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Welcome to Angelic Warlord- your Christian metal and hard rock resource!  Launched in the spring of 2006 with the purpose of supporting Christians creating art within the metal and hard rock genres, Angelic Warlord features an abundance of reviews, links, articles, interviews and Christian metal news- all updated on a weekly basis.  If you enjoy all types of metal and hard rock - melodic hard rock, straightforward hard rock, melodic metal, classic metal, power metal, progressive metal and all things in between – that, at the same time, is backed by a positive and life changing message, then you have found a new home in Angelic Warlord.




• DETH ENEMY - Unmovable
• INNERWISH - Innerwish
• PROTO-KAW - The Wait Of Glory (Numavox re-issue)
• TIME HORIZON - Transitions


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Update: February 7, 2016


The World Will Burn is the new band of Dale Thompson, front man of iconic Christian metal and hard rock veterans Bride, whom have14 studio albums, 7 live albums and 9 compilations to its credit since forming in the mid-eighties.  Read Full Review >>


Stairway - Power And Glory

STAIRWAY reveals track listing to new album, Power And Glory:
Veteran UK classic metal outfit STAIRWAY released the final track listing to its upcoming album entitled Power & Glory.  The groups sixth studio album, released in follow up to 2010’s Interregnum, promises (according to vocalist and guitarist Graeme Leslie) “to be chock full of all the STAIRWAY things you love and some surprises as well”.

The Book of Revelation themed album artwork (above) was contributed by Rodney Matthews, who also provided the cover art for Interregnum and the group’s 1993 full-length debut No Rest: No Mercy.

PowerAnd Glory track listing:

1. “Lucy Fuhr”
2. “1917 - Fatherless Child”
3. “Overture 1418”
4. “A Mind Insane”
5. “Reason Why”
6. “Sun Of Malachi”
7. “Raise Our Hands”
8. “Godz
9. World In Black”
10. “Interlude”
11. “Across The Moon”

STAIRWAY line up:

Graeme Leslie - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Bass & Keyboards
Pete Jennens - Guitar
Andy Edwards - Drums -

STAIRWAY online: &

The Union Of Saints And Sinners promo pic

Press Release / John Schlitt, lead singer of PETRA, and Billy Smiley, guitarist, singer, and founding member of WHITEHEART, are excited to announce a new album and worldwide tour for 2016. Targeting main stages of festivals, theme parks, fairs, and special events, the guys have put together an album and historical show with some of the most memorable songs from both groups as well as introducing some dramatic new compositions.

THE UNION OF SINNERS AND SAINTS will feature members from 2 of the best selling Christian Rock Bands of all time. Selling over 12 million records between them, more than 25, #1 songs, and over 15 Grammy and 40 Dove nominations and awards, they will perform many #1 songs like “Beyond Belief”, “Independence Day”, “The Coloring Song”, “The River Will Flow”, “Hit You Where You Live”, “Desert Rose”, and a special Foo Fighters cover.

This smashup now results in the release of a new CD available exclusively at Lifeway Stores in June 2016 and digitally on iTunes worldwide. The project of eight new originals, and updated versions of PETRA and WHITEHEART classics will be a must for fans of both groups. John Ellis, lead singer from TREE 63, will be featured on guitar and vocals. New artist Jason Fowler, whom Smiley produced, will also join guys on the road.

Schlitt says, “The idea of a new project really intrigued both of us. With our histories, it only made sense to feature the favorites of PETRA and WHITEHEART along with some of the new songs we were writing in the studio.” Thus, the name THE UNION OF SINNERS AND SAINTS (U.S.S.)

Smiley adds, “John and I got together last fall, started writing some songs and discussed both of our histories and journeys. After seeing the chemistry and friendship that developed, we were excited with the new material, and started brainstorming about taking this smashup out on the road this year.”

While writing these songs, Schlitt said, “We realized we had a lot of new ideas swirling around in our heads that we wanted to share, both musically and lyrically; songs that were on our hearts and minds, yet we also wanted to celebrate with all of our friends and fans some of the memorable songs, moments, and performances that they have been a part of over the years.”

They both are in agreement, “We are anxious to do a rock event that is powerful and moving, one that long-time fans would appreciate and love enough to introduce and bring their kids to. The album and live events will incorporate the kind of artistry and ministry that will remind them of the early years of Christian Rock, but also usher in a new energy and excitement.”


John Schlitt (PETRA) - Lead Vocals
Billy Smiley (WHITEHEART) - Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals
Anthony Sallee (WHITEHEART) - Bass
John Ellis (TREE 63) – Guitars & Vocals



* Sweden’s HERO is currently mixing its new album, Passion.  More details in terms of final track listing and release date as they become available.

* “Alive” and “Buried In The Womb”, samples of new songs from JOSHUA’S CREED.  JOSHUA’S CREED is a music project based out of Kalispell, MT that is currently working on its debut album set for a March or April of 2016 release.

* Rey Parra will be doing a vocal cameo with Eli Prinsen on the upcoming SACRED WARRIOR single “Slave”.  Expect it to be available the first week of March.


Update: January 31, 2016


ARMOR OF GOD - Dark Face Of Greed
Armor Of God, with its penchant for amalgamating multiple forms of metal and dual female lead vocal approach, will put a smile on your face.  Read Full Review >>

BLOODGOOD - Rock In A Hard Place (Retroactive re-issue)
It’s fair to say that each of the four eighties era Bloodgood albums has unique traits that set them apart from their siblings.  Each has its fans, but many feel Rock In A Hard Place from 1988 was the most commercial.  Read Full Review >>

BLOODGOOD - Out Of The Darkness (Retroactive re-issue)
There is no question that Out Of The Darkness, the Intense Records fourth full-length Bloodgood album from 1989, represents a heavier return to form for the reversed Seattle, Washington based act.  Read Full Review >>

ENZO & THE GLORY ENSEMBLE - In The Name Of The Father
Enzo & The Glory Ensemble looks to be a strong contender within the melodic metal and power metal segments.  Read Full Review >>

GIDEON’S ARMY - Rock N’ Roll For Your Soul (Retroactive Records re-issue)
Musically, early eighties Gideon’s Army took a strong rhythm and blues slant in featuring a jazzy horn section and duel guitar attack of founding members Dave Angels and Mike Banke.  Read Full Review >>

GIDEON’S ARMY - Grace (Retroactive re-issue)
Grace might pick up where Warriors Of Love leaves off with a similar eighties influenced melodic rock basis but in the process takes things to the next level in terms of musicianship, production, songwriting and professionalism overall.  Read Full Review >>

GLORIAM DEI - The Covenant
Actually, labeling Gloriam Dei ‘power metal’ might be misleading if not limiting in that while you will hear the trademark symphonic, epic and neo-classical components inherit to the genre, encountered at the same time are hints of melodic metal, AOR and melodic rock and even straightforward hard rock.  Read Full Review >>

INFIDEL RISING - The Torn Wings Of Illusion
I am a sucker for any band to form a successful union of power and progressive metal, particularly those that place proper emphasis on the former (think anthem-like tendencies and the epic, classical & symphonic arrangements that go hand in hand) but do not stress latter to a fault (in terms of convoluted song structuring and unnecessarily lengthy track times).  Read Full Review >>


Proto-Kaw - The Wait Of Glory

PROTO-KAW - The Wait Of Glory New Version Released:
Musician, composer and author Kerry Livgren, best known for his work with the classic progressive rock band KANSAS, has partially re-recorded, re-mixed, re-mastered and re-issued (on Numavox Records) the third PROTO-KAW album The Wait Of Glory on December 12, 2015.

The Wait Of Glory originally saw release on Inside Out Records in 2006 in follow up to the PROTO-KAW sophomore album (also Inside Out) from 2004, Before Became After.  The first PROTO-KAW release, Proto-Kaw: Early Recordings From Kansas, 1971-1973, came out on Cuneiform Records in 2002 and represents a re-issue of the demo recordings the group put together in the early seventies

Commented Livgren regarding The Wait Of Glory re-release:

“This recording has been partially re-recorded, re-mixed, and re-mastered. Why?  Although there was certainly nothing overtly “wrong” with it, the original recording process became a bit rushed in the mix-down (they always do!) The more I listened to it, the more I believed it needed to be re-mixed, and some of the tracks re-recorded. I'm glad I did.”

According to the artist, he accomplished the following in the re-mix and re-recording process:

“The re-recording of the album involved three different procedures. First, entirely new tracks were recorded or overdubbed over some of the originals.

“The second category would be the “re-amping”of the original tracks.  For instance, with microphones rather than direct to the console, or running an original guitar track through a different amplifier such as the Kemper Profiling Amp.

“The third is editing. Every track and sound was listened to meticulously, and edited if necessary.”

1. Drums: The recording contains all the original drum tracks by Mike Patrum, using acoustic drums only. They have been edited and re-EQ'd.

2. Keyboard Tracks: Any sampled Organ was removed and re-recorded using microphones and a real Leslie, or the PSP Lotary. Many of the existing keyboard sounds were redone with improved patches, plus there are several new overdubs.

3. Orchestral Tracks: Most of the tracks were redone with updated and improved instruments and samples.

4. Woodwind and Brass tracks: Little was done to John Bolton’s sax and flute, apart from some minor editing and EQ. There are, however, new brass overdubs.

5. Guitar Tracks: Contains Kerry's original guitar tracks, re-recorded by "re-amping". There are some licks and phrases that are newly recorded.

6. Vocal Tracks: Lynn Meredith’s , Jake Livgren’s, and Craig Kew’s vocals were edited and EQ'ed.

7. Bass Tracks: All of Craig's tracks are from the original, although several were re-amped and re-EQ'd.

“Conceptually, I sought to recreate this album with a more "organic and analog" feel, and a superior mix. We hope you enjoy this new version of The Wait of Glory.”

The Wait Of Glory track listing:

1. “Nevermore”
2. “Relics Of The Tempest”  
3. “When The Rain Comes”
4. “On The Eve Of The Great Decline”
5. “Physics” (5:42)
6. “At Morning’s Gate”
7. “Melicus Gladiator”
8. “The Vigil”
9. “Old Number 63”
10. “Osvaldo’s Groceries”
11. “Picture This”

The Wait Of Glory ordering information:

Pylon - The Eternal Wedding Band - 10th Anniversary Edition

PŸLON - The Eternal Wedding Band, 10th Anniversary Edition Announced:
Press Release / In a certain way, Swiss doom metallers  PŸLON have always been about looking back- looking back in a ‘born too late’ fashion when it comes to the ground-breaking history of that heavy doom rock sound that was spearheaded by multi-faceted gloom overlords like BLACK SABBATH, CANDLEMASS and COUNT RAVEN.
Ten years ago, PŸLON released their sophomore album, The Eternal Wedding Band on its own label, Quam Libet. Long gone is the last copy of the original CD, yet still new fans come a-knocking, hoping to be able to complete their collection of PŸLON original releases. It is for them that PŸLON and U.S. label Roxx Records are re-releasing this first installment of their early doom trilogy on February 26, 2016.

As a special added bonus to the new layout of this digipack edition, the band’s 2006 line-up briefly reformed to cut two tracks, the multi-facetted rocker “Of Sorrow & Doom” as well as the punky “Who Are They?”, both written but at the time not recorded for The Eternal Wedding Band.
A work-in-progress rehearsal run-through of the album’s secret hit, “Falling Into The Sun”, showing an earlier stage of the song’s development, as well as two live recordings from one of the band’s handful of live appearances in its 14-year history round off this collection aimed both at the new listener as well as at experienced PŸLON fans.

The Eternal Wedding Band, 10th Anniversary Edition track listing:
1. “And Thus It Ends…”
2. “Anaconda”
3. “Falling Into The Sun”
4. “Cannibal Coronal Mass Ejection (Part 1: The Black Sunrise; Part 2: Chaos Theory)”
5. “A Walk Through Wonderland”
6. “2046”
7. “The Cold Mirror”
8. “Fields Of Sorrow”
9. “In From The Futile Fields”
10. “L’épée dans mon Coeur”
11. “Checkmate 64”
12. “To My Brethren”
13. “Dementia”

Bonus Tracks:

1. “Of Sorrow & Doom” (new recording)
2. “Who Are They?” (new recording)
3. “Falling Into The Sun” (rehearsal)
4. “Falling Into The Sun” (live)
5. “In The Shade” (live)

Almost entirely pre-flute-and-keyboards epics, The Eternal Wedding Band is the rocking older brother of Doom (2009) and Armoury Of God (2011), and spreads before the listener 13 aspects of death in an original variety of inspired lyrics and musical concepts. This will be a one-time limited edition pressing of only 200 pieces in honor of the 10th anniversary of this landmark release which will be a split release between Roxx Records and Quam Libet Records, with 50% remaining in the United States and 50% being distributed in Europe.
PŸLON’s sixth album, Homo Homini Lupus, was released in 2014 also on Roxx Records. The effort saw NOMAD SON’s Jordan Cutajar handling lead vocals and contained PŸLON’s most metal material to date as well as a one-of-a-kind cover version of SLAYERS’s “South Of Heaven” on which the bass duties were handled by STRYPER’s Tim Gaines.  PŸLON are currently recording their next album release, A Lament, to be released on Roxx Records later in 2016.
For full details on this release and other Roxx Records happenings please visit us at: &

PŸLON online: &

True Strength - Steel Evangelist

Vocalist Rus Gib Returns to TRUE STRENGTH:
Press Release / The oft-delayed sophomore album of TRUE STRENGTH entitled Steel Evangelist receives new life as a result of Rus Gib, vocalist of debut release The Cross Will Always Prevail, returning to the line-up to re-record lead vocals.  Steel Evangelist has suffered a series of production and post-production delays since the group first announced its release in August of 2015.  TRUE STRENGTH is no longer committing to a specific release date as Rus is being given time to record his vocals without pressure.

During this period, the band is re-mixing and resolving issues with the production to accommodate any changes.  TRUE STRENGTH apologizes deeply for all of the delays but assures fans that the album will be the best that it can possibly be and will not sacrifice quality at any level. Guitarist Ryan "The Archangel" Darnell comments further: "This album will be worth the wait. It is an album that is being done for the glory of Jesus Christ and anything less than perfection will be a disservice to Him and to you the supporters of TRUE STRENGTH."

Following is the revised TRUE STRENGTH line-up for Steel Evangelist:

Rus Gib - Lead Vocals
Ryan "The Archangel" Darnell - Rhythm/Lead Guitar & Bass
Josh Cirbo - Lead Guitar
Ryan Mey - Drums

Steel Evangelist track listing:

 1. “No Cheek Left To Turn”
 2. “Steel Evangelist”
 3. “Cilician Gates”
 4. “Don't Take The Mark Of The Beast”
 5. “The Fall Of The Ripest Apple”
 6. “Gabriel The Archangel”
 7. “Woe To The Sons Of Ishmael”
 8. “Blood Waters The Cedars Of Lebanon”
 9. “Twenty-One Martyrs Clothed In Orange”
10. “The War We Fight”

In related news, TRUE STRENGTH announces Scandinavian CD distribution through Nordic Mission:

In addition to Underground Power Records out of Germany, TRUE STRENGTH's debut album The Cross Will Always Prevail will soon be available for purchase on CD via Nordic Mission out of Norway! The album was only available in digital format since its initial release in the summer of 2014. Future TRUE STRENGTH releases are expected to be available through Nordic Mission as well, including the upcoming sophomore album Steel Evangelist. Updates regarding these releases will be available through Nordic Mission's website, TRUE STRENGTH's Facebook and here at Angelic Warlord.

You can purchase The Cross Will Always Prevail on CD's here (check for availability with Nordic Mission first):



* BraveWords interview with DIVINER lead vocalist Yiannis Papanikolaou:

* “Purple Heart, Silver Cross”, new song from WALES ROAD:

* Power And Glory is the title to the new STAIRWAY album.  Several new song titles include “Lucy Fuhr”, “1917 - Fatherless Child”, “A Mind Insane”, “Reason Why”, “Raise Our Hands” & “Godz”.  A release date is yet to be announced.  Cover art (courtesy of Rodney Matthews) can be viewed at the groups Facebook page:


Update: January 24, 2016


Essence of Sorrow promo pic 2016

ESSENCE OF SORROW Announce New Vocalist, Germán Pascual:
Press Release / ESSENCE OF SORROW has announced Germán Pascual (ex-Mind's Eye, ex-Narnia) as its new lead vocalist.

The Finnish/Swedish melodic power metal band founded by Jani Stefanovic (SOLUTION .45, MISERATION, DIVINEFIRE), released in 2006 its Rivel Records debut album Reflections Of The Obscure, which featured departed co-front men Christian Palin (RANDOM EYES, ex-Adagio) and Mats Leven ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, Gus G., ex-THERION, CANDLEMAS).

ESSENCE OF SORROW started as an active live act, performing shows in Scandinavia and northern parts of Europe.   Despite getting off to a promising start, the band was placed on hold after hitting some bumps in the road.

The plan all along was to set ESSENCE OF SORROW in motion again once the right opportunity arose.  That time has come and after a few years of silence, the band is back in business. ESSENCE OF SORROW has a new lineup and is now working on new material, which it plans to release in 2016.

The 90% Angelic Warlord review described Reflections Of The Obscure as “a combination of melodic metal and power metal with occasional progressive touches” that also proved a “noteworthy effort (due to) its catchy hooks (and) solid melody structures”.


Germán Pascual – Lead Vocals
Jani Stefanovic - Guitars
Tom Gardiner - Guitars
Jaakko Nikko - Bass
Rolf Pilve - Drums


INNERWISH - Innerwish Details Revealed, Song Streaming:
Press Release / The Greek melodic band INNERWISH will release their new album entitled InnerWish on March 18th in Europe and North America via Ulterium Records. The album will be available on CD, LP, Tape and for digital download. Bickee Music will issue the album in Japan on March 30th.

A song off the album, “Rain Of A Thousand Years”, can be listened to above.

InnerWish was mixed by Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd at Studio Fredman (IN FLAMES, DIMMU BORGIR, HAMMERFALL) and mastered by Peter In De Betou (ARCH ENEMY, OPETH, AMON AMARTH).  Album artwork was created by Felipe Machado Franco (BLIND GUARDIAN, RHAPSODY OF FIRE, XANDRIaA) and the design was done by

Commented the band regarding InnerWish:

"This is the first album with our new lineup, and we hope this lineup will be unchanged for many years since we now feel stronger, more confident and sure about ourselves than ever before. For those reasons we chose InnerWish as the title of our new album because it represents us in the most exact way. We are very proud of this album. It might sound very common, but it's the truth for us: this is the best INNERWISH album so far! Heavy, aggressive, modern, melodic and diverse at the same time, with all the classical INNERWISH elements, combined with some new ones. It might have been 6 years since the release of No Turning Back but all the difficult times we've been through made us stronger and the result is this new, fifth album of InnerWish. We are back for good!"

InnerWish track listing:

1. “Roll The Dice”
2. “Broken”
3. “Modern Babylon”
4. “Machines Of Fear”
5. “Needles In My Mind”
6. “My World On Fire”
7. “Rain Of A Thousand Years”
8. “Serenity”
9. “Sins Of The Past”
10. “Through My Eyes”
11. “Zero Ground”
12. “Cross The Line”
13. “Tame The Seven Seas”

InnerWish - InnerWish

Ulterium Records online: &

INNERWISH online: &

SIGNUM REGIS - “Quitters Never Win” Music Video Released”:
Press Release / Senec, Slovakia based melodic metal band SIGNUM REGIS just released a music video for the song "Quitters Never Win" online. The group’s new album Chapter IV: Reckoning was released on November 20th through Ulterium Records.

Chapter IV: The Reckoning was mastered by Jens Bogren (SYMPHONY X, OPETH, ARCH ENEMY) and the artwork was created by Jan Yrlund (DELAIN, APOCALYPTICA, KORPIKLAANI).

Chapter IV: The Reckoning track listing:

1. “Lost And Found”
2. “The Secret Of The Sea”
3. “The Voice In The Wilderness”
4. “Prophet Of Doom”
5. “The Magi”
6. “Quitters Never Win”
7. “Tempter Of Evil”
8. “When Freedom Fails”
9. “The Kingdom Of Heaven”
10. “Bells Are Tolling”

Upcoming SIGNUM REGIS shows:

March 3rd: P3 - Purmerend, Netherlands
March 4th: De Kei - Ede, Netherlands
March 5th: Fullmetal Osthessen - Niederjossa, Germany

Ulterium Records online: &

SIGNUM REGIS online: &

The World Will Burn - Severity

Preview Every Track On THE WORLD WILL BURN Debut Album, Severity:
Courtesy of

THE WORLD WILL BURN (the new band of vocalist Dale Thompson) has checked in with the following announcement:

“We are very close to having the CDs available, but for our closest fans we are making EVERY TRACK ON THE ALBUM available for preview on our website.  We are also making SEVERITY available for PURCHASE as an MP3 download beginning TODAY! You can purchase individual tracks in either the music section or the store section, and the entire CD can be purchased in the STORE section. We told you we are making our music affordable and we are!  Song downloads are only .99 cents.  Forget that and download all 13 tracks for only $9.99!   Listen, download, turn it up, and share!  Please respond with your thoughts in the comments to this post!”

THE WORLD WILL BURN is a unique worldwide collaboration between Dale Thompson and Alan Zaring. Dale, who lives in New Zealand, and Alan, who lives in the United States,  have been working together remotely to create music that transcends culture, language, and genres. THE WORLD WILL BURN is focused on emotion and passion instead of commercial pressure.  Their soon to be released CD promises to change the way you look at hard rock music.  New, fresh sounds combined with classic influences merged with thoughtful lyrics.  Power merged with grace.  Explosiveness married to innocence.  Rage fused with compassion.

Dale Thompson has over 20 studio releases to date, and is best known as front man for the well known band BRIDE.  His vocals are legendary and he is consistently considered one of the top singers in heavy music worldwide.  Dale takes his talents to new heights with THE WORLD WILL BURN.

Alan Zaring is a multi-instrumentalist who has been a part of numerous projects of all genres through the years.  He has focused his efforts into the music of his passion, heavy, hook-filled, guitar driven rock.  Alan plays or programs all of the instruments on the upcoming CD.

Alan Zaring (guitars) recently told us: “These songs wrote themselves.  Dale and I were merely the tools.  We realized early on in the process that we would be making music that is totally different than other heavy music being marketed today.  It seems like so much of the metal these days sounds alike and follows a “formula” for success.  We hope that these songs will be difficult to classify as “sounds like ________”.  We wanted to be heavy but completely different and I think we were successful.  I hope you like it!”

“What are the songs about?  I think the beauty of Dale’s lyrics are fact that each person finds a personal connection to his songs and believes they are certain of its meaning.  His words are sometimes vague but hit home with each listener on such a personal level that I hesitate to ruin it for anyone by telling them that the song is about something else completely.  Does that make sense to you?  I hope so!”

“What I can do is tell you that the entire CD is about the journey…not the destination.  Going forth into the unknown and learning lessons.  I will send you the lyrics of each song.  Perhaps they will speak to you on a personal level.  That is what we are shooting for.”



Update: January 18, 2016


WAKEN EYES - “Deafening Thoughts” Guitar Play Through Video Released:
Press Release / The all-star progressive metal band WAKEN EYES just released a guitar ‘play through’ video for the song "Deafening Thoughts" with the bands guitar player Tom Frelek. The WAKEN EYES debut album Exodus is out now in Europe and North America through Ulterium Records.

Exodus is a very impressive and diverse album that will surely appeal to fans of progressive metal, prog-rock and melodic metal. The album has a great mix of catchy melodies, challenging instrumental parts and epic cinematic movements that will surely capture the attention of the musical community. Everything comes together perfectly in the title track that ends the album with its 18 minutes long epic filled with melodies, progressive parts and a good dose of feeling.

Exodus was mixed and mastered at Fascination Street Studios (OPETH, SYMPHONY X, KREATOR) in Sweden, while the layout was made by Jan Yrlund (DELAIN, KORPIKLAANI, APOCALYPTICA).

Link to the music video for the track "Palisades":

Link to the lyric video for the track "Back To Life":

Link to an album teaser for Exodus:

Exodus track listing:

1. “Cognition”
2. “Aberration”
3. "Deafening Thoughts
4. “Back To Life”
5. “Palisades”
6. “Cornerstone Away”
7. “Still Life”
8. “Arise”
9. “Across The Horizon”
10. “Exodus”

WAKEN EYES line up:

Henrik Båth (DARKWATER) - Lead Vocals
Tom Frelek – Guitars, Keyboards, Orchestration
Mike Lepond (SYMPHONY X) - Bass
Marco Minnemann (THE ARISTOCRATS, Steven Wilson, Joe Satriani) - Drums

Ulterium Records online: &

WAKEN EYES online:


* Michael Sweet interview with Totally Driven Radio:
According to the artist, he just finished tracking his upcoming solo album (untitled at the time of this writing).  Mixing starts January 18, 2016.

* NARNIA, “The Mission” Live in Switzerland 2015 Elements of Rock:


Update: January 10, 2016


METATRONE - “Latest News From The Light” Video Premier:
Press Release / “Latest News From The Light”, the new video from Catania, Italy based melodic power progressive metal act METATRONE, can be seen above.  The song comes off the group’s fourth full-length album Eucharismetal, which is slated for release by Rockshots Music on March 11, 2016.

The video, which presents a modern day recount of the Prodigal Son, was written and produced by Antonio Ignoto, while editing and mastering took place at Alpha Vision Productions.

Eucharismetal, similar to past METATRONE albums, reflects the group’s Catholic Christian worldview.  METATRONE roughly translates as “God is since, now and forever”,

Commented guitarist Stefano Calvagno regarding Eucharismetal:  “We are very satisfied, we’ve worked hard for many months on this record and it sounds great. It’s the best album we’ve ever recorded, we felt relaxed and confident during the songwriting process thanks to the help of Dino (Fiorenza/bass) and Salvo (Grasso/drums). We paid a lot of attention on the arrangements, we grew up a lot musically, it’s a mature album and I think it could be a masterpiece of White Metal”.

Nello Dell’Omo contributed the Eucharismetal cover art.

METATRONE line up:

Jo Lombardo – Lead Vocas
Stefano "Ghigas" Calvagno – Guitars
Davide Bruno - Keyboards
Dino Fiorenza (Billy Sheehan, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, John Macaluso) - Bass
Salvo "T-Metal" Grasso (HYPERSONIC, DENIED) - Drums

Eucharismetal track listing:

1. “Alef Dalet Mem”
2. “Molokai”
3. “Beware The Sailor”
4. “Wheat And Weeds”
5. “Latest News From Light”
6. “In Spirit And Truth”
7. “Mozart's Nightmare”
8. “Keep Running”
9. “Salva l'Anima”
10. “Una Parte Di me”
11. “Regina Coeli”
12. “Alef Dalet Mem” (Italian Version - Bonus Track)
13. “Lascia Che Sia” (Bonus Track)

Rockshot Music plans to re-release with bonus tracks the two previous full-length METATRONE albums, The Powerful Hand (2007) and Paradigma (2010).

Metatrone - Eucharismetal

Eucharismetal pre-order:

METATRONE online: &

Chaotic Resemblance promo pic 2016

As taken from the groups Facebook page (January 7, 2015):

“God has opened some awesome doors for Chaotic! We couldn't be anymore thrilled to see what all He has in store for us in 2106.  As you see from the new photo shoot (photo credit to John Barry) we are taking a new direction with the band.
From 2006 'til now Chaotic has gone through countless members, and the truth is we do not want to take new pics every time we go out on tour.

“No, we are not gonna change the musical style or just be a 2 piece, in fact we intend on playing as a 5 piece band. We have hired Pro's for now until God sends us the right guys. Travis McConnell and LA Ellis will be the only actual members of the group.  Chaotic Resemblance is a touring band. In fact we are not just a band we are a Ministry. It's extremely hard to have families and bills and hit the road and believe that God is going to provide, ‘’But He always does!’'

“We don’t do this for fame or fortune. We do this for the love of music, people and because this is our Calling from God.
Along with gigs and tours we also plan on dropping a video very, very soon and a new single this year so please stay tuned for dates & details!

“We will be playing our first show of 2016 at our favorite venue Counts Vamp'd Feb. 5th. This is our 2nd time opening for Y&T and you never know who will walk in the door at Vamp'd, please come out if you’re in the Vegas area!”

CHAOTIC RESEMBLANCE, drawing its moniker from Isaiah 40:18 (To whom then will ye liken God? Or what likeness will you compare unto him?), debuted with the EP releases Chaotic Resemblance (2012) and Battle Lines (2013) prior to following up with its OZ Fox (STRYPER) produced full length debut Get The Hell Out (2014).

Musically, CHAOTIC RESEMBLANCE describes itself as “high intensity (and) in your face metal” that can be compared to “an out of control freight train coming at you a million miles an hour”.  The immediate impression left by Get The Hell Out (as taken from the 80% Angelic Warlord review) “is a youthful and energetic joining of hair, glam and melodic metal” with “strong doses of late eighties Sunset Strip influenced hard rock not unlike FASTER PUSSYCAT, HANOI ROCKS, KIX, JUNKYARD and LA GUNS (MAIN LINE RIDERS and Bombs Over Broadway era SQUAD 5-O deserve mention from the Christian side of the fence).”



Update: January 3, 2016


ENZO & THE GLORY ENSEMBLE - “Maybe You” Video Premier:
Press Release / “Maybe You”, the new video from ENZO & THE GLORY ENSEMBLE, can be seen above.  The song is taken off the group’s full-length debut In The Name Of The Father, which was released via Underground Symphony Records on December 24, 2015.

ENZO & THE GLORY ENSEMBLE is the brainchild of Italian guitarist, vocalist & composer Enzo Donnarumma (MEMBERS OF GOD).

Hailed as "the most ambitious Christian metal project ever made”, In The Name Of The Father features guest appearances from Marty Friedman (ex-MEGADETH), Kobi Farhi (ORPHANED LAND), Ralph Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR), Mark Zonder (FATES WARNING & WARLORD), Gary Wehrkamp (SHADOW GALLERY), Brian Ashland (SHADOW GALLERY) and Nicholas Leptos (WARLORD).

In The Name Of The Father was mixed and mastered by Gary Wehrkamp at New Horizon Studios and will be made available as an exclusive digipak.  Jahn Carlini contributed the cover art.


In The Name Of The Father track listing:

1. “In The Name Of The Father”
2. “Psalm 63”
3. “The Lord’s Prayer”
4. “Anima Christ”
5. “Glory Be To The Father”
6. “Benedictus”
7. “The Apostle’s Creed”
8. “Hail Holy Queen”
9. “Guardian Angel Prayer”
10. “Psalm 3”
11. “Hail Mary”
12. “Maybe You”

Enzo Donnarumma online:

Stryper promo pic

STRYPER - Fallen Tour Dates Announced:
Courtesy of

Legendary hard rockers STRYPER recently checked in with the following announcement:

“World tour begins in April of 2016! Working on hitting every place on earth. New album commencing early 2017. We’re like a freight train rollin’ down the tracks…”

The first string of US dates has been announced, with more to come over the next few weeks. Check them below.

With the October 16th release of their ninth studio album, Fallen, STRYPER continues to dominate the hard rock/heavy metal scene. The Frontiers Music SRL release sold over 10,000 copies during the first week of release, landing at #2 on the Top Hard Music Albums chart, #2 on the Top Contemporary Christian Albums chart, #2 on Billboard’s Top Christian/Gospel Albums, #5 on the Top Current Rock Albums chart, #20 on the Top Current Physical Albums chart, #26 on the Top Current Albums chart, #29 on the Top Current Digital Albums chart and #44 on the Billboard Top 200.

In addition, Fallen soared to #1 on the iTunes Top Metal Albums chart and #3 on the iTunes Top Rock Albums chart immediately upon release. STRYPERs latest studio effort consists of 12 songs showcasing the musicianship that has garnered them a huge fan base in the mainstream world and Christian market for three full decades.

“We are truly blessed to still be making music 32 years into our careers, music that relates and speaks to our fans worldwide,” says frontman and album producer, Michael Sweet. “We strive to outdo ourselves with each release and hopefully we’ve done that with “Fallen.” Here’s to 32 more years!”

Unlike many of their counterparts, STRYPER is comprised of all four original members with Michael Sweet on vocals and guitar, Oz Fox on guitar, Tim Gaines on bass and Robert Sweet on drums.

Upcoming Shows:

04/23/16: Las Vegas, NV - Cannery Casino w/SKID ROW
04/24/16: Hollywood, CA - Whiskey A Go Go
06/10/16: Malden, MA - Mixx 360
06/11/16: Poughkeepsie, NY - The Chance Theater
06/12/16: New York, NY - Stage 48
06/14/16: Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom NEW
06/16/16: Pittsburgh, PA - Altar Bar
06/17/16: Hazard, KY - The Forum w/LYNCH MOB
06/18/16: Versaille, OH - BMI Speedway w/LYNCH MOB
06/30/16: Oklahoma City, OK - Diamond Ballroom NEW
08/13/16: Laughlin, NV - Avi Casino w/Skid Row
09/23/16: St. Charles, IL - Arcada Theater NEW
10/30/16: Joliet, IL - Rock N’ Skull 2016

STRYPER tour updates:

STRYPER online: &

THEOCRACY - New Album Sneak Peek:
Courtesy of

Athens, Georgia-based epic melodic power metal band THEOCRACY checked in with the following update:

"Unfortunately there was no time to record a new Christmas song this year, but we thought you might like a ‘sneak peek’ at some songs from the (upcoming) new album instead. These clips are still from works-in-progress, including demos, so bear that in mind, but enjoy. Merry Christmas!"

THEOCRACY recently announced that original drummer Shawn Benson will record the drums on said fourth album. Benson played drums on 2011's As The World Bleeds and 2008's Mirror Of Souls, as well as the 2013 re-release of Theocracy's self-titled debut album.

The band are in the early stages of recording, and are excited to showcase Benson's unique style on their upcoming release, which will be their third on Swedish label Ulterium Records.

THEOCRACY recently returned from a brief tour in Scandinavia, including their first performance in Sweden, with HALYCON WAY drummer Ernie Topran filling in on the drums.

Former drummer Patrick Nickell quit THEOCRACY last November after recording the Christmas single "Night Of Silence”, and the band wishes him well in his future endeavors. No decision has been made regarding a permanent replacement.

THEOCRACY online: &


* BIOGENESIS new line up and album announcement:

* ENERGEMA will be releasing on January 8, 2016 a new single, “Eternity”, off its upcoming debut album The Lion’s Forces.           

* INNERSIEGE, ‘the Jam Hub” & new album update:

* New song from KDB3, “Lear Jet Gospel”:


Update: December 27, 2015


Enzo & The Glory Ensemble - In The Name Of The Father

ENZO & THE GLORY ENSEMBLE release debut album, In The Name Of The Father:
Press Release / International recording act ENZO & THE GLORY ENSEMBLE, the brainchild of Italian guitarist, vocalist & composer Enzo Donnarumma (MEMBERS OF GOD), has signed with Underground Symphony for the December 24, 2015 release of its debut album, In the Name of the Father.

Hailed as "the most ambitious Christian metal project ever made”, In The Name Of The Father features guest appearances from Marty Friedman (ex-MEGADETH), Kobi Farhi (ORPHANED LAND), Ralph Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR), Mark Zonder (FATES WARNING & WARLORD), Gary Wehrkamp (SHADOW GALLERY), Brian Ashland (SHADOW GALLERY) and Nicholas Leptos (WARLORD).

In The Name Of The Father was mixed and mastered by Gary Wehrkamp at New Horizon Studios and will be made available as an exclusive digipak.  Jahn Carlini contributed the cover art.


In The Name Of The Father album teaser:


Enzo Donnarumma - Vocals & Guitars
Kobi Farhi - Vocals
Ralph Scheepers - Vocals
Brian Ashland - Vocals
Nicholas Leptos - Vocals
Marty Friedman - Guitars
Mark Zonder - Drums
Gary Wehrkamp - Guitars

In The Name Of The Father track listing:

1. “In The Name Of The Father”
2. “Psalm 63”
3. “The Lord’s Prayer”
4. “Anima Christ”
5. “Glory Be To The Father”
6. “Benedictus”
7. “The Apostle’s Creed”
8. “Hail Holy Queen”
9. “Guardian Angel Prayer”
10. “Psalm 3”
11. “Hail Mary”
12. “Maybe You”

Enzo Donnarumma online:

LEAH - “Winter Sun” Lyric Video Premier:
Courtesy of

As the winter solstice arrives, TESTAMENT guitarist Eric Peterson and Canadian Celtic songstress LEAD are revealing a brand new symphonic metal track, "Winter Sun". Featuring soaring soundscapes, blazing guitar solos and ethereal, operatic vocals, the track sounds like it could have taken weeks to complete. In reality, "Winter Sun" was written and recorded in three days by incorporating app technology.

"Winter Sun" was recorded by five musicians between three different countries, so in order to quickly communicate internationally for free and have the track released by the holidays, the group incorporated the cross-platform communications app WhatsApp to pen the track.

Listen to the track via the official lyric video above.

As veteran yet tech-savvy musicians, Peterson and LEAH feel that this new technology is completely revolutionizing the way they can pen tracks efficiently during their hectic schedules.

"Leah and I orchestrated the vocals, drums, guitars and bass by leaving each other voice messages that you can record and can leave/make decent recordings of clips of music through WhatsApp," states Peterson. "Also, the sound quality is sharp enough that you can actually hear the dynamics well. It's truly amazing! It's a free app, so between Canada and Germany and Slovenia, that's some savings, for sure! Pretty awesome!"

LEAH adds: "I'm so excited about how technology has changed the music industry. Suddenly people are able to collaborate from all around the world and produce incredibly high-quality material. The possibilities are endless. Even something as simple as an app on a smart phone has completely revolutionized the way we write music. As a busy artist and mother of five kids, it was vital for me to be able to quickly record my vocal and lyric ideas and literally sing them into WhatsApp and fire it off to Eric in seconds. It made this song entirely possible."

"Winter Sun" is performed by Eric Peterson (guitars and percussion) and LEAH (vocalist, piano, harp and keys), featuring guest musicians Alex Bent (drums), Tilen Hudrap (bass), and Lyle Livingston (additional keys). Bent and Hudrap performed with TESTAMENT this year at Heavy Montreal, and all three gentlemen perform on the upcoming DRAGONLORD album, Dominion (Livingston is a full-time member of the band).

"Winter Sun" is a delicate blend of Peterson's melodic side of his thrash metal background and LEAH's Celtic metal fusion. This song is all about balance, with Peterson's signature guitar-playing style right up front and center, yet complimentary to LEAH's feminine vocals. The song later takes a surprise change of pace in which the listener will experience less of a holiday-type vibe, and more of the original styles of each artist: haunting operatic choirs and full heavy metal; no compromises.

Eric Peterson and LEAH first displayed their prowess as a songwriting duo with the track "Dreamland", which appeared on LEAH’s 5 song EP Otherworld from 2013.

“Winter Sun” can be downloaded at:

LEAH online &


* TOMMY WALES- “Have Mercy / Mercy Train” live:

* New THEOCRACY album sneak peek:

* Former JACOBS DREAM vocalist has joined forces with current JACOBS DREAM guitarist John Berry to form a new group, VICIOUS SYMPHONY.  The two, who are looking for other musicians, have performed a pair of acoustic gigs covering JACOBS DREAM classics and WHITE LION’s “When The Children Cry”.  Musically, VICIOUS SYMPHONY is reported to be very much like JACOBS DREAM.


Update: December 20, 2015


InnerWish - InnerWish

INNERWISH - New Album Announced:
Press Release / The Greek melodic metallers INNERWISH will release their new album entitled InnerWish on March 18, 2016 in Europe and North America via Ulterium Records. The artwork for the album was created by Felipe Machado Franco (BLIND GUARDIAN, RHAPSODY OF FIRE, XANDRIA) and the design was done by Jan Yrlund (KORPIKLAANI, APOCALYPTICA, MANOWAR).

Commented the band regarding the new album: "This is the first album with our new lineup, and we hope this lineup will be unchanged for many years since we now feel stronger, more confident and sure about ourselves than ever before. For those reasons we chose InnerWish as the title of our new album, because it represents us in the most exact way. We are very proud of this album. It might sound very common, but it's the truth for us: this is the best INNERWISH album so far! Heavy, aggressive, modern, melodic and diverse at the same time, with all the classical INNERWISH elements, combined with some new ones. It might have been 6 years since the release of (our last album) No Turning Back but all the difficult times we've been through made us stronger and the result is this new, fifth album of INNERWISH. We are back for good!"

More details about the album will be announced early next year.

Ulterium Records online: &


LEAH - Winter Sun

New Song From LEAH - “Winter Sun”:
As recently reported by the Vancouver, British Columbia based symphonic metal singer and songwriter:

Winter is.... HERE!

Introducing my brand new song for the winter season!

The song is called "WINTER SUN" featuring TESTAMENT's Eric Peterson on guitars with guest musicians Alex Bent on drums, Tilen Hudrap on bass, a little help from DRAGONLORD's Lyle Livingston on additional keys. Mixed by Spacelab Studios & mastered by Eroc's Mastering Ranch.

This song is about turning a new leaf, even in the dead of winter. You know how I like to use metaphors in my lyrics. :) Whatever you might be going through, sometimes you have to let go and move on, which can be hard during the holidays or in a certain season of life. But also knowing that Spring is around the corner, and so is a new chapter in one's life, hence the beauty of the sun even during a cold, bleak season.

I hope you enjoy this song! It was a really fun time making it :)

“Winter Sun” can be downloaded at:

LEAH online: &

Pastor Brad - Storm The Gates 1 & 2 

PASTOR BRAD - Storm The Gates 1 & 2 Update:
Courtesy of

Storm The Gates 1 & 2 is a collection of 20 Classic Hard Rock & Hair Metal Songs from the 1970s and 1980s- re-covered by PASTOR BRAD with lyrics that honor Jesus Christ and proclaim the Good News of the Gospel Loud & Proud!  Legally, these are "parody" projects, but "musically" & "spiritually" they are tributes to the musicians who inspired me to become a musician, and to my Savior to whom I owe everything!

98.6% of the Instrument Tracks are completed. The next step:  I plan/hope to begin recording vocals in January!

Storm The Gates 1 track listing:

1. “Son of Man” - “Iron Man”, Sept. 18, 1970, BLACK SABBATH
2. “Living Fountain” - “Man On The Silver Mountain”, Aug. 4 1975, RAINBOW
3. “Jesus Rock Solid” - “Detroit Rock City”, March 15 1976, KISS
4. “His Touch Of Love” - “Touch Too Much”, July 27, 1979, AC/DC
5. “Rockin’ For The Good News” - “Living After Midnight”, April 14, 1980, JUDAS PRIEST
6. “Passover 3pm” - “Dallas 1pm”, Sept. 1, 1980, SAXON
7. “The Dragon’s Slain” - “Crazy Train”, Sept. 12, 1980, Ozzy
8. “Help Me Jesus” - “Hold On Loosely”, 1980, 38 SPECIAL
9. “Jesus Said” - “Metal Health”, March 11, 1983, QUIET RIOT
10. “Use Your Free Will” - “Say What You Will”, May, 1983, FASTWAY

Storm The Gates 2, track listing:

1. “The Prophet” - “The Trooper”, May 16, 1983, IRON MAIDEN
2. “Rock For The Rock” - “Balls To The Wall”, Dec. 5, 1983, ACCEPT
3. “You Know Messiah Is Commin’” - “You've Got Another Thing Commin'”, 1982, JUDAS PRIEST
4. “Knockin’ On Your Heart Again” - “Rock You Like A Hurricane”, March 27, 1984, SCORPIONS
5. “I'm Somebody” - “I Wanna Be Somebody”, Aug. 17, 1984, WASP
6. “Without Warning” - Sept. 13, 1984, DOKKEN
7. “Storming Hell” - “Tooth & Nail”, Sept. 13, 1984, DOKKEN
8. “He’s The Way” - “Crazy Nights”, Jan, 21, 1985, LOUDNESS
9. I'm Not Lyin’” - “Peace Sells”, Sept. 19, 1986, MEGADETH
10. “I Hear Your Prayer” - “Enter Sandman”, Aug. 12, 1991, METALLICA

PASTOR BRAD online:, &

Michael Sweet - “Livin’ On A Prayer” live:
Courtesy of

Fan-filmed video footage of STRYPER front man Michael Sweet performing an acoustic version of the BON JOVI classic "Livin' On A Prayer" on December 12 at Spire Center for the Performing Arts in Plymouth, Massachusetts can be seen above. While introducing the track, Sweet called it "the greatest song ever written about prayer."

Sweet's next solo album is tentatively due in April/May 2016 via Rat Pak Records. The CD, which Michael promises will be his "best to date," will feature Will Hunt (EVANESCENCE, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY) on drums.

Sweet's latest solo album, I'm Not Your Suicide, sold around 2,900 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 154 on The Billboard 200 chart.

Sweet has endured heartbreaking tribulations throughout his life and career, including the 2009 passing of his wife of more than 22 years, Kyle. In 2010, Sweet remarried to Lisa Champagne-Sweet, a woman he describes as "a Godsend and the one who fits perfectly by my side."

Sweet continues to record and tour with STRYPER, as well as touring and recording as a solo artist.

Michael Sweet online: &


Update: December 16, 2015


Any discussion in regards to the origin of heavy metal as an art form almost inevitably revolves around several pioneering bands - with Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple being the most noteworthy – that by and large define the genre.  One lesser-known act that deserves equal consideration, however, is Sir Lord Baltimore.  Read Full Review >>


In Memoriam John Garner:
Press Release / Hard music world mourns passing of SIR LORD BALTIMORE vocalist & drummer (courtesy of

John Garner, who became one of the unheralded bricklayers at the foundation of heavy metal in his role as lead singer and drummer for cult ‘70s powerhouse SIR LORD BALTIMORE, has died of liver failure.

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Garner was barely out of high school when he teamed up with schoolmates Louis Dambra (guitar) and Gary Justin (bass) in 1968, later answering an ad in The Village Voice placed by aspiring producer Mike Appel (who would soon discover and guide the early career of a young singer songwriter named Bruce Springsteen) that read “Heavy band needed for recording.”

Within months, the newly christened SIR LORD BALTIMORE were being managed by industry mover and shaker Dee Anthony (Joe Cocker, FACES, etc.), were under contract to Mercury Records, and found themselves knocking songs into shape under Appel’s and engineer Jimmy Creteco’s supervision in a studio in West Orange, New Jersey. Mixing followed at Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Lady Studios by none other than Eddie Kramer.

The resulting LP, Kingdom Come, would become a cornerstone of the fledgling heavy metal movement (albeit not recognized as such until decades later), making SIR LORD BALTIMORE one of America’s first legitimate answers to British pioneers like LED ZEPPELIN and BLACK SABBATH. They were described in Creem magazine as having all the “heavy metal tricks in the book.”

Indeed, there was a wanton savagery to SIR LORD BALTIMORE’s musical attack quite unlike almost anything yet captured on tape by 1970: Louis Dambra’s riffs and solos exploded with kinetic power, Gary Justin’s bass rumbled with bowel-churning intensity, and John Garner’s athletic, flamboyant drumming was matched only by his unrestrained vocal histrionics, pushing the ensemble’s performance to rare heights of excitement.

But Garner and his band mates’ general career inexperience started catching up with them when they got the chance to open a few shows (including one at New York’s own legendary Fillmore East) for the fast-rising BLACK SABBATH, and largely failed to impress the assembled fans and critics. Not long after releasing their eponymous sophomore album in 1971, SIR LORD BALTIMORE’s backers lost faith and Mercury dropped the group, effectively closing their brief glimpse of potential rock stardom.

Over the ensuing years, band members tried but failed to resurrect their career and then slowly drifted apart, with Garner resuming a “normal” life, working for New York’s department of sanitation, while managing wedding bands and playing with several bands to keep his chops up.

By the time heavy music fans started retroactively singing SIR LORD BALTIMORE’s praises in the late 1990s (thanks in no small part to the information-dredging powers of the Internet), Garner’s gratitude for this delayed recognition could barely make up for his lingering resentment over how things had deteriorated. “A few years back I got (a magazine) interested in doing a story on SLB,” said longtime Roadrunner Records and Nuclear Blast A&R executive, Monte Conner, a Garner acquaintance and longtime, “but John refused to be interviewed unless they paid him. I guess this was the result of his bitterness over SLB getting screwed by the music biz. I convinced him to let go of the anger and that he should celebrate his legacy and keep it alive for new fans.”

Eventually, Garner and Dambra (now a born again Christian, and living in California) reconciled long enough to compile and finish rough demos originally recorded in the early ‘70s for release on CD as Sir Lord Baltimore III: Raw. Subsequent plans for an on stage reunion at a 2008 European festival unfortunately fell apart, but Garner later found contentment as the keeper of the SIR LORD BALTIMORE’s flame until his passing peacefully on Saturday (Dec. 5), after a few final days spent in a coma.

Sir Lord Baltimore - III Raw

Editors Note: The 85% Angelic Warlord review of III Raw offered the following summary:

“Now, the definition of “heavy metal” has gone through its share of transformations over the years; with that in mind, the bands earlier material could easily fall under the label of heavy metal- as defined by the times.  But its most recent outing, the bluesy Zeppelin influenced hard rock of its 2006 release III Raw, certainly features the heavier sound but might not be classified as heavy metal by today’s standards.  Close in places, but that is not the point.  Regardless, if you are searching for a retro-seventies hard rock sound reflecting a heavy Zeppelin vibe then look no further than III Raw.”

The faith of BOTH Garner and Dambra influences the III Raw lyrical direction, particularly on the tracks “Love Slave” -

I heard a voice from above
He said, “I want to know that it’s you that I love
I am that I am, The God of true love

- and “Rising Son”:

Victorious persistence,
Will crush resistance
Unleash the rivers of your mind
Spirit resolution, find a solution
You could be the chosen
living beneath the rising’ Son

III Raw track listing:

1. “(Gonna) Fill the World With Fire”
2. “Love Slave”
3. “Wild White Horses”
4. “Rising Son”
5. “Cosmic Voice”
6. “Mission”



Update: December 13, 2015


GLORIAM DEI - “Rest In You” Lyric Video:
“Rest In You”, the new lyric video from Finland’s GLORIAM DEI, can be seen above.  The song is taken from the group’s full-length debut The Covenant, which it independently released on November 13, 2015.

GLORIAM DEI features former WINGDOM front man Sami Asp, who is joined by guitarist Jarmo Happonen (ex Oratorio), drummer Ville Karhu (Miseria) and bassist/keyboardist Johannes Häkämies (ex Norman). 

Johannes Häkämies composed, arranged and produced The Covenant, while Samu Oittinen handled all engineering, mixing and mastering duties.  Cover artwork is attributed to Matti Halén.

GLORIAM DEI delivers on The Covenant a basis of neo-classically influenced power metal with strong doses of melodic metal, AOR and straightforward hard rock.

The Covenant track listing:

1. “Bethlehem”
2. “Treasures Of Heaven”
3. “Sins Of The World”
4. “Rest In You”
5. “11, 000”
6. “The Covenant”
7. “Blindmen”
8. “Jokainen”
9. “Look To The Cross”
10. “John 6”
11. “We Will See Again”


Ultimatum - Into The Pit vinyl re-issue

ULTIMATUM - Into The Pit Vinyl Re-Issue:
Press Release / Roxx Records is very excited to be announcing the second in our brand new limited edition series entitled the Roxx Underground Series.  The series kicked off earlier this year with a Limited Edition pressing of the WONROWE VISION album 2-Headed Monster on vinyl with a limited edition hand numbered pressing of only 150 copies.

The second in the series will continue in the same fashion as the first and feature a one- time Limited Edition pressing of only 150 hand numbered pieces. But what you really want to know is who is it? Well for this edition we are extremely excited to announce and bring you New Mexico’s very own thrashers ULTIMATUM and this special pressing will be of their classic 2007 ‘thrashterpiece’ Into The Pit.

Again, this album will ONLY be pressed in a quantity of 150 copies, and this pressing is extra special as it will be on a clear with blood splatter vinyl. This pressing will be individually hand numbered, and distributed by the time of your purchase. Each pressing will also include a limited edition printing of a classic Ultimatum concert handbill.

Here is something a little extra special just for you hardcore ULTIMATUM fans.  For those of you buying this as a Christmas gift we will be sending out a Limited Edition postcard from ULTIMATUM and Roxx Records to everyone that purchases the pre-order throughout the month of December, letting them know what is coming their way by the official release date which is scheduled for March 18, 2015

Our only regret with this pressing is that we probably should have pressed more as we have been getting a lot of requests for this blood splatter vinyl and it was already off to the pressing plant by the time the decision to print 150 was made.

Into The Pit track listing:

Side A:

1. “One For All” (5:24)
2. “Exonerate” (3:43)
3. “Deathwish” (5:52)
4. “Blood Covenant” (3:22)
5. “Heart Of Metal” (4:40)

Side B:

1. “Wrathchild” (2:53)
2. “Transgressor” (3:20)
3. “Blink” (2:44)
4. “Blind Faith” (4:21)
5. “Into The Pit” (3:09)
6. “Game Over” (5:18)

You will want to get in on this one quick because, as usual, when these are gone there will not be anymore! Also we move on to release number 3 and we already have it in the works!

Pre-orders are up now:

Thank you all for your continued support of the Christian Metal underground! Sign up on our email list to hear of the next titles first as you will get an advance notice and we know the titles we have planned you are gonna love!

Roxx Records online: &



* The new album from SCANDINAVIAN METAL PRAISE, Glory & Power: Part 1, is available for streaming or free download:

* OBLIVION MYTH has made available for streaming live versions to two new songs, “Beyond This Home” and “Blinding The Darkness”:

Both are scheduled to appear on the upcoming OBLIVON MYTH album scheduled to be released in early 2016.


Update: December 6, 2015


DIVINER - Fallen Empires
Classic heavy metal nuances and melodies.  Soaring lead vocals of a robust kind.  And just plain powerful, crushing riffs in an overall up to date framework.  These are just a few of the hallmark characteristics that identify, Athens, Greece based Diviner and its Ulterium Records fall of 2015 (November 20 release) full-length debut Fallen EmpiresRead Full Review >>

IMARI TONES - Revive The World
Imarii-Tones-The-First-Christian-Metal-Band-From-Japan.  It’s got a certain ring to it, and this Yokohama based power trio is convinced of its dual role to “reach beyond their culture to make the music they love, and to reach beyond their music to bring Jesus into their culture” (as taken from the Imari Tones press material).  Read Full Review >>

MAD DRAGZTER - Master Of Space And Time
While I hesitate to label Mad Dragzter ‘melodic thrash’, it imbues much of the Master Of Space And Time material with enough melody to garner my interest, keeping in mind I am not a connoisseur of the thrash segment.  Read Full Review >>

BILL MENCHEN - Blues Metal Trance
If you are into instrumental rock in all its forms, guitarist Bill Menchen’s fall of 2015 Roxx Records solo offering Blues Metal Trance makes sense.  Read Full Review >>

SIGNUM REGIS - Chapter IV: The Reckoning
Chapter IV: The Reckoning is all-new to Senec, Slovakia based Signum Regis as a follow up to the memorable Ulterium Records spring of 2015 EP Through The Storm and even better late 2013 full length effort Exodus (also Ulterium).  Read Full Review

STRYPER - Fallen
Still fresh from its 2013 Angelic Warlord album of the year (95% review) and successful recapture of its eighties prime form in No More Hell To Pay, Stryper returns in the fall of 2015 with its ninth full length studio offering entitled FallenRead Full Review >>

W.A.S.P. - Golgotha
Those that suggest Golgotha represents a musical extension of the previous two W.A.S.P. releases, including Babylon but also 2007’s Dominator, have the right idea.  Read Full Review >>

Waken Eyes can trace its origin to the early 2013 demo material of founding member and guitarist/keyboards Tom Frelek, who had developed inspiration to form a progressive metal band characterized by ‘catchy melodies, challenging instrumental parts and epic cinematic movements’.  Read Full Review >>


INFIDEL RISING - “Reflections” Lyric Video Released:
Press Release / Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas based INFIDEL RISING released a lyric video for the track “Reflections”.  The song comes off the group’s debut album The Torn Wings Of Illusion, which it independently released on October 9, 2015.

INFIDEL RISING draws upon the influence of KAMELOT, FATES WARNING, WINTERSUN & SYMPHONY X to join a basis of power and progressive metal with classical, symphonic and ethnic overtones.  Lyrically, the groups thought provoking and positive prose speaks of power, truth, hope and change.


Sometimes people find bands and sometimes bands find you. The concept for INFIDEL RISING was always inside Travis Wills before he even realized it. Growing up in Houston as a drummer it wouldn't be until he moved to Dallas as a vocalist that the calling would take hold.

Playing in cover bands and trying to find the right people with the right vision would not be easy. After several false starts with various line ups, enter drummer Wayne Stokely (MILLENNIAL REIGN) . Looking to get out of the Hollywood scene and back to his metal roots, Stokely and Wills set out to find the right people to complete what in their minds was a very special project; little did they know that search would last nearly 2 years.

Finally, after almost giving up hope fate would intervene in the form of guitarist Rafael Quintana (PARALLEL DIMENSION). Originally from Puerto Rico, he too had given up hope on finding power/progressive players in the DFW area.

The line up was finally completed with keyboardist Aaron Walton, "The Doctor" as he's known who is a music major, and bassist Daniel Almagro (MILLENNIAL REIGN), also a native of Puerto Rico and long time friend of Rafael.

The Torn Wings Of Illusion track listing:

1. “1932-1933 (Passacaglia)”
2. “Holodomor”
3. “Exodus To Kadesh”
4. “The Torn Wings Of Illusion”
5. “Alive”
6. “Reflections”
7. “Power Of Goodbye”
8. “Cloning Appearance”
9. “Finding Nevermore”
10. “Talitha Kourn”
11. “The Great Discover”


Lipstick banner

LIPSTICK Announces Charity Campaign for Victims of Mass Shootings:
Press Release / The American glam rock band LIPSTICK has announced a special charity campaign for the month of December. All of the profits from sales of the special edition of their self-titled debut album will go to International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). LIPSTICK has chosen this charity in order to help victims of mass shootings in their native United States, but also to help the victims of the recent terrorist attacks in France.

“We really wanted to do something to help the victims of these mass shootings,” states lead vocalist Greg Troyan. “We were already planning on doing this charity fundraiser when we heard the news of the mass shooting in San Bernardino, which makes this all the more poignant. The Red Cross is consistently there in these times of needs to help victims of these attacks, and we want to do our part in helping them.

“We're a smaller, independent band, so we have to pay out-of-pocket to print and press our albums. But, just because we're a smaller band, doesn't mean we don't want to help. So, all of the profits from the new album during the month of December will go directly to the IFRC, which will not only help victims of the Paris terror attacks, but victims of other mass shooting tragedies as well. The only money not going directly to the IFRC are the Paypal fees, the cost of printing the album, and the cost of shipping the album. Otherwise, all of the money is going to the charity. We're not making any money off of these album sales: we just want to help out in whatever way we can.”

The special edition of the debut album is $10, plus $5 for shipping and handling. The album is available both as a physical CD and digital download. Those buying the digital version of the album will receive two additional tracks by world-famous nerd rockers NUCLEAR BUBBLE WRAP.

“Obviously, if you buy the digital version of the album, you'll end up donating more to the charity because there's no shipping or printing costs, so we decided to offer a special bonus to the people buying the digital version. Our friends in NUCLEAR BUBBLE WRAP have graciously donated two of their songs to be part of this charity promotion, so if you buy the digital version of our album, you'll also get two of their songs. One of them is their classic tune, “Sharktopus”, and another is a song called “The Fault In Our Death Stars” from their upcoming album Multiverses. Whatever way you buy the album, you're helping out a great cause.”

LIPSTICK are currently at work on its second album, Lipstick II.

LIPSTICK's charity campaign shall run throughout the entire month of December. To purchase the special edition of LIPSTICKS's debut album and contribute to the charity campaign, go to

Lipstick track listing:

1. “We’re Here To Rock You”
2. “I Like The Way I Rock”
3. “Alone”
4. “Merle”
5. “Having Fun”
6. “The Conan Song”
7. “I Want The World To Know”
8. “The Flash”
9. “Tonight”
10. “Love One Another”
11. “Rock N Roll Forever”
12. “It’s Christmas (And You Don’t Want Me Here)”
13. “Having Fun (Alternate Mix)” (Bonus Track)
14. “Illium” (Bonus Track)
15. “Fight Club” (Bonus Track)
16. “I Want The World To Know (Alternate Take)” (Bonus Track)

LIPSTICK online: &

 Razorigami - Embracing A Temporal Exile

New Project From RAZORIGAMI, Embracing A Temporal Exile:
As posted by vocalist Luke Richard Weber at the RAZORIGAMI website (November 21, 2015):

“The third installment of the RAZORIGAMI project is fully underway and will be titled Embracing a Temporal Exile.  Once again, Joseph Giampa has agreed to apply his professionalism and mastering touch to this, which I am extremely grateful for. At this point I think a 2016 Valentine’s day release is a reasonable expectation, which will be exactly 3 years after the first album.

“I will say there was a little bit of a delay on my part because after recording 2014’s Truths From Beyond The Machine, I lost my upper register for a while and didn’t know if it would ever come back. I remember reading an article in which Tim “Ripper” Owens related a similar experience and it is truly humbling. The awesome thing is that God is faithful in spite of our doubts, even when outcomes are not what we expect, and so I find myself with renewed perspective and vision for this release!

“I’ve been really trying to stretch my own boundaries and I think this will easily be the most diverse of the three.  My sister, who is a music teacher and a brilliant pianist in her own right, is even contributing a brief piano piece to one of these songs so that’s pretty special.  I hesitate to say too much because nobody likes the movie trailer that literally shows you all the best parts of the movie… but I think it’s safe to say that style-wise this will be nothing like what people would expect and yet it will encompass everything people would expect at the same time.

“One thing I will push a little further up the road at this point is a definitive track list, only because titles and arrangements are still very much in flux right now, but I’m excited, my voice is feeling great, I have God’s word, and a head filled with ideas once again! What more can you ask for? So praise the Lord… and that’s what I intend to do!”

RAZORIGAMI released its full-length debut Weathering The Winter Of The Soul in 2013 prior to putting out the aforementioned Truths From Beyond The Machine a year later.

RAZORIGAMI online: &


* “Eternity”, rehearsal room music video from ANCIENT PROPHECY:

The song comes of the group’s sophomore album Pounded By Our Sins released earlier in the year.

* LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE is due to release two different 5 song EPs.  The first, Better Than Maroon 5, takes an acoustic funk heading, while the second, Life Songs, traverses plugged in melodic rock territory.

* UK traditional metal act STAIRWAY is planning to release an EP of its early demo material from the eighties.  More details as they become available.

Not Under Law” is a song off the upcoming demo EP:

* Demo of a new song from Finland’s VENIA, “Riipuvainen”:


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