”
3. “In The Sand”
4. “Misspent Youth”
5. “Tempo”
6. “Whatever”
7. “Skies Eyes”
8. “Day By Day”
9. “Craft Of Whirlwinds”
10. “Drifting Ships”
11. “Brighty Breakdown”
12. “Plot Of Your Heart”
13. “Last Sunray In The Road”

Roxx Records online: &

SUNROAD online:

Michael Sweet & George Lynch Complete Work On Second SWEET & LYNCH Album, Unified:
Courtesy of

SWEET & LYNCH - the band featuring guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet (STRYPER), legendary guitarist George Lynch (DOKKEN, LYNCH MOB), bassist James LoMenzo (MEGADETH, WHITE LION, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY) and drummer Brian Tichy (THE DEAD DAISIES, WHITESNAKE) - will release its sophomore album, Unified, on November 10 via Frontiers Music Srl. The first single from the disc, "Promised Land", can now be streamed above.

Says Sweet: "George and I couldn't be more excited about this album! We've worked very hard to bring you the best of both worlds - a throwback of the chart-topping STRYPER/DOKKEN days yet with a modern production that fits right in with anything out there now in the rock world today. 

“We couldn't be more proud than to be working with Brian Tichy and James LoMenzo again as they are the best rhythm section you'll ever hear.  If you liked SWEET & LYNCH I, you're going to love Unified."

Michael previously said that SWEET & LYNCH was formed when Frontiers president Serafino Perugino approached him "to sing and write for what (Serafino) was referring to as a 'super group' project - (one of the first) that Frontiers would be putting together and releasing. I was, of course, not only intrigued by the idea but also humbled that he would ask me! Jon Levin (DOKKEN) was suggested as the possible guitarist and I suggested to Serafino getting the man himself, Mr. Scary (George Lynch) involved. Serafino was, of course, excited about the idea. Frontiers has told me how happy they are with my production on the new STRYPER albums, so I immediately suggested producing as well. Serafino also agreed. I contacted George (as soon as possible) and he quickly agreed to be a part of this exciting project. It was decided that he and I would co-write everything together and that I would produce."

Sweet, who is a devout Christian, also talked about his working relationship with George, who considers himself to be a freethinker/atheist:

"You may ask how does an atheist and a Christian work together in a band situation? The answer is respect. Although I don't agree with George's spiritual/religious views (and he doesn't agree with mine, assumedly), we respect each other as musicians, friends and human beings.  I'm free to do many things with the hope that maybe, just maybe, my life might have a profound effect on people I come in contact with.

"I've spoken with George many times over and he always strikes me as a genuine soul and someone who cares for and loves people. Bottom line? He's a great guy and I'm proud to be a part of this with George.  Although we don't see eye to eye in our beliefs, we respect each other enough to not let that come between us."

SWEET & LYNCH's debut album, Only To Rise, was released in January 2015 via Frontiers Music Srl.

Lynch told Guitar World about the sound of "Only To Rise": "There are so many elements to it. Even though we're both legacy players who have influences that go so far back, the album doesn’t sound dated. At the same time, we've also matured as writers, and that really comes out in our music. If you can construct really great songs, it doesn't matter what era or what genre it's from. In the end, a good song is a good song. One of the examples on this album is 'Dying Rose', which has a country-esque, Nashville element to it. I could hear a modern country outfit do it as well as a rock band. It's a beautiful melody and chorus with a nice hook. There's also some showing off and old-school metal kind of stuff on this album as well."

Unified track listing:

1. “Promised Land”
2. “Walk”
3. “Afterlife”
4. “Make Your Mark”
5. “Tried & True”
6. “Unified”
7. “Find Your Way”
8. “Heart Of Fire”
9. “Bridge Of Broken Lies”
10. “Better Man”
11. “Live To Die"

Sweet & Lynch - Unified

Frontiers Music SRL online: &

SWEET & LYNCH online:


* ESSENCE OF SORROW update (Facebook - July 26, 2017):

“We just want to share some details about the release plan (for the new album) and everything. We are working hard on getting the album done. During the spring we've been working on the vocal arrangements. We'll begin the drum tracking mid autumn due to some tours that intervened. Bare with us. Slowly but surely we'll get there”.

* RESURRECTION BAND, entire concert from Trenton, New Jersey in 1984:

* ROSE has made its 4 song Witchburner EP (originally released in 2010) available for download at Bandcamp:


Update: July 27, 2017

Metal & Hard Rock News

DISCIPLES OF GOD (D.O.G.) To Release Debut Album At So Cal Metal Fest:
Christian Metal super group debuts in August with new album, Unleashed:

Press Release / How about some killer Christian Metal in the vein of METALLICA or MOTORHEAD? If that sounds like something up your alley you’re gonna want to check out the newest addition to the Roxx Records roster! Making its official debut this August at So Cal Metal Fest 2 - A Tribute to Dale Huffman is the debut release from D.O.G. or DISCIPLES OF GOD, which was started as a true ministry based band out there playing anywhere and everywhere they can to spread God’s word through heavy metal!

As much as the band would probably not like you to say this, you could classify this release as a Christian Metal super group! When you have pro players like Terry Russell of HOLY SOLDIER and NEON CROSS on drums and singing lead vocals as well as Larry Farkas of VENGEANCE RISING and DIE HAPPY on guitars alongside Don Webster of NEON CROSS on guitar and lastly featuring the talents of Terry’s son Colton Russell on bass, one might say it’s got a bit of that going on here.  BUT, the sound here is something completely different then all the aforementioned bands, this music is on the straight up heavy metal side with vocals from Terry tending to sound a little like a cross between Lemmy and James Hetfield.

Check out the first single and brand new lyric video courtesy of Kruse FX titled “No One Rides For Free” off the debut album Unleashed (link above).

You will want to pick this up as it is a special one time pressing of only 300 pieces on CD featuring 8 brand new tracks to rock you all the way to Heaven’s door! Again if you’re at the BIG show this August you will have your first opportunity to pick one up, the official street date is August 25, 2017.

Unleashed track listing:

1. “No One Rides For Free”
2. “Seeking Your Face”
3. “Pay The Piper”
4. “Into Thin Air”
5. “Aliens And Strangers”
6. “Armageddon”
7. “Life or Death”
8. “Hey You”

Disciples Of God - Unleashed

D.O.G. Unleashed pre-order:

D.O.G. online:

Holy Soldier - Last Train - Roxx Records re-issue

HOLY SOLDIER 25th Anniversary Of Last Train Re-issue Announced:
Press Release / Roxx Records is very excited to announce a very special re-issue from one of Christian rock’s most instrumental and influential artists of the late eighties and early nineties, HOLY SOLDIER.

Formed by bassist Andy Robbins and guitarist Jamie Cramer, HOLY SOLDIER burst on to the scene in 1985 taking the Christian rock world by storm. The band played all over the US but very quickly built a large following in their home state of California. At one point, the band held the largest attendance records at the famous Hollywood night club Gazzarri's. By 1990, the band would release their debut self-titled album which would draw even more attention and success to the band allowing them to continue to tour and record. By 1992 the band would release their highly anticipated sophomore effort titled Last Train, which would even further their success and broaden their market reach across the world. The band would play live relentlessly, touring all over, winning two Dove awards and building an amazing following all over the world.

Last Train shows a band at the peak of their prowess. With grit and determination, HOLY SOLDIER shows that they were not followers in a narrow glam scene but were an exceptional hard rock act that worked hard to create a unique sound that deserved more recognition than they received. All the years of slugging it out in  the L.A. club scene were not lost on this talented five piece, producer David Zaffiro pulled out the best they had and helped to craft an under rated gem.”

- Keven Crothers (White Throne / Heaven’s Metal)

This year marks the 25th anniversary of that sophomore release Last Train and with that we are going to celebrate and give this classic release a much needed re-issue, giving it that special Roxx Records treatment. The music on this re-issue will be exactly as it originally appeared in 1992 track by track, but featuring a complete and new re-master done by J Powell at Steinhaus Re-mastering, and it sounds amazing! In addition,n this reiissue will feature some slightly updated artwork; however, but keeping the integrity, look and feel of that classic original pressing. This brand new interpretation of the artwork as well as the full layout and design was done by Scott Waters (Roxx Records / No Life Til Metal).

This limited edition pressing will come in a 500 piece vinyl pressing with 150 on red vinyl and 350 on black vinyl marking the very first time this album has ever been pressed on vinyl! In addition, we will also be releasing a very cool 500 piece limited edition re-mastered re-issue on CD. Official street date for this re-issue will be August 25, 2017 but this release will be making its official debut at this year’s SoCal Metal Fest 2 - A Tribute to Dale Huffman on Saturday August 12th.

Last Train track listing:

1. “Virtue & Vice”
2. “Crazy”
3. “Hallow's Eve”
4. “Gimme Shelter”
5. “Love Is On The Way”
6. “Dead End Drive”
7. “Tuesday Mourning”
8. “Fairweather Friend”
9. “Last Train”

Last Train pre-order:


Update: July 23, 2017


PASTOR BRAD Uploads ‘Rockumentary’ On New Album Crush:
Bay City, Michigan minister and guitarist Pastor Brad Windlan released on July 21, 2017 a new album in Crush exclusive to ten original vocal tracks.  The artist’s sixteenth full-length album, Crush is a celebration of 80’s Christian rock and metal music designed to ‘rock you up’ for Jesus.

In order to celebrate its release, PASTOR BRAD recently uploaded to YouTube (link above) a ‘Rockumentary’ that goes into further detail in regards to Crush.

Crush “Rockumentary” table of contents:

“Intro & Welcome”
“Crush” (2:22)
“Get Away” (7:28)
“Holding Me Together” (14:06)
“Mean Machine” (18:25)
“Mighty Fortress” (23:29)
“Your Love” (28:03)
“My Jesus” (34:34)
“Rip Tide” (40:43)
“I’m In You” (45:45)
“Coming Home” (50:38)

Grab a cup of coffee or a snack and settle in for nearly an hour of inspiration and head-banging praise, worship and testimony! Prepare to be CRUSHED by an onslaught of love, grace, encouragement, blessing, challenge and faith building truth!

Be sure to visit and subscribe to the Pastor Brad Rocks Channel today at:

PASTOR BRAD description: If you tossed Stryper, KISS, Iron Maiden, Whitecross, AC/DC, Barren Cross, Metallica, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, SAINT, Ozzy Osbourne, Theocracy, Van Halen, Scorpions, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, Randy Rhoads, Angus Young, Ace Frehley, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, into a Christian blender--you get Pastor Brad 80s style Christian Hair Metal Music!

PASTOR BRAD online: &

Re-mastered XALT Dark War Track “God In A Box” Unveiled:
Retroactive re-issue of XALT cassette only album Dark War (from 1988) set for release on August 15, 2017:

Press Release / Dark War is an unabashedly "old school" metal record, and for as much as collectors have sought out this near impossible find, this 1988 cassette only album was an independent release put out by a band that was leading a Christian metal movement in Michigan, Ohio and the surrounding areas! The band would not have the support of a label (Pure Metal) until their 1990 sophomore release, Under the Ruins.

A re-mastered version to the song “God In A Box” is available for streaming (above).

Dark War has consistently been on the most requested (and bootlegged) Christian Metal re-issues list because the songs are nothing less than lumbering beasts with monolithic slabs of rhythm guitar, and hooks that bring to mind 1980’s DIO- especially his work with BLACK SABBATH during their Heaven & Hell era.  It’s literally impossible to listen to such epic tracks as “The Cross,” “God In A Box,” and “Dark War” and not imagine how easily XALT could have become the next MTV sensations right alongside STRYPER, JUDAS PRIEST and DOKKEN.  Yes, Dark War is THAT good!

And, for almost 30 years it’s never been officially available in any format but cassette... until now! The official 2017 Retroactive Records, Dark War (Retroarchives Edition) features a complete re-master at the hands of Rob Colwell (Bombworks Sound), as well as 6 previously unreleased bonus demo tracks the band recorded in preparation for their Under the Ruins release on Pure Metal Records. We packaged this metal masterpiece in a 12-page booklet / jewel case with lyrics, including six pages of detailed liner notes and reflections from XALT’s elite axeman, James Erdman. This 500 unit CD pressing resurrects one of Christian Metal’s greatest moments. Enjoy!

Dark War track listing:

1. “Ariel”
2. “The Cross”
3. “God In A Box”
4. “Where Victory Storms”
5. “Angry Fire”
6. “Ready For The Fight”
7. “A Warrior's Honor”
8. “Looking Down A Loaded Gun”
9. “Palace Daydream”
10. “Soldiers In The Mist”
11. “Dark War”

1989 Demo track listing:

12. “Under The Ruins”
13. “Wounded Heart”
14. “The Kingdom Within”
15. “Lift Him Up”
16. “The Fortress”
17. “Through The Night”

All pre-orders come with a free 6X6 sticker of the album cover.

Dark War pre-order:


“ Altered Peace”, clip of new VISUAL CLIFF song off its upcoming album Refuge:

* The new SWEET & LYNCH album (untitled at the time of this writing) is scheduled for release later in the year on Frontiers Music.  It will include the same line up of vocalist & guitarist Michael Sweet, guitarist George Lynch, bassist James Lomenzo and drummer Brian Tichy.

* ”Have Mercy”, official music video from TOMMY WALES:


Update: July 16, 2017


THE CRIMSON BRIDGE MINISTRY Release Sophomore Album, Choices:
San Diego, California based THE CRIMSON BRIDGE MINISTRY announce the July 5, 2017 digital release of its sophomore album Choices.  The CD version is to follow on July 20, 2017.

The group recently uploaded a Choices album teaser to YouTube (above).

With musical influences including IRON MAIDEN, KISS, AC/DC, CHEAP TRICK VAN HALEN, RANDY RHOADES, SCORPIONS, THE CULT, CAMELOT, RESURRECTION BAND and BARREN CROSS, THE CRIMSON BRIDGE MINISTRY released its debut full length Remnant Rock in January of 2016.  According to the 75% Angelic Warlord review, Remnant Rock represents a joining of ‘classic to traditional metal and good old fashioned blues based hard rock’ that ‘plays tribute to its musical influences in question’.

THE CRIMSON BRIDGE MINISTRY was born directly out of founding member Norm Campbell's decision to accept the un-earned gift of salvation paid for by Jesus on the cross.  Further details from the groups press material:

“The music he had been writing and performing for so many years reminded him how lost, empty and unfulfilling his efforts had been. From that day forward, he would take all he had learned from his strong Bible teachers, Pastor Joe Schiavone and Pastor Mike Mills, and relate it into the music he still loved, hard rock.

“Along with longtime friend, engineer and drummer Jeff Forrest, they created the sounds you hear now for the prodigal sons and daughters whom have come back to accept God's word but still need to crank up some tasty hard rock!  And for those still sitting on the fence, a safe haven of positive influence to make the choice easier".

The Choices cover art attributes to Jeremy Antoine.

Choices track listing:

1. “Black Sheep”
2. “Charmed Life”
3. “Never Letting Go”
4. “Drown Your Pain”
5. “The Great Divide”
6.”That Old Man”
7. “Steal Your Thunder”
8. “Cornerstone”

The Crimson Bridge Ministry - Choices


Vengeance Rising - Human Sacrifice - Roxx Records re-issue

VENGEANCE RISING Celebrates 30th Anniversary:
Press Release / It was 30 years ago in 1987 when Pastor Bob Beeman of Sanctuary International would be led to call together a very special group of musicians that would come together to form a new ministry minded band out of Southern California. With a lot of prayer and faith, the players were assembled and the full band would come together to record and distribute their very first demo tape. That tape would be what many people still consider to be the beginning of a movement, one thing was certain it was about to make a lasting impression on the Christian music community.

That band was one of the very first in the genre of Christian thrash, that band was called VENGEANCE and that tape was their original 5-song self-titled cassette only demo. That tape would lead them to signing a multiple album record contract on Intense Records which ultimately led to the release of their first full length album entitled Human Sacrifice.

Human Sacrifice was one of the most controversial releases of the time. Many Christian record stores would ban the album from their shelves completely. The album featured the hand of Pastor Bob himself portraying the bloodied hand of Christ nailed to the cross. The music was harsh and in the vein of bands like DARK ANGEL and SLAYER, it definitely took the Christian ‘White’ Metal scene to a whole new level.

This classic album has been long out of print outside of a Limited Edition CD reissue (1000 pieces) on the defunct Intense Millennium Records in 2010 and a Limited Edition vinyl picture disc (300 pieces) on Roxx Records in 2013, all of which are long sold out and now collector’s items themselves. With the album still in high demand we are very happy to bring to the public a new and very special pressing adding a few twists as we celebrate 30 years of VENGEANCE.

Roxx Records is proud to bring you a very special pressing of Human Sacrifice. This special package includes brand new liner notes from original VENGEANCE bassist Roger Dale Martin. It has been completely re-mastered by J Powell of Steinhaus Mastering and features a brand new layout done by our very own Scott Waters (Roxx Records/No Life til Metal). This limited edition pressing will feature the newly designed artwork as originally featured on the vinyl picture disc version from 2013 and comes packaged in a beautiful glossy 6 panel wallet.  Last but not least we have added 5 special bonus tracks from that original demo tape that started it all 30 years ago.

Official release date for this pressing is August 25th with pre-orders going live now. Pre-orders only will come with a very special limited run 6” x 6” sticker as a pre-order bonus item. But this title will be making its official debut first at this year’s largest Christian Metal Fest called SoCal Metal Fest 2 in Orange California on August 12th.

Where there will also be a very special performance from 4 of the original members of VENGEANCE. If that’s not enough for you we will also be making another very special release announcement regarding VENGEANCE first that day at the show!  You will not want to miss anything, the new CD, this very special one time performance or the special release announcement we will be making first at the show!

Human Sacrifice track listing:

1. "Human Sacrifice"
2. "Burn"
3. "Mulligan Stew"
4. "Receive Him"
5. "I Love Hating Evil"
6. "Fatal Delay"
7. "White Throne"
8. "Salvation"
9. "From the Dead"
10. "Ascension"
11. "He is God"
12. "Fill This Place With Blood"
13. "Beheaded"

Demo bonus tracks:

1. "White Throne" 
2. "He is God" 
3. "Salvation"
4. "Human Sacrifice" 
5. "Beheaded"

Human Sacrifice pre-order:


* ENERGEMA, 2017 version to the song “The Lion’s Force”:

“The Lion’s Forces” is the title track to the groups full length debut released last year on Sleazy Rider Records.

* “Jee-You” music video from IMARI TONES:

“Jee-You”, which comes off the groups upcoming album Jesus Wind, means freedom in Japanese.  According to the Yokohama, Japan based group ‘freedom is in the relationship between Jesus and You!  It's a song about changing the world with your faith’.

* THEOCRACY, “Castaway” official audio:

The song is from the groups Ulterium Records fall of 2016 fourth full-length album Ghost Ship.


Update: July 9, 2017

I would like to start this weeks update by thanking George Fox University, of which I am an alumni, for including the following write up about Angelic Warlord in the most recent edition of the "George Fox Journal”:

Andrew (Rockwell) (G87) is administrator of Angelic Warlord, an online ( music magazine that focuses on heavy metal and Christian rock music. He is responsible for all design and content coordination, including record reviews, news updates, artist interviews and current release dates. In its 11th year, it has the mission “to support Christians creating art within the metal and hard rock genres.” He lives in Glendale, Arizona.


Michael Sweet promo pic

Michael Sweet Wants To Start Composing Next STRYPER Album This Month:
Courtesy of & Angelic Warlord:

STRYPER will enter the studio this fall to begin work on in its new album for an early 2018 release. Front man Michael Sweet told Good Company in a new interview about the band's planned follow-up to 2015's Fallen (see link below): "We're gonna start recording a new album in October - we start pre-production - and we'll probably be done by before Christmastime, at the latest just after Christmas. It will come out - if I had to guess - probably around April."

Asked if he feels any pressure having to come up with an album's worth of material in such a short period of time, Sweet said: "I do, but I don't (start writing well ahead of time), actually. I procrastinate a lot. So if I'm traveling and I'm busy doing other things, I'll put off (until) two, three weeks before the album writing the album. I've done that on the last three albums- No More Hell To Pay (2013), Fallen and (2016 solo disc) One Sided War. Those were all written just a few weeks before recording. It's not the way I like to do things, it's not the way things should be done, but I seem to be - for whatever reason - in that mindset. And hopefully for this new STRYPER album, I can break that. I wanna start writing in July, 'cause I'm gonna have some time to do that, and try to come up with a good number of ideas long before we start recording them."

On No More Hell To Pay (per the 95% Angelic Warlrod review), ‘Stryper continues to pay tribute to its eighties roots but takes things to the next level and then some.  It starts with how the group merges the darker heaviness of To Hell With The Devil with the metallic edges to Soldiers Under Command- all the while emphasizing its trademark vocal melodies and duel soloing abilities.’

Fallen, also graded at 95%, ‘(Picks) up where No More Hell To Pay leaves off in maintaining the classic melodic metal and hard rock leanings while upholding similar levels of consistency and continuity- no skip buttons or filler tracks, just one ballad and emphasizing the heavier aspect to the groups sound.’

Both No More Hell To Pay and Fallen were included as part of a recent article at Angelic Warlord that outlined the top ten albums released the past ten years.  Further reading:

Fallen entered The Billboard 200 chart at position No. 43 with first-week sales of just over 10,000 units- nearly all from pure album sales. The set followed the No. 35-peaking No More Hell To Pay.

Good Company interview with Michael Sweet (STRYPER):

STRYPER online: &

Retroactive Records Announce GUARDIAN Fire & Love Black & Yellow Vinyl Releases:
Press Release / Fire & Love should come packaged with a rubber mat to prevent your jaw from shattering when it drops to the floor. Response to the albums release (1990) was overwhelming, and the video for the song "Power Of Love" was included in the MTV's Headbangers Ball rotation. The shredding melodic metal of their previous album, First Watch, is replaced by red-hot, fired-up commercial hard rock that is belted out with emotive power to spare by the awesome Jamie Rowe. Adding to the album's appeal is the legendary production talents of John & Dino Elefante (KANSAS,/MASTEDON). If you love big guitars (Palacios rips!), big hooks (MOTLEY CRUE would be jealous), big choruses (BON JOVI would approve), big vocals (can you say wall of sound?), and big production (it's the Elefantes...what else do you need to know?), then you'll love this album, a true Christian hard rock classic.

Fire & Love earned GUARDIAN a well-deserved place at the top of the Christian hard rock/hair metal scene, nudging STRYPER slightly over to share a bit of the spotlight:

*#28 on the Top 100 Christian Metal Albums of All Time (2010, HM Magazine)

*#61 on the Top 100 Christian Rock Albums of All Time (2010, HM Magazine)

*#18 on the Christian Metal Realm’s 100 Greatest Christian Metal Albums of all time

*#11 on the Top Albums of the 90’s by Angelic Warlord

Fire & Love offers elite Christian metal that still knows how to win the hearts, and touch the lives of fans across the world! Fire & Love has been digitally re-mastered for this 2017 reissue, further enhancing the pure magic that has been thrilling fans since its release in 1990!

Available on CD and vinyl! Retroactive pressed 200 Yellow Vinyl, 300 Black Vinyl. All Vinyl releases come housed in a full color jacket with a spine and a color insert with lyrics. The CD release is packaged in a 6-panel jewel case with lyrics and a bonus track featured only on the CD version of the reissue - the track “Take Up Your Cross” previously only available on the Pakaderm Records CD sampler Portrait Of A Spirit.

Fire & Love track listing:

1. “Power Of Love”
2. “Send A Message”
3. “Time Stands Still”
4. “Forever And A Day”
5. “Takin' On The World”
6. “Fire And Love”
7. “Turn Around”
8. “Time And Time Again”
9. “The Rain”
10. “Never Say Goodbye”

Guardian - Fire & Love

Fire & Love Black Vinyl pre-order:

Fire & Love Yellow Vinyl pre-order:

XALT - Dark War - Retroactive re-issue

Retroactive Records Reveals XALT Dark War Re-issue Details:
Press Release / Dark War is an unabashedly "old school" metal record, and for as much as collectors have sought out this near impossible find, this 1988 cassette only album was an independent release put out by a band that was leading a Christian metal movement in Michigan, Ohio and the surrounding areas! The band would not have the support of a label (Pure Metal) until their 1990 sophomore release, Under the Ruins.

Dark War has consistently been on the most requested (and bootlegged) Christian Metal re-issues list because the songs are nothing less than lumbering beasts with monolithic slabs of rhythm guitar, and hooks that bring to mind 1980’s DIO- especially his work with BLACK SABBATH during their Heaven & Hell era.  It’s literally impossible to listen to such epic tracks as “The Cross,” “God In A Box,” and “Dark War” and not imagine how easily XALT could have become the next MTV sensations right alongside STRYPER, JUDAS PRIEST and DOKKEN.  Yes, Dark War is THAT good!

And, for almost 30 years it’s never been officially available in any format but cassette... until now! The official 2017 Retroactive Records, Dark War (Retroarchives Edition) features a complete re-master at the hands of Rob Colwell (Bombworks Sound), as well as 6 previously unreleased bonus demo tracks the band recorded in preparation for their Under the Ruins release on Pure Metal Records. We packaged this metal masterpiece in a 12-page booklet / jewel case with lyrics, including six pages of detailed liner notes and reflections from XALT’s elite axeman, James Erdman. This 500 unit CD pressing resurrects one of Christian Metal’s greatest moments. Enjoy!

Dark War track listing:

1. “Ariel”
2. “The Cross”
3. “God In A Box”
4. “Where Victory Storms”
5. “Angry Fire”
6. “Ready For The Fight”
7. “A Warrior's Honor”
8. “Looking Down A Loaded Gun”
9. “Palace Daydream”
10. “Soldiers In The Mist”
11. “Dark War”

1989 Demo track listing:

12. “Under The Ruins”
13. “Wounded Heart”
14. “The Kingdom Within”
15. “Lift Him Up”
16. “The Fortress”
17. “Through The Night”

All pre-orders come with a free 6X6 sticker of the album cover.

Dark War pre-order:


* BIOGENESIS California tour GoFundMe fundraiser:

* DYNASTY, “Sad Faces” lyric video:

The song comes off the Brazilian groups recently released third full-length album Step By Step.

* GOLIATH’s 2001 debut album The Gate is schedule for a September 11, 2017 re-release via Roxx Records.  Along with being re-mastered, it will feature three alternate tracks and a video to the song “Welcome To My Nightmare”.

* WYTCH HAZEL has released its 2016 Bad Omen Records debut full-length Prelude on cassette:

The UK based group has gained renown for its ability to combine the hard rock twin guitar attack of THIN LIZZY and folk-rock eccentricity to JETHRO TULL with facets of sacred medieval music.


Update: July 2, 2017


THE 3 Debut “Sinner Train” lyric video:
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma power trio THE 3 has debuted a lyric video to the track “Sinner Train”, which comes off its March of 2017 independently released sophomore album Gospelbilly.  THE 3 debut full length Into The Light came out in June of 2015 (also independent).

According to its press material, THE 3 ‘writes, records and performs an exciting mixture of modern classic rock, rockabilly, blues rock, often with Christian themes found on the recordings of such artists as Johnny Cash, The Byrds, Hank Williams Sr. and others’.  Musically, the group compares favorably to GLENN KAISER BAND, STEVIE & THE SAINTS, BIG CHRIS & D’BARE BONES BAND and THE REX CARROLL BAND.

The 70% Angelic Warlord review of Gospelbilly) describes THE 3 as ‘(taking) a foundation of blues-rock and (imbuing) it with aspects of hard rock, classic rock and traditional blues.’

THE 3 consist of three seasoned pro musicians that possess substantial live and studio experience: vocalist and guitarist Dave Sharo, drummer Mark Hine and bassist Colin Stewart.

Gospelbilly track listing:

1. “Shine”
2. “Sinner Train”
3. “Don’t You Go”
4. “Every Time You Rock”
5. “Forgiven”
6. “Gave My Soul”
7. “Have Mercy”

THE 3 online: &


* Apart from vocalist Sonny Larsson (MOTHERLODE) and guitarist Bjorn Stigsson (LEVITICUS), the new XT line up consists of keyboardist Dan Tibell, bassist Peter Carlsohn (JERUSALEM), and drummer Mick Nordström (MODEST ATTRACTION).  XT is set to begin recording its next album, which it hopes to release the fall of this year.

XT got its start in 1992 with its self-titled debut full length prior to releasing follow up efforts Taxfree (1993) and Extended Empire (1995).

* Good Company YouTube interview with Michael Sweet (STRYPER):


Update: June 25, 2017


AD - Time Line
As work on Time Line progressed, it became evident to all involved that what started as a solo album was beginning to take shape as a band.  With all its members committed believers, Livgren’s new group AD officially came into being in 1983 and released Time Line on CBS Records the following year.  Read Full Review >>

ARKANGEL - Warrior
Perhaps no other Christian hard music album released in the early eighties - the pre Stryper era of you will - piqued more interest than ArkAngel’s debut WarriorRead Full Review >>

ARMAGEDDON - The Money Mask
When I suggest that Armageddon falls under the traditional meal heading, I use the term loosely in that there is a bit more to the group than meets the eye.  Read Full Review >>

BIOGENESIS - A Decadence Divine
Wide critical and fan acclaim followed in the wake of the Dayton, Ohio based groups 2001 Rowe Productions debut full length The Mark Bleeds Through, which came out subsequent to founding member and vocalist Chaz Bond developing in the mid-nineties a vision to create a ‘hybrid metal’ band that molded various hard music forms into a unique whole.  Read Full Review >>

It’s here.  The highly anticipated limited edition (500 CD copies) June of 2017 Retroactive Records re-issue of the third Haven album, appropriately entitled IIIRead Full Review >>

NORTHERN FLAME - Glimpse Of Hope
Northern Flame took the power metal world by storm with the June of 2014 release of its full-length debut Glimpse Of Hope.  The problem, however, is that Angelic Warlord did not become aware of this until early 2017 due to the album falling beneath our radar.  Read Full Review >>

SIGNUM REGIS - Decennium Primum
After a two-yea hiatus, Senec, Slovakia based Signum Regis returns in the spring of 2017 with its fifth full-length album Decennium Primum.  Roughly translating as ‘the first decade’ in Latin, Decennium Primum proves appropriately entitled in light of its release (independently) by Signum Regis to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its founding.  Read Full Review >>

SOMBRE HOLIDAY - The Sea Of Distance
A multinational act consisting of brothers Terry (Canada) and Trevor (California) Friesen, Sombre Holiday has impressed us over the years with its outside the box and inventive approach to the hard music scene- traversing dark and moody musical territory few if any dare to tread.  Read Full Review >>


AdrianGale logo

ADRIANGALE Signs To MelodicRock Records:
Press Release / It is with great pride and enthusiasm that MelodicRock Records can announce the addition of two super stars of the melodic rock scene to the label. We’re talking none other than Vic Rivera and Jamie Rowe, collectively known as ADRIANGALE!
ADRIANGALE has signed to MRR for their next studio album, which is under way currently, with plans to take it slow, get everything perfected for a release in early 2018.

And of course, with a new start comes a new logo, commissioned by MRR and designed by the label’s long-time collaborator Nello Dell'Omo

Andrew McNeice, MRR: “I’m so excited to have these two fine gents involved in the label. Vic and Jamie are two of the nicest guys in the business and my friendship with both goes back as far as the very first AdrianGale release. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Vic on the Poley/Rivera album, but now I get the chance to work with one of the finest names in melodic rock. We will all work together to make the new AdrianGale album their most exceptional yet. I’ve given orders to both Vic and Jamie to just go crazy. Go nuts. Make it big, make it loud and make it a statement.”
Vic Rivera: “It’s been a long time coming, but I’m elated that Jamie and I have joined forces with our great and trusted friend Andrew and MelodicRock Records to herald in a new era for AdrianGale!  It already feels like home - we’ve cultivated a tremendous amount of respect and friendship for one another over the course of the last 17 years, and it’s with those principles in place that we set upon this endeavor. Jamie and I have a unique and undeniable chemistry on all levels that we feel has translated to the music we’ve made and we’re eager to continue on with that tradition. Of course, we have you, our incredible fans (friends, really), to thank for liking what we do in the first place – words can’t express the amount of gratitude and love we have for you all, and we can’t wait to bring you new music!”

Jamie Rowe: “It’s a really great feeling to know that our long-time friend, Andrew with Melodic Rock Records, is going to release the next chapter of AdrianGale music! Over the years, I’ve had my hand in a number of projects and AdrianGale is clearly a stand-out amongst them. The chemistry that Vic Rivera and I share is evident and I feel we make some of the best melodic hard rock in the modern era.  What started as a studio project in 2000 has evolved into a true collaboration based on a strong friendship, mutual respect, and a love for what we do. It’s always a joy to record music that people want to hear… and the A/G fans are worthy of our best! We plan to give it to them.”
Stay tuned for progress updates and teasers into the recording process and look for the band to pop up for select live appearances.
2018 will be the year of the ‘Gale!

MelodicRock Records online: &


SoCal Metal Fest 2 banner

SoCal Metal Fest 2 – Largest All Christian Metal Fest In 2017:
Press Release / Sacrivox Productions is very proud to present the largest all Christian Metal Festival in the US this year as they bring to you ‘So Cal Metal Fest 2 - A memorial benefit for Dale Huffman’. The Spring of 2016 saw the first installment of So Cal Metal Fest which featured some of the best Christian Metal bands both old and new, with artists like BLOODGOOD, WORLDVIEW, TEMPEST and JOIN THE DEAD just to name a few. Well, the 2017 line up is shaping up to be equally if not even more impressive- this is the Summer Fest you will not want to miss!

This year’s special performance is also being used as a fundraiser for the family of Dale Huffman of Metal Pulse Radio as he recently passed away after a long battle with cancer this past February. Profits from this event will be donated to the Huffman Family. There will also be a special booth showcasing some of Dales Metal Pulse Radio items and some things from his personal collection that will be sold off for the family with all funds going back to the family!

August 12, 2017 at the Vault in Orange California you wont want to miss this, come bear witness to a truly once in a lifetime performance and see some of the best current and new up and coming acts in the scene including WORLDVIEW, which features members of RECON and SACRED WARRIOR!  Also making their first ever California appearances is Roxx Records recording artists BIOGENESIS (Ohio) and THE HERO coming all the way from Sweden! Coming down from Fresno, California we have Rottweiler Records recording artists HAND OF FIRE, as well as appearances from  CRIMSON BRIDGE MINISTRY, IN THE MIDST 777, 3 DAYS IN THE GRAVE, TRIBUTION and CONSUMING FIRE!

Not enough for you we have some very special performances from some of Christian Metals pioneers who will be making some very special appearances just for this show! Starting with Southern California’s very own classic Christian metal bands NEON CROSS and RECON both will be playing some very special reunions for this show! Not enough for you still? Well we will also be featuring a very special performance from none other than the original line up of… SAINT ! Last, but most definitely not least, closing out this special evening will be a 30th anniversary reunion of a band that you will not want to miss!

Sometimes you don’t even need a name…

That’s right, the 4 original members of DIE HAPPY & VENGEANCE including Doug Thieme, Glen Mancaruso, Larry Farkas and Roger Dale Martin will be making a very special appearance at the show with a very special 30th Anniversary set that you will not want to miss!

Also featuring many of your favorite vendors and sponsors who will be set up and hanging out all day with tons of items and collectibles with special event day pricing. Our vendors  and sponsors include The Wounded Society, Roxx Records, Christian Metal Distro, The Covenant Metal Show and Frontline Records.

You will not want to miss this show, make your plans now and we will see you there! For all ticket information please visit: &


* DELIVERANCE performing at the 1995 Ichthus Festival:

* GLORIAM DEI is currently at work on its new album The Midnight Sun, which tentatively is scheduled for release by the end of the year.  The group recently uploaded footage of it recording drum tracks from Fantom Studio in Tampere:

* New song from KREYSON, “Přátelství”:

* THEOCRACY performing “Absolution Day” at a recent show in Chicago, Illinois:

The songs comes off the groups Ulterium Records sophomore album Mirror Of Souls from 2008.


Update: June 18, 2017


BIOGENESIS - “Brood Of Vipers” Lyric Video Premier:
Dayton, Ohio based ‘hybrid metal’ band BIOGENESIS has completed work on a lyric video to the track “Brood Of Vipers” from its third album a Decadence Divine, which saw release via Roxx Records on May 26, 2017.  Lyrically, the song deals with the tragedy of the Salem Witch Trials.

Having gotten its start in 1996, BIOGENESIS has created a metal style almost all their own. While very hard to categorize, a good description of BIOGENESIS might be a mix of thrash/death/power/progressive/Goth and aggressive nu-metal.  As far as a band comparison, it’s probably what you would get if you mixed DELIVERANCE, MEGADETH, SAVIOUR MACHINE and threw in some DREAM THEATER and maybe a little DISTURBED.

This is technically only the bands third full length original release, starting with The Mark Bleeds Through (2001 Rowe Productions) followed up 11 years later with The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth (2012 Soundmass). Also two years later a re-mastered and expanded edition of their first album would be released entitled The Mark Bleeds Through: First Blood (2014 Soundmass)

A Decadence Divine features almost a completely brand new and youthful line up, hosting an improved sound both musically, lyrically and sonically. BIOGENESIS is ready to take the metal world by storm with this brand new Rebirth! This release also boasts brand new apocalyptic cover artwork that was designed by graphic designer Tim Murray, and helping make A Decadence Divine a must have metal release for 2017.

A Decadence Divine track listing:

1. “Prelude (Nocturnal Images)”
2. “A Decadence Divine”
3. “Inside The Beast”
4. “Bet Your Soul”
5. “As Empires Fall”
6. “Lines In The Sand”
7. “The Pain You Left Behind”
8. “Tears Of God”
9. “Land Of Confusion”
10. “In the Darkness I Dwell”
11. “Brood Of Vipers”

12. “Silence” (CD bonus track)

Biogenesis - A Decadence Divine

Roxx Records online: &


SIGNUM REGIS Release “Unfold The Mystery” Official Video:
Senec, Slovakia’s melodic power metal act SIGNUM REGIS has debuted a video to the track “Unfold The Mystery”.  The song comes off the group’s fifth full-length album Decennium Primum, which it independently released on March 17, 2017.

The video coincides with a new 4-track maxi-single entitled Addendum Primum that the group released on June 16, 2017 as an extension to Decennium Primum.

Addendum Primum track listing:

1. “Unfold The Mystery” (video remix)
2. “Tune Of War”
3. “Red-pill Humanity”
4. “Amorenada” (instrumental)

SIGNUM REGIS recorded Decennium Primum, meaning the first decade in Latin, to celebrate its tenth anniversary.  Further details from the group:

“(in 2017), we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the founding of the band. In the beginning, it was a roller coaster ride and there were times, when we were not sure, if we can go on, but since then, many good things happened. Every new release was a bigger success than the previous one, the live shows improved and we feel strong and optimistic about the future.

“As many of you know, we also won a prestigious band contest - Spark fresh blood 2015 with 400 attending bands. One of the prices, that we won were 1000 CDs manufactured in the best Czech printing press. We are lucky to be a signed band, but because of the price and that our 10th anniversary is coming up, we decided that we want to use this opportunity to record a very special (album) to celebrate the anniversary. The (album) will be released independently in a limited quantity and it will be our way of saying THANK YOU to all of our fans, who have been supporting us steadily.”
An audio teaser for Addenum Primum can be streamed at:

Upcoming SIGNUM REGIS shows:

July 29: Czech Republic Václavovická rockle 2017, Václavovice
August 19: Slovakia More Than Fest, Zvolenská Slatina
October 28: Austria Vienna, ((szene))
November 4: Slovakia Bratislava, Randal

Signum Regis - Addenum Primum

SIGNUM REGIS online: &


* Roxx Records update on HOLY SOLDIER Last Train vinyl release:

* Vocalist Paul Cawley (GUARDIAN) has resurfaced in a new group named PHANTOM GENERATION, which digitally released two albums it recorded in the nineties: Renaissance (1994) and Your Karma Ran Over My Dogma (1995).  Musically, PHANTOM GENERATION describes itself as ‘pre-grunge rock with metal overtones’.

Further reading:

* SIGNUM REGIS, full concert at Elements of Rock 2017:


Update: June 11, 2017


IMARI TONES Debut “Bushido” video:
Yokohama, Japan based melodic metal band IMARI TONES has released a video for the track “Bushido”, which comes off its forthcoming album Jesus Wind.

“Bushido”, which translates as ‘the samurai way of life’, lyrically draws inspiration from Inazo Nitobe’s book Bushido: The Soul Of Japan, which focuses on (per the groups press material) ‘sacrificing oneself for justice and putting value more in honor rather than victory itself’.

As the first Christian metal band from Japan, IMARI TONES have a passion to reach beyond the music they love to bring Jesus into their culture. 

Comments founding member and vocalist/guitarists Tak Nakamine: “A Christian band from Japan almost sounds like a joke, since most people in Japan are Buddhists, or Atheists.  Since we are a Christian band, our goal is not business success.  We are not chasing glory in this world. We are chasing the glory of God.  We really want to change something about society and about what people think and believe. That’s our ultimate goal.”

The groups most recent album Revive The World from 2014 received a 75% Angelic Warlord review in being described as “old school eighties metal but that might be somewhat limiting in that the group also branches out accordingly.  Yes, you will find your share of up-tempo melodic metal meets hard rock (think Stryper, Whitecross or Laudamus) but also hints of straightforward and blues based hard rock (sort of like Aerosmith and early nineties Bride), occasional progressive aspects (this is where the Rush influence comes into play) and even some alternative overtones.” 

Jesus Wind track listing:

1. “Jee-You”
2. “Dying Prophet”
3.  “God’s People”
4. “Saints Seeking Salvation”
5. “Bushido”
6. “The War”
7. “The Peace”
8. “Remembrance”
9. “The Wave”
10. “When The Nations Fall”
11. “This Is How Freedom Dies”
12. “Repent”

13. “Don’t Stop Walking”
14. “Revolution”
15. “New Jerusalem”

Imari Tones - Jesus Wind

IMARI TONES online:, &

RESURRECTION BAND CD Re-issued on Retroactive Records:
Pre-orders available for July 11, 2017 release date:

Resurrection Band - Colours - Retroactive re-issue

RESURRECTION BAND was the first ever full on hard rock/metal bands to sing about faith in God. Too gritty and real to be courted or comfortable in the 'Christian Music Industry,' they eventually created their own record label (Grrr). REZ lives in the slums of downtown Chicago and every ounce of struggle and reality is poured into their 14+ albums, with Colours (1980) being one of the most important and formative.  Bone-crunching guitar rock with social and spiritual sensibility, in the 70's and 80's REZ ruled the hearts of people in the church who cared more about being real than being religious. Great music, great lyrics, great artwork, great people.

This 2017 Retroactive Records reissue features a full color 4 panel digipak, with all artwork taken from an original gatefold vinyl record! The audio is re-mastered and the same as the 2005 jewel case reissue on Retroactive. The first of The Originals Series on Retroactive Records, be sure to get Mommy Don’t Love Daddy Anymore (The Originals: Volume 2) and D.M.Z. (The Originals: Volume 3) that all showcase the magic and charm of these original releases!

Track listing: "Autograph" (4:03), “Colours” (4:58), "N.Y.C." (3:24), "Hidden Man" (2:48), "Amazing" (2:22), "American Dream" (3:24), "Benny & Sue" (3:53), "City Streets" (3:22), "Beggar In The Alleyway" (3:57), “The Struggle” (3:46)


Resurrection Band - Mommy Don't Love Daddy Anymore - Retroactive re-issue

One of RESURRECTION BAND’s best albums in part because no Christian band in 1981 was touching topics like divorce, being disabled, or being dirt poor like REZ.  Mommy Don’t Love… deals with many injustices lyrically and musically. It’s hard, fast, and bluesy with metal sensibilities. No one rocked like RESURRECTION BAND.

Originally released in 1981 on Light Records, the album focuses on relationships. “Mommy Don’t Love Daddy Anymore” offers social commentary on the painful realities of the American culture of divorce. “The Chair” offers a troubling statement of how a person with physical disabilities responds to being a target for social pity, while “The Crossing” describes the self-denial necessary to achieve emotional peace.  And as hard hitting as the band is lyrically, they rip just as hard musically. It’s because of albums like Mommy… that RESURRECTION BAND offers the very definition of Christian music’s “classic rock.”

This 2017 digipak reissue is limited to 500 copies, using only the original vinyl gatefold to reproduce the stunning artwork, featuring all the original songs and part of the Retroactive Records The Originals (Volume 2) series featuring both Colours and D.M.Z. in all their glory! This is the same re-master that was used on the 2005 jewel case reissue on Retroactive Records. For fans of BLUE OYSTER CULT, AEROSMITH, LED ZEPPELIN, AC/DC, DANIEL BAND and JERUSALEM.

Track Listing: "Stark/Spare" (3:42), "Elevator Muzik" (1:57), "Alienated" (2:03), "Can't, Get You Outta My Mind" (2:54), "The Chair" (5:05), "Can't Do It On My Own" (2:51), "First Degree Apathy" (3:04), "Mommy Don’t Love Daddy Anymore" (4:23), "The Crossing" (3:46), "Little Children" (2:36), "Lovin' You" (3:29)


Resurrection Band - DMZ - Retroactive re-issue

Originally released in 1982 on Light Records, D.M.Z. offers some of RESURRECTION BAND’s most powerful musical testaments. “Military Man” is a blistering opening track sung by Glenn about the loss of a soldier’s humanity in the struggle to survive. “White Noise” features Wendy’s all-time best raw vocal on a song about the rhetoric of a culture that prioritizes stockpiling arms over feeding children. It begins with a 90 second feedback-drenched guitar solo by Stu Heiss that is RESURRECTION BAND’s answer to VAN HALEN’s “Eruption” and is generally considered to constitute the single greatest non-Phil Keaggy guitar moment in Christian rock. “Area 312” is another classic, which is a teenager’s lament about the loneliness of the inner city.

This 2017 4 panel digipak reissue is limited to 500 copies and features the same re-master that was used on the 2005 Retroactive Records jewel case reissue. This reissue uses the original 1982 vinyl record gatefold release to reproduce the artwork and celebrates this album’s 35 year impact on lives for Jesus!, The Originals: Volume 3. Colours and Mommy Don’t Love Daddy are The Originals Volume 1 and 2.

Track Listing: "Military Man" (3:39),"Reluctance" (2:14), "Babylon" (2:36), "I Need Your Love" (3:24), "Area 312" (3:56), "No Alibi" (4:39), "White Noise" (3:41), "Lonely Hearts" (3:00), "The Prisoner" (2:54), "So In Love With You (3:38)



* DYNASTY OF METAL, ”Step By Step” official video:

The song comes off the groups soon to be released album of the same name.

* The new PASTOR BRAD album, Crush, has been mastered and the artwork is complete.  A release date is scheduled for this summer.

* SHINING FORCE has announced the newest members to its line up, drummer Michael Cantu and guitarist David Year.  The group also has a new album in the works entitled Seven.


Update: June 4, 2017


Retroactive Records banner

Retroactive Records 2017 Release Schedule:

RR1416 HAVEN - III (Retroarchives Edition), CD 4 panel jewel, 65140297891, 6/12/17

RR1417 RESURRECTION BAND - Colours (Retroarchives Edition), CD 4 panel digi, 651402978925, 7/11/17

RR1419 RESURRECTION BAND - Mommy Don’t Love Daddy Anymore (Retroactives Edition), CD 4 panel digi, 651402978949, 7/11/17

RR1418 RESURRECTIONS BAND - DMZ (35th Anniversary Edition), CD 4 panel digi, 651402978932, 7/11/17

RR1424 Various Artists: Headbangin’ 101: Volume 3 (Retroactive Records), 651402979007, 7/11/17

BT1403 CHILDREN OF THE DAY - Come To The Waters (Born Twice Records Collector’s Edition), CD 4 panel digi, 651402978994, 7/11/17

RR1425 XALT - Dark War (Retroarchives Edition) (Retroactive Records), CD 6 panel jewel, 651402979014, 7/11/2017

RR1415 MINIER - Minier Expanded + Demos (Retroarchives Edition), CD 4 panel jewel, 651402978901, 8/21/2017

RR1413 GUARDIAN - Fire And Love (Legends Re-mastered) 6 panel jewel CD, 651402978888, 10/10/2017

RR1414 GUARDIAN - Fire And Love (Legends Re-mastered), VINYL, 651402978895, 10/10/2017

RR1427 HAVEN - Your Dying Day, VINYL, 0651402979038, Nov 2017

RR1426 HAVEN - Age Of Darkness, VINYL, 0651402979021, Nov 2017

Retroactive Records online:

Roxx Records banner

Roxx Records 2017/early 2018 Release Schedule:

RRLP- ULT03 May 31 - ULTIMATUM - Puppet Of Destruction - LP

RRDD-ULT01 May 31 - ULTIMATUM - Live Through The Years - DVD

RRCD-BIO01 May 31 - BIOGENESIS - A Decadence Divine - CD

RRCD-VR02 July 7 - VENGEANCE RISING - Human Sacrifice - CD 30th anniversary

RRCD-ZL01 July 7 - ZEAL - The Road - CD

RRCD-HS01 Aug 4 - HOLY SOLDIER - Last Train - LP/CD

RRLP-CON01 Sep 8 - CONSECRATOR- Image of Deception - LP (Split No Life Til Metal)

RRCD-CON01 Sep 8 - CONCESCRATOR - Image of Deception - CD (Split No Life Til Metal)

RRLP-FN01 Oct 6 - FEAR NOT (25th Anniversary) - S/T - LP

RRCD-FN01 Oct 6 - FEAR NOT (25th Anniversary) - S/T - CD

RRLP-VR02 Nov 17 - VENGEANCE RISING - Once Dead - LP Picture Disc

RRLP-DEL02 Nov 17 - DELIVERANCE - S/T - LP (Split No Life Til Metal)

RRCD-DEL02 Nov 17 - DELIVERANCE - S/T - CD (Split No Life Til Metal)


RRLP-CRY01 Jan/Feb 2018 - CRYSTAVOX - S/T - LP

RRLP-CRY02 Jan/Feb 2018 - CRYSTAVOX - S/T - CD

RRLP-CRY02 Jan/Feb 2018 - CRYSTAVOX - Bottom Line - LP

RRCD-CRY03 Jan/Feb 2018 - CRYSTAVOX - Bottom Line - CD

Roxx Records online: &

S91 Debut “Son Of God” Lyric Video:
Press Release / Montecarlo, Italy based progressive metal band S91 has premiered a lyric video to the track “Son Of God”, which comes off its fall of 2016 Underground Symphony Records sophomore album Behold The Mankind.  A group whose name is short for Psalm 91, S91 independently released its full-length album Volonta Legata in 2011.

Fans of DELAIN, DARKWATER and SHADOW GALLERY will appreciate how S91 mixes modern shades, psychedelic nuances and complex time signatures with a progressive basis.

Behold The Mankind is a concept album about the history of mankind based on Christian theology.  Further details from the group:

“In this album we talk about how since mankind's beginning, it has undergone rapid corruption by creating communities with strong social imbalances. This is because men and women carry an incurable evil within themselves that is only curable through the intervention of the Creator. Throughout history, we often see revolutionary movements that tend to open the door to even more ferocious regimes. God seeks to redeem humanity by calling an insignificant man to himself, from whose offspring will be born a man that will be God's incarnate and with him he will die and be resurrected. The story of the land of Israel and Christ is a metaphor of the story of humanity. Today individuals are called to die and resurrect as members of a group.”

The album was produced by Cristiano Bertocchi (VISION DIVINE, LABYRINTH, WIND ROSE).

S91 line up:

Mari - Lead Vocals
Franz - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Frank - Keyboards
Jack - Bass
Giacomino - Drums

Behold The Mankind track listing:

1. “The Cry Of Life”
2. “Wandering Souls”
3. “Slaves And Kings”
4. “The Calling”
5. “Blind Revolutions”
6. “The Son Of God”
7. “Sacrificed”
8. “The Bloody Revelation”

S91 online:


* THE CRIMSON BRIDGE MINISTRY announced the final track listing to its sophomore album Choices: “Black Sheep”, “Charmed Life”, “Never Letting Go”, “Drown Your Pain”, “The Great Divide’, “That Old Man”, “Steal Your Thunder” & “Cornerstone”

The group plans an independent release for Choices on July 5, 2017.

* No Life Til Metal Records is crowd funding via IndieGoGo a vinyl and CD re-issue to the self-titled DELIVERANCE debut:

A release date has been set for November of 2017.  Look for the album to be re-mastered and feature upgraded cover art.

* Brazil’s DYNASTY has uploaded to YouTube three songs off its upcoming album Step By Step: “Caminar” (, “Bad Politicians” ( & “Nightmare” (

Step By Step is scheduled to be released June of 2017 via Marquee Records.    

* LORDCHAIN has digitally re-issued its 1997 self-titled debut (Facebook - May 31, 2017):

“This week is the digital release of the first Lordchain album! It has the 13 original songs, just as they appeared 20 years ago. Included in this 20th Anniversary Edition are 7 bonus tracks, mastered by Chris Dickens at D'Bare Sound in Watertown, TN. The bonus material goes all the way back to 1993. The cover art by Troy Dunmire, has been enhanced with new graphics by Brant Hutchcraft. This is the first of 3 classic albums to be released digitally, with bonus tracks being included on each.”

* “Remember The Innocent” (alternate) is a progressive metal song from Bryan Neal:


Update: May 28, 2017


LEAH promo pic

LEAH - Celtic Metal Album Update:
As recently reported by the Vancouver, British Columbia based Celtic symphonic metal songstress:

"First, the songs that came together ended up being a lot more metal than I originally planned, which is totally great. BUT... there's a lot more Celtic & Fantasy elements, which make for a great combination if you ask me :)

"Troy Donockley of Nightwish has finished all his tracks for the new album!  The flutes and pipes he played really added some MAGIC to what was already there. Lots of goose bumps for me when I heard the end result!  So I'm absolutely thrilled about that! :)

"Next, I also have a new guest player!  Chen Balbus, the guitarist from Orphaned Land (Middle Eastern/Oriental Metal) is gracing a couple tracks with the saz and the oud.  I was really surprised at what a difference they made in places, and it really wowed me!  My next thought was, "umm.... I really need to do more with these instruments... they are also magical!"

"Those are 2 new guests that I'm very happy to have on this album.  Timo Somers (Delain) is neck-deep in guitar tracks for the album as we speak!  Drums from Sander Zoer (Ex-Delain) and bass from Barend Courbois (Blind Guardian) are on the way as well!

"Then, it's vocals for me in June!  I'm going to attempt to sing my vocals in a very home-made vocal booth :) Using some newer technology, I'll be recording directly from my microphone, which will send the signal and record directly to my producer's computer. It's supposed to act like Skype, but for music (so much higher quality). I'm really hoping the tech works out and it all goes smoothly.

"This is now really an international effort! Let's see, Troy is in the UK, Chen is in Israel, Timo, Sander, and Barend are in the Netherlands, Oliver (my producer), who is a huge part of this project is in Germany, I'm in Canada. Is that all? I almost forget how many people are involved now!

"I'll be thinking about choosing a single, and of course doing a video this Summer..  Lots to look forward to!"

LEAH online:, &

MILLENNIAL REIGN - Fan Filmed Footage Of Dallas Performance:
Quality fan filmed footage can be scen above of MILLENNIAL REIGN’s May 13th performance at Trees in Dallas, Texas in which it opened for headlining acts DELAIN and HAMMERFALL.

The show allowed MILLENNIAL REIGN to debut its new line up, which includes newcomers drummer Steve Nichols (SOLITUDE AETURNUS) and bassist Neil Bertrand (WHEN ANGELS DIE) in addition to holdovers guitarist Dave Harvey and lead vocalist James Guest. 

According to the 90% Angelic Warlord review of its Ulterium Records 2015 sophomore album Carry The Fire, MILLENIAL REIGN bases its sound upon a ‘foundation of eighties influenced melodic metal and hard rock joined with nuances of traditional metal and the more up to date modern melodic power metal scene’.  Carry The Fire was mixed and mastered at Nomad Studio (KING DIAMOND, SOLITITUDE AETERNUS, ABSU), while cover art was contributed by Felipe Machado Franco (BLIND GUARDIAN, ICED EARTH, THEOCRACY).

MILLENNIAL REIGN independently released its self-titled debut full length in 2012.

A lyric video to the Carry The Fire track “Men Stand Alone” can be streamed at:

Set list:

1. “Millennial Reign”
2. “Forever Changed”
3. “Men Stand Alone”
4. “Innocent Cry”
5. “Allied Forces”

Upcoming Shows:

July 28 - BFE Rock Club - Houston, TX (with THEOCRACY)
July 29 - O’Riley’s - Dallas, TX (with THEOCRACY)

Ulterium Records online: &


The Neal Morse Band - The Similitude Demos Part One

THE NEAL MORSE BAND Release The Similitude Demos Part One:
Press Release / The Pilgrim's path has more twists and turns than we imagined! On this great new Inner Circle release, Neal Morse takes you deep into the creation of the NEAL MORSE BAND's masterwork concept album, The Similitude Of A Dream.  With demos and outtakes that will blow your mind, Neal tells the story and lets you behind the curtain to see how this classic album was created. Included are sections of the original "Long Day" demo featuring Ted Leonard (Spock's Beard) on vocals and Bill Hubauer's original demo of "Ways Of A Fool”.   A must have for all THE NEAL MORSE BAND fans!

The Similitude Demos Part One is available for download on May 15, 2017.

The Similitude Demos Part One track listing:

1. “Introduction”
2. “Bill's Balloon Song (Ways Of A Fool demo)”
3. “Intro for Ways Of A Fool Rough”
4. “Ways Of A Fool Rough (Neal's vocals)”
5. “Intro for Long Day Demo”
6. “Long Day Demo Part 1”
7. “Long Day Demo Part 2”
8. “Intro for Phone Memo Comp”
9. “Phone Memo Comp” (“The Dream”, “City Of Destruction”, “Intro Riff”, “We Have Got To Go”, “Makes No Sense”)
10. “Intro for NMB Writing - January 2016 Demos”
11. “NMB Writing - January 2016 Demos”

Future InneCircle releases: The Inner Circle Concert from Moresfest 2015, The Similitude Demos Part Two, and The Making of Lifeline


TIME HORIZON Debut Promo Video For “Only One”:
Manteca, California based progressive AOR rock band TIME HORIZON has released a studio video for the single “Only One”, which comes off its highly acclaimed Melodic Revolution Records 2015 sophomore album Transitions.

A group that emphasizes a balance between instrumentation, vocal melodies and catchy rhythmic song structures, TIME HORIZON debuted in 2011 with the Angelic Noise Records full length offering Living Water.  The album came to fruition as a result of founding members drummer Bruce Gaetke, whom mixed it, and keyboardist Ralph Otteson, contributing the funding.

For Transitions, Gaetke and Otteson rounded out the TIME HORIZON line up with bassist Allen White and guitarist Dave Miller to create an album that “reinforces the progressive but not to a fault, noting how the group keeps track times below ten minutes while also including several numbers taking a traditional verse-chorus-verse stance” (referencing the 80% Angelic Warlord review).

The Transitions vocals here handled by Gaetke, Otteson and guests Rich Reif and Jake Livgren.

Transitions track listing:

1. “Only One”
2. “Only Through Faith”
3. “Only Today”
4. “Prisoner”
5. “The Moment Is Here”
6. “About Time”
7. “You’re All I Need”
8. “River Of Sorrows”
9. “Water Girl”
10. “Love is Here”

Melodic Revolution Records online: &

TIME HORIZON online: &


* Retroactive Records plans a CD reissue of the XALT custom cassette release Dark War (Facebook - May 27, 2017):

“Soon Rob Colwell will be re-mastering this sealed cassette of XALT - Dark War for a Retroactive Records CD release in 2017! This is will be the very first time this AMAZING classic metal album will be available in any format other than cassette since it's release in 1988…  Dio-esque - this is metal the way God intended!”

* XT, a Swedish hard rock act consisting of guitarist guitarist Björn Stigsson (LEVITICUS) and singer Sonny Larsson (MOTHERLODE), is at work on a new album scheduled for a fall release on Talking Music.  The group released three CD’s during the nineties: XT (1992), Taxfree (1993) and Extended Empire (1995).


Update: May 21, 2017


AUDIOVISION Premier “To Live For The King” Music Video:        
Swedish melodic metal band AUDIOVISION has debuted a music video of the track “To Live For The King”, which it recorded in tribute to guitarist/keyboardist Kerry Livgren (KANSAS, AD & PROTO-KAW) and late front man Ronnie James Dio (RAINBOW).

“To Live The King” initially appeared on the 1980 solo album of Kerry Livgren, Seeds Of Change.  Ronnie James Dio handled lead vocals on the original version to the song.

Featuring members of NARNIA, CELL 9 and VENI DOMINE, AUDIOVISION was last heard from in 2010 when it released its sophomore album Focus via Ulterium Records.  Previous to that AUDIVISION debuted in 2005 with The Calling on Rivel Records.

According to the 90% Angelic Warlord review, ‘Focus is similar to The Calling in that it traverses melodic metal territory with the occasional foray into power metal and bluesy hard rock.  The album is characterized by catchy choruses, polished vocal melodies, shredding lead guitar and Christian Liljegren’s trademark soaring vocal abilities’.

A music video that AUDIOVISION recorded for the Focus track “Keep The Fire Burning” can be viewed at:


Christian Liljegren (NARNIA)- Lead Vocals
Torbjörn Weinesjö (VENI DOMINE, CELL 9) - Guitars
Olov Andersson - Keyboards
Simeon Liljegren - Bass
Thomas Weinesjö (VENI DOMINE, CELL 9) - Drums


Haven - III - Retroactive re-issue

Retroactive Records Reveal HAVEN III Re-issue Details:
Press Release / Retroactive Records announce the June 13, 2017 re-release of the third HAVEN album III, which will be a Limited Edition run of 500 CD copies.

Originally released independently by the group in 1995 four years after its sophomore album Age of Darkness, III was pieced together by golden throat vocalist Kevin Ayers as various members of the band were available over the four-year period.   Also, gone are the million dollar studios and producers that recorded the first two HAVEN classics.  Rather, III was recorded in Kevin’s home recording studio in his garage in the 90’s!

In the words of the supreme metal historian Scott Waters (ULTIMATUM), “Despite the four years between releases the music has not changed dramatically. As with past albums, however, the lyrics are awesome, although they are a bit more praise oriented rather than some of the more social lyrics of the past.”

With 8 of the albums 13 tracks tracking in at 6-7 minutes, you know you are in for a tremendous melodic, progressive power metal adventure!  III is for fans of SACRED WARRIOR, IRON MAIDEN, RECON and QUEENSRYCHE!

III has been carefully re-mastered by veteran Rob Colwell (Bombworks Sound) and re-released with a 4 panel insert and jewel case featuring superbly enhanced original artwork. In fact, we love you so much, we included an unreleased bonus track, “From Everlasting”, left off the original version because it has more of an industrial metal vibe to it. 

HAVEN’s third masterpiece has never sounded of looked better!

The tracks “Haven” and “Don’t Let This Moment Slip Away” can be streamed at: &

ALL pre-orders come with a FREE 4.75 x 4.75 HAVEN sticker of the album cover:

HAVEN - III track listing:

1. "Haven" (6:45)
2. "Her Eyes Can't Hide" (1:43)
3. "Falling Down" (4:57)
4. "Her Eyes Can't Hide (Conclusion)" (:05)
5. "Don't Let the Moment Slip Away" (6:36)
6. "Prisoner" (7:09)
7. "I Will Follow" (6:18)
8. "Love From Above" (5:45)
9. "When Jesus Lights the Way" (7:32)
10. "The Almighty" (4:03)
11. "Don't Run Away" (6:21)
12. "Without Excuse" (5:43)
13. “From Everlasting” (2017 Bonus Track)

Retroactive Records online:

SIGNUM REGIS - “The Future King” Music Video Released:
Senec, Slovakia based melodic power metal act SIGNUM REGIS has premiered an animated video to the track “The Future King”.  The song comes off the group’s fifth full-length album Decennium Primum, which it independently released on March 17, 2017.

Comments bassist Ronnie König comments: “This is our first fully animated video. There are many videos of 5 guys playing on a stage, so we thought, why don’t we try something else this time. It’s obviously about David (The Future King) and Goliath. The whole animation is original, done specially for this song. Hope you like it.”

Decennium Primum, meaning the first decade in Latin, was released by SIGNUM REGIS to celebrate its tenth anniversary.  Further details from the group:

“(in 2017), we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the founding of the band. In the beginning, it was a roller coaster ride and there were times, when we were not sure, if we can go on, but since then, many good things happened. Every new release was a bigger success than the previous one, the live shows improved and we feel strong and optimistic about the future.

“As many of you know, we also won a prestigious band contest - Spark fresh blood 2015 with 400 attending bands. One of the prices, that we won were 1000 CDs manufactured in the best Czech printing press. We are lucky to be a signed band, but because of the price and that our 10th anniversary is coming up, we decided that we want to use this opportunity to record a very special (album) to celebrate the anniversary. The (album) will be released independently in a limited quantity and it will be our way of saying THANK YOU to all of our fans, who have been supporting us steadily.”
SIGNUM REGIS produced Decennium Primum, while bassist Ronnie König handled mixing and mastering.  Keyboardist Ján Tupý contributed the cover art (below).

A lyric video that SIGNUM REGIS recorded for the track “Damnatio Ad Bestias” can be viewed at:

Decennium Primum track listing:

1. “Decennium Primum”
2. “Unfold The Mystery”
3. “Damnatio Ad Bestias”
4. “Screaming For Justice”
5. “Kingdom Of Light”
6. “The Future King”
7. “Well Deserved”
8. “Thunder And Rain”
9. “Train To Neverland”
10. “A Psalm Of Life”

Signum Regis - Decennium Primum

SIGNUM REGIS online: &


* Live footage of NARNIA performing at Solid Rock Festival 2001:

* Sleaze Roxx online interview with RAINFORCE guitarist Andy La Morte:

* REVELATION’s custom cassette release Spiritual Wind (originally released in 1988) is schedule to be re-mastered and re-issued on Thrashback Records later in the year.  Included along with the groups 1987 Visions demo will be a DVD of its performance at the 1989 Cornerstone Festival. 


Update: May 14, 2017


Biogenesis - promo pic

New BIOGENESIS Interview Online:
Angelic Warlord had the recent opportunity to interview BIOGENESIS founder and vocalist Chaz Bond, who goes into detail about the group’s new album (May 26, 2017 release date) on Roxx Records, A Decadence Divine, the reformed Biogenessi line up and his new project with guitarist John Berry (Jacobs Dream), Black Iron Crown.  Following is an excerpt:

How did the writing and recording process for A Decadence Divine go?
It was pretty amazing really. This album came together very smoothly and quickly when compared to our previous albums. Our new guitarist Luke Nealeigh actually has his own studio and happens to be a great producer, which has been a blessing from God. He worked very hard on this album and he went a long way to make this what I believe to be our best album to date. I had a blast through the entire process. It was great to just record stress free and just love what you’re doing.

Read full interview: HERE


LEAH Debuts New Lyric Video, “The Dragonborn Comes”:
As reported by the Vancouver, British Columbia based Celtic symphonic metal songstress:

“I'm very excited to finally release a new song to you!

“As you know, I've been writing a brand new Celtic metal album this year (due this Fall)... and I was looking for inspiration, and tried some books, but never found my muse... until you guys recommended I start playing TES:V Skyrim (if you don't know of that game, just think of something similar to LOTR).

“So I started playing it, and I really did get inspired... and I even ran with some of those themes in my songwriting! Not only did the storyline inspire me, but the soundtrack itself is epic, as you already know :) I ended up getting distracted and thought to myself... "Hmmm... I wonder what it would sound like if I LEAH-fied the Dragonborn theme song?"

“I decided to try it and see how it turned out for fun. I sent it over to my producer in Germany and he really liked the song in my version, so I decided to release it for you!  I hope you like it, and I hope the song stays true enough for The Elder Scrolls fans, while also giving a new feminine spin on it.”

In a statement made earlier in the year the artist offered the following regarding said new album:

“I started out last year, thinking I was going to write a non-metal album. The idea was to keep it in the Celtic and Fantasy vein, similar to some of my non-metal tracks I've already put out. That was my intention.   Let's just say I've strayed from that idea quite a bit!

“You might know I've been working with producer Oliver Philipps (PHANTASMA,EVERON, DELAIN).  The cool part about working with him is he's really encouraged me to just let the music come out however it needs to, and to not try and force it into a certain box. This has been very good for me.  And you know what came out?  A lot of metal!

“I guess you can take the girl out of metal, but you can't take metal out of the girl.”

LEAH also recently went into detail in regards to her faith and the impact it has made on her art:

“Many people ask me about my Christian faith and how it ties into my music.

“First of all, I create music because I must. If I stop for long periods of time, I get grumpy. I was born to create. It's one of my callings in life (there are many).
“Second, I view my music as art.  All art is an extension of its creator, and it's very difficult (if not impossible) to separate one's faith, presuppositions, and worldview from one's personal expression.  It will always come through one way or another.

“For that reason, I don't believe in a sacred/secular distinction. So if someone asks me if I am a Christian I say yes.  If they ask if my music is Christian, I say - there's no such thing. I hope that makes sense.”

Kings & Queens, the most recent album from LEAH, was graded at 95% in receiving the Angelic Warlord top album of the year award for 2015.

“The Dragonborn Comes” can be downloaded for free at:

LEAH online:, &

Sombre Holiday - The Sea Of Distance

SOMBRE HOLIDAY - The Sea Of Distance Artist Commentary:
Thoughts from vocalist and guitarist Terry Friesen regarding Angelic Warlord review of fourth SOMBRE HOLIDAY album:

“I love what you said regarding the first half of the album, "Patience is a must!"  It's almost like we have drifted so far out to sea that we don't know where we are anymore!  It works well with the concept, but requires much endurance from the listener, and those who endure are aptly rewarded I believe.  The second half is like a storm at sea that is building and churning (and) not knowing where the wind will determine our final destination.”

Note: The Sea Of Distance is a concept album revolving around our modern struggles with relationships- with God and the people in our lives.

The artist goes into further detail regarding several of his favorite songs off the album:

“The Eve Of Death” - I like how this song just is so epic.  I have no idea how it went from completely heavy to so quiet in the same song, but I love it when I hear it.

“To Be Complete” - I love how it builds, and then the ending just takes over with heaviness (I'm glad you drew attention to that).

“Pinnacle Of Remembrance” - is our favorite song on the album for how it turned out.  Our next album is taking shape from the momentum of this song, and we're excited to write an album of songs with this kind of serious metal energy.

“Follow Me” - absolutely grips my heart, the melodies just touch a chord deep down.

“The Death Of Eve” - I love your Neil Morse parallel.  I hadn't thought of that, but it's so true.  This song serves as a summary of the entire album, and I love the 'all over variety' that it has.

Regarding the difference between the albums The Sea Of Distance title and the track “A Sea Of Distance”:

“The way I understand it, The Sea Of Distance is the great divide between us and God, and “A Sea Of Distance” is more of a distance on a smaller scale (specifically between people like Adam & Eve).”

The songs “Desire”, “To Be Complete” & “Reconnect” form a trilogy:

“Those three songs are meant to be a kind of ‘trilogy’ both musically and thematically. They focus more on Adam's struggle to hammer out the frustrations of the distance between him and Eve.  Almost like he's journaling-wishing for things to improve (and) striving for restoration

“So musically I have used similar singing melodies and guitar parts (especially with “Desire” & “Reconnect”) and I have kept all 3 songs intentionally in the same key and tuning.  I believe all 3 songs stand on their own and have their own unique sound and feel, but the idea is 'one act with three parts'.”

In summary:

“I'm seeing The Sea of Distance as a tragedy album.  That's why there is so much sadness and melancholic melody.  (I further see) Part 2 (the next album) as a more assertive statement of seriously motivated restoration- so all songs overall will lean more to the aggressive side.  I think with the two albums combined, there will be quite an interesting journey!”


Theocracy promo pic

THEOCRACY - “Ghost Ship” YouTube Contest Announced:
Press Release / The Athens, Georgia-based melodic metal band THEOCRACY and its label Ulterium Records just announced the “Ghost Ship” YouTube contest.

Record a video of yourself when playing or singing the THEOCRACY track “Ghost Ship” and upload it to YouTube. Send a link to the video to to be included in the contest.

The contest will be open until June 20th, and then THEOCRACY and Ulterium Records will decide two winners: the best performance as well as the most creative submission. Below you can see the prizes for the winners:

#1 Winner - the best performance
- "Ghost Ship" CD (signed)
- "Ghost Ship" 2LP vinyl edition with black discs (signed)
- A THEOCRACY t-shirt of your choice
- Contest video posted at the official THEOCRACY website and Facebook page

#2 Winner - the most creative performance/video
- "Ghost Ship" CD (signed)
- A THEOCDRACY t-shirt of your choice
- Contest video posted at the official THEOCRACY Facebook page

Visit this link for more info about the contest and for files:

“Ghost Ship” is the title track to the most recent THEOCRACY album, which was released October 28, 2016 in Europe and North America via Ulterium Records. 

With Ghost Ship, THEOCRACY perfects the lively and fully-realized sound of its previous album As the World Bleeds, delivering 10 muscular and streamlined tracks that never lose focus and combine for one memorable journey. You like mid tempo sing along anthems? Try the “Ghost Ship” title track. Thrashy rhythms and intensity?  “The Wonder of It All” should be to your liking. Emotional ballads with huge melodic hooks? Go “Around the World and Back.”  Or if you prefer epic, progressive tracks that do all these things and more, 10-minute album closer “Easter” is sure to be a favorite. Each song on Ghost Ship stands alone and has a unique signature, but every moment sounds unmistakably like THEOCRACY.

Ghost Ship track listing:

1. “Paper Tiger”
2. “Ghost Ship”
3. “The Wonder Of It All”
4. “Wishing Well”
5. “Around the World and Back”
6. “Stir the Embers”
7. “A Call To Arms”
8. “Currency In A Bankrupt World”
9. “Castaway”
10. “Easter”

Upcoming THEOCRACY shows:

May 27: Murray Hill Theatre - Jacksonville, FL
June 24: Reggies - Chicago, IL
July 28: BFE Rock Club - Houston, TX
July 29: O'Rileys - Dallas, TX
November 11: The Maywood - Raleigh, NC

A lyric video to the track “Easter” can be viewed at:

Ulterium Records online: &

THEOCRACY online: &


“ Never Letting Go”, new single from THE CRIMSON BRIDGE MINISTRY:

The song comes off the group’s sophomore album Choices, which is scheduled for a summer of 2017 release.

* SWEET CRYSTAL, “In Your Name” (Pearl Sound remix):

“In Your Name” made its initial appearance on the 2001 SWEET CRYSTAL sophomore album Still Standing…


Update: May 7, 2017


Ultimatum - Puppet Of Destruction - Roxx Records Vinyl Edition

ULTIMATUM - Puppet Of Destruction Vinyl Release:
Press Release / Roxx Records is very pleased to announce the next in our limited edition vinyl series called the Roxx Underground Series. We are also very pleased to announce that with this release we are also celebrating the 20th anniversary of a very special title for this, our 6th release in the series.

Please join us as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of this seminal underground Christian thrash album entitled Puppet Of Destruction! Yes that’s right we are proudly releasing on May 26, 2017 a limited edition vinyl pressing of the classic album from ULTIMATUM, which is actually the band’s second full length studio release.

Originally recorded in 1997 and released in 1998 via Rowe Productions, the album was well received but the band was never quite happy with that original releases master and mix. So Roxx Records would go on to re-master and reissue Puppet Of Destruction on CD to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the release. Now as we approach the 20th anniversary of this album. Roxx has spared no expense making this release extra special for the fans and the band as we celebrate ULTIMATUM and their Puppet Of Destruction with its first ever VINYL release!

This limited edition pressing of only 150 hand numbered copies is on a very cool green and black swirl vinyl, with full color center rings. The artwork was re-imagined and reworked by vocalist Scott Waters (No Life til Metal/Roxx Records) and each pressing comes with an enclosed limited edition 11 x 17 poster with new artwork designed by Andy Borders to celebrate the 20th anniversary!

Also in honor of this anniversary we have printed a very special run of the Live Through The Years DVD that was originally only released as a part of the limited edition box set which has been sold out for years. This is your chance to get a copy of that DVD as part of a vinyl package or as a stand-alone DVD. The DVD features a live performance in California from the Up From The Ashes 3 festival as well as a host of other videos and performances jam packed in to one DVD.
Even more, we have a VERY limited number of a special print of the Puppet Of Destruction poster artwork on a limited edition t shirt. There is a VERY limited amount of these and they will be a part of the Ultimate Puppet Package and when they are gone so is this package.

The ULTIMATUM ‘Ultimate’ package will include everything above including a copy of the re-mastered and expanded CD, which we only have 50 copies remaining of before being completely sold out as well.

Wait, that’s still not enough for you? Well, we have more in that every vinyl pre order will also come with a very special insert, autographed by vocalist Scott Waters and guitarist Robert Gutierrez of ULTIMATUM celebrating this special anniversary release!

So join us as we celebrate 20 years of Puppet Of Destruction and let’s all remember one of the last truly classic Christian thrash releases.

Puppet Of Destruction track listing:

1. “Never”
2. “Mortal Stomp”
3. “Scorn”
4. “Puppet Of Destruction”
5. “Gutterbox”
6. “Repentance”
7. “World Of Sin”
8. “Crosshope”
9. “Conform To Reality”
10. “Charged/Power”

Puppet Of Destruction pre-order:



* Vocalist Chaz Bond (BIOGENESIS) has formed a new band with guitarist John Berry (JACOBS DREAM) called BLACK IRON CROWN.  According to the group, an album is in the works.  Further details as they become available.

* The new David Benson album, Death To Black, is tentatively scheduled for a fall of 2017 release.

* Update from vocalist Dale Thompson regarding new band, No Other God (Facebook - May 6, 2017)”

“Well folks it is decided. You wanted true blue heavy metal with a passion and grit and without the watered-down or the over-the-top grind-core style? Well that would be what is about to happen. My newest band with a Brazilian writing partner Nenel Lucena is called N.O.G .... wait for it!”

* ESSENCE OF SORROW documentary, part one and part two: &


Angelic Warlord Update Archives: HERE


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