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Welcome to Angelic Warlord- your Christian metal and hard rock resource!  Launched in the spring of 2006 with the purpose of supporting Christians creating art within the metal and hard rock genres, Angelic Warlord features an abundance of reviews, links, discography pages, interviews and Christian metal news- all updated on a weekly basis.  If you enjoy all types of metal and hard rock - melodic hard rock, straightforward hard rock, melodic metal, classic metal, power metal, progressive metal and all things in between – that, at the same time, is backed by a positive and life changing message, then you have found a new home in Angelic Warlord.




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• SUPERNAL ENDGAME - Touch The Sky: Volume II
• TERAMAZE - Esoteric Symbolism
• TYKKÜS - Hystorykküks Maximüs


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Update: September 21, 2014


Atlanta, Georgia based Halcyon Way aims to blur the line further between pure aggression and immediate accessibility.  Read Full Review >>


When you read “Liberty N’ Justice”, you probably think of “all star projects”, “special guest musicians” and the like.  You don’t think in terms of a band with the same steady line-up.  That changes now. Read Full Review >>

NEAL MORSE - Songs From November
Rather, what we have in Songs From November is a joining of catchy contemporary pop and acoustic rock with touches of classic rock and AOR.  The album ultimately succeeds on strength of songwriting, which leaves little doubt as to Morse’s abilities as a composer regardless of style, form or genre.  Read Full Review >>

SOUND OF ETERNITY - Visions & Dreams
Musically, Visions & Dreams does not stray too far from the melodic rock direction of the groups first two albums.  The main difference is the heavier Sound Of Eternity interpretation of the Codigo Eterno material, yielding a guitar sound rooted in that much more edge and bite.  Read Full Review >>

Any discussion involving Swedish doom metal, of course, would not be complete without mention of Veni Domine.  Forming in Sollentuna during the late eighties, the group recorded a trio of demos under the Seventh Seal moniker before permanently changing its name to Veni Domine - meaning “Come Lord” as taken from the last part of Revelation 22 - and releasing its full-length debut Fall Babylon Fall in 1992.  Read Full Review >>


SWEET / LYNCH - Lyric video for “September”:
Courtesy of

Press Release / The official lyric video for the song "September" from SWEET/LYNCH - the new band featuring guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet of Christian hard rockers STRYPER, legendary guitarist George Lynch (T&N, DOKKEN, LYNCH MOB), bassist James Lomenzo (MEGADETH, WHITE LION, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY) and drummer Brian Tichy (S.U.N., WHITESNAKE) - can be seen above. The track, a tribute to the victims of the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, will be included on SWEET/LYNCH's debut album, which will be released in early 2015 via Frontiers.

Sweet told Guitar International about SWEET/LYNCH: "It was the brainchild of Serafino Perugino at Frontiers Records. He asked me to basically sing on this record and then I suggested producing it. I co-wrote the songs with George. I called Brian Tichy and James Lomenzo to put the band together. It's an incredible combination of classic '70s and '80s. You will hear some flavors of JOURNEY, BAD COMPANY, DOKKEN, VAN HALEN and STRYPER."

He added: "I love this CD. I'm super excited for people to hear this CD. I'm so proud of it.

"James and Brian are amazing musicians. They tore it up. The drums and bass are just as impressive as the guitars. Everybody really delivered… The musicianship level on this is top notch. It sounds as if we were all in the stuff playing together and we were not. Basically, George wrote some riffs about a minute to a minute and a half long. I wrote lyrics and melodies then arranged them. I cut and pasted them together in the studio. Then Brian and James came out and tracked the drums and bass, as well as some rhythm stuff. We then sent it to George to add the guitars."

Asked if there will be any live dates in support of the album, Sweet said: "We are one million percent sure there will be a tour."

SWEET/LYNCH recently finished filming two videos and an EPK (Electronic Press Kit).

Deliverance - Stay Of Execution & Vengeance Rising - Unleased Upon The Earth

DELIVERANCE & VENGEANCE RISING re-issues on Roxx Productions:
Press Release / Roxx Records is very proud to announce not one but two long out of print titles that we will be given that special treatment of re-mastering, expanding and reissuing for all you Christian Metal fans out there in a one-time Limited Edition CD pressing of only 300 copies each!

Up first is the classic fourth and final title from Christian thrash legends VENGEANCE RISING! The band’s first three titles (Human Sacrifice, Once Dead & Destruction Comes) have already been given that special re-master and reissue treatment back in 2010, but this one has yet to see the light of day with a proper re-master and reissue. Now Roxx Records has procured the licensing from Intense Records and is very proud to say we will finish the series off with this very special pressing!

Released Upon The Earth was the bands fourth and final release before they would call it a day and if you think you have heard this release before, guess again! This re-master, and the next title, are both being completely re-mastered by Sid Garcia (DELIVERANCE, ULTIMATUM & more) and they both sound amazing! In addition to all of the original tracks we have included some rare long lost radio interviews featuring George Ochoa, Johnny Vasquez and Daniel Cordova that were recorded in Jacksonville Florida during the Released Upon The Earth tour. This is one Limited Edition collectible that every VENGEANCE RISING fan needs to add to their collection before they are gone!

Up next also happens to be the fourth album and release from this classic Christian thrash band, DELIVERANCE!  Stay Of Execution is also being given the special Roxx Records re-master treatment from Sid Garcia and this is the ONLY DELIVERANCE title that has not been reissued, repressed or re-mastered since its original initial pressing from 1992 on Intense Records and we have procured the rights to finally make this one a reality as well!  It will also be reissued in a one-time Limited Edition pressing!

Stay Of Execution captures the band in a new era at this time and with a significant line-up change. Exiting for this album would be George Ochoa and entering in as the next full time guitarist for the mighty ‘D’ would be none other than Michael Phillips. Also of importance to this era was the fact that this was the first of three albums produced by Terry Taylor with the help of Gene Eugene, both heavy influences of DELIVERANCE founder and leader Jimmy Brown. Again, you have not heard this album until you have heard this completely re-mastered and expanded edition.

This is a truly special edition of Stay Of Execution as the additional bonus track we have captured here for this release was just recorded in 2014 especially for this reissue and it sounds amazing. Recently Jimmy Brown and George Ochoa (DELIVERANCE, VENGENACE RISING, WORLDVIEW) would reunite for a very special radio show called Frontline Rewind, ( which features interviews and music from many of the classic artists that were signed to Frontline Records and Intense Records. This reunion would spark the guys to want to work together again for the first time in over 20 years! As a result, we got a brand new recording of the classic track “What A Joke” completely redone and sounding amazing, additionally the guys have just scheduled a special appearance at this year’s Skullfest in Nebraska this October (

Also included are two more previously unreleased tracks that have never been appeared on a DELIVERANCE album: We also will be including the 25th Anniversary recordings of the classic tracks “Flesh And Blood” and “In U” both featuring Michael Phillips (DELIVERANCE, THE SACRIFICED, JOIN THE DEAD) on guitar.

There you have it: Two classic reissues coming November 11, 2014 from Roxx Records. Pre-orders are up now and the first 100 of each title will come with a very special limited edition promotional photo taken from the specific era of each of these classic band line ups. This special print will be signed by many of the artists that attributed to these classic releases. So get in on the pre order early and get one or both of these classic promotional photos to add to your personal collection before they are gone!

Roxx Productions online:

Metatrone promo pic

METATRONE signs with Rockshots Music Management:
Press Release / Rockshots are pleased to announce the signing of the Catania, Italy based Christian metal band METATRONE.  With its name standing for “God is since now and forever”, METATRONE is one of the most talented and skilled bands in the Christian metal scene. They play a powerful form of power/progressive metal deeply inspired by a Christian Catholic worldview.  The group has released two full-length albums, The Powerful Hands (2007, Scarlet), and Paradigma (2010, TRP) to rave reviews from critics and fans alike.

Jo Lombardo (vocals),  Stefano “Ghigas” Calvagno (guitars), Davide Bruno (keybords), Dino Fiorenza (bass) and Salvo “T-Metal” Grasso (drums) are currently in the studio putting final touches to the third album due to release in 2015.

The group initially came together in 1997 under the moniker METAFORA and released on Track Record Productions a four song EP entitled Reazioni e Memorie.  Later changing its name to METATRONE, the group released its full-length debut La Mano Potente in 2005 (also on TRP), which was followed in 2007 by the English version The Powerful Hand, receiving distribution by Scarlet Records in Europe and King Records in Asia.  After its release, METATRONE began to play live in Italy and at festivals such as Elements of Rock, Tumbalong Park and World Youth Day in Australia just to name a few.

The material forming the third METATRONE album Paradigma (released December 25, 2010 on TRP) reflected a progressive metal influence.  The album featured songs in English, Italian, Latin and Spanish while interspersed with occasional growled vocals.  Reviews were favorable from the likes of Metal Hammer, Metal Maniac and others.  A video of the Paradigma track “In Spe Resurrectionis” followed in May of 2012.

METATRONE line-up:

Jo Lombardo - Led Vocals
Stefano “Ghigas” Calvagno - Guitars
Davide Bruno - Keyboards
Dino Fiorenza - Bass
Salvo “T-Metal” Grasso - Drums

Rockshots Music Management online:



* HALCYON WAY, “Home” lyric video:

* STRYPER update from vocalist Michael Sweet (Christian Metal Realm - September 14, 2014): “We're writing the new album now and we will start recording in late January.  Should be released 4th quarter of 2015.  It will be even better than NMHTP (at least we will strive to accomplish this) and there will be more to come.  Exciting times ahead and maybe even some surprises…”

* VENI DOMINE calls it quits (as announced by guitarist Torbjörn Weinesjö on September 20, 2014 at the Christian Metal Realm): “With a heavy heart we bring you the news that we decided to put the band to sleep, it is no longer.  27 years that holds and keeps the full spectra of every emotion imaginable, not without sadness we left the table with the decision unthinkable but yet inevitable.  Time caught up with us and at the end of the day we found that trying keeping a band at a high level with all including parts is a task too time consuming to handle. On the horizon we saw it coming. Even though we steered clear of the horizon on many occasions the horizon moved closer, faster than expected this time.  We left the table with a sense of mutual respect; the brotherhood and friendship will live on.

“Being labeled a Christian band we fought the preconceptions on many fronts and we feel fortunate to have gained friends all over the world, including all kinds of different world views excluding no one.  Our love and respect to all our friends who stood by us during the years, our families who took the downside of the business, all of you who bought the music, responded and communicated back to us, we shared this journey that ends today.

“We leave with the legacy of seven albums.  There’s a lot to say about that but one must not linger in the past, tomorrow must not be bound by yesterdays, life will move on.  The future holds no promises other than that all is possible. Branching out from here, The Redstone Project, Grand Stand and Nubian Rose, keep track of those and we will meet again."


Update: September 7, 2014


The Brave promo pic

New THE BRAVE interview online:
In a recent online interview with Untombed, THE BRAVE members Amada Z (vocals), Stayce Roberts (guitars) and Johnny Z (drums) discus the bands new album, Rise, and the reason it reformed following a 20-year hiatus:

This is an exciting time for the band and a lot people are pretty amped up about your new Album “Rise”. I’d love for you to tell our readers what prompted The Brave to return to the scene at this time after 20 years.
-Stayce: Well, it was after Randy (Roberts – former Brave vocalist) had passed away in 2007; we had decided to put on a concert in tribute to him, in our hometown. It was Freddy, Johnny, Steve Irwin, and me on the roster and originally, I was going to sing everything, because our voices are pretty similar being brothers.. However, it was an extremely difficult time for me, and after more consideration, we really still wanted a dedicated lead singer. Out of everyone we knew, Amanda was the obvious choice. She knew Randy, she was a fan of The Brave, and frankly, she was the only one we thought could actually pull it off. We’d been talking about doing a record ever since. It was just a matter of time and resources after that.

Read full interview: HERE


HARMONY reveals line-up for new album:
Press Release / The Swedish melodic metal band HARMONY have uploaded a video to YouTube that reveals the line-up for their new album, which will be released later this year through Ulterium Records.

More information regarding the album to be announced during the coming month.

HARMONY released their debut album Dreaming Awake via Massacre Records in 2003.  In addition to founding members guitarist Markus Sigfridsson (DARKWATER, 7 DAYS) and drummer Tobias Enbert (DARKWATER, EMPIRE 21), the original HARMONY line-up also featured vocalist Henrik Båth and keyboardist Magnus Holmberg (both DARKWATER) and bassist Andreas Passmark (ROYAL HUNT, WORK OF ART, W.E.T., NARNIA).

Follow-up album Chapter II: The Aftermath was released in 2008 through Ulterium Records. Kristoffer Gildenlöw (ex. PAIN OF SALVATION) performed all bass on the album, while Daniel Heiman (ex. LOST HORIZON) contributed guest vocals to the track "Inner Peace".

Ulterium Records online:

HARMONY online:

Sign Of Jonah - Sacrifice

SIGN OF JONAH release debut album, Sacrifice:
Press Release / SIGN OF JONAH are a Wichita, Kansas based power trio with a classic rock vibe, inspiring message, clear vocals and killer lead guitar!  The group independently released its full-length debut, Sacrifice, on August 25, 2014.

Gary Heitz fronts SIGN OF JONAH in addition to handling lead guitar, majority of the songwriting and engineering duties. Joining Heitz on rhythm guitar is Scott Miller.  Better known for his PILGRIMSPROG project, a concept album based upon the classic book Pilgrim’s Progress, Miller also contributes lead vocals to the track “Idea” while co-writing several of the albums songs.  Drummer Mike Smith rounds out the SIGN OF JONAH roster with a heavy hitting double bass style that lends a heavier edge to the bands sound.

Sacrifice track listing:

1. “Sacrifice”
2. “Refine My Heart”
3. “Satisfied”
4. “The Gift”
5. “You’re The Rock”
6. “Right To Life”
7, “Every Day”
8. “You Gave”
9. “All That Remains”
10. “New Man”
11. “Idea”
12. “In My Heart”



*PROYECTO ASLAN is a new symphonic power metal band from Argentina:

*New album video update from TERAMAZE vocalist Nathan Peachey:

*”Creation Song”, second single off the forthcoming EP from M.A.P., From Where We Are, To Where We Will Be:

M.A.P. represents the first letter in the last name of members Rick Mals (bass & drum composer), Tim Amos (vocals) and Rob Perez (guitars & keyboards).


Update: September 1, 2014


Deliverance promo pic

DELIVERANCE to perform at Skull Fest:
Press Release / You said you wanted a little 80's thrash, so that's what you get!  Skull Fest is EXTREMELY excited to announce a new, one-of-a-kind addition to our already amazing line-up of bands! This band will NOT be performing anywhere in 2014 except for Skull Fest 2 in October! The lead singer and guitar player haven't stood side-by-side on stage in nearly 20 years, yet their output from the 1980's stands up as some of the best speed/thrash metal of the era, and is still highly regarded today. Skull Fest is STOKED to announce the addition of the legendary DELIVERANCE to our Saturday night line-up! To make this even bigger, Jimmy P. Brown II (lead vocals & guitars) and George Rene Ochoa (lead guitars) will be joined on-stage by TOURNIQUET bass player Victor Macias, and THE CRUCIFIED's drummer, Jim Chaffin, creating a truly legendary line-up that is guaranteed to blow you away!

Be sure to get your tickets IMMEDIATELY, because Saturday is going to sell out quickly now! Additionally, we have JUST added an EXTREMELY LIMITED number of special Saturday DELIVERANCE VIP packages for just $75, which includes a limited edition, 2-CD DELIVERANCE album Temporary Insanity - A Salute To Deliverance album that you can get signed by the band at Skull Fest!  And welcome my friends from DELIVERANCE to the show!

Ticket information:

In other DELIVERANCE news, the group recently provided an update in regards to its recently announced acoustic shows (Facebook - August 11, 2014): “We want to give a big thank you out there to all of those that have responded on the previously announced acoustic shows between Jimmy and George! Unfortunately, we just can't seem to get this off the ground right now in the time frame we needed to make it work!

“We could not secure enough committed responses and unfortunately to do this means we would have to take time off from work, time away from family and travel expenses. So without being able to secure some formal commitments it is just not feasible to do at this time, we sincerely apologize for that.

“Not to worry, Jimmy and George are still working together on some new ideas as we take this back to the drawing board! We are thinking of doing some bigger and better things to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Weapons Of Our Warfare in 2015 in lieu of the unplugged tour. So stay tuned as you definitely haven't heard the last from us yet!

“Also be on the lookout for a couple of very special acoustic tracks to grace the re-mastered reissue of Stay Of Execution Roxx Records has planned to release this Fall! And be sure to pick up one of the Limited Edition vinyl reissues of ‘Weapons’ before those are all gone!”

Roxx Productions online:


Snaketown Syndicate - Die Sin Die

SNAKETOWN SYNDICATE release full-length debut, Die Sin Die:
Press Release / Phoenix, Arizona hard rockers SNAKETOWN SYNDICATE released their debut album Die Sin Die on August 7, 2014 via Stone Groove Records.  Album art was illustrated by label owner Randy Michaud, who is also founder of the ambient doom project TROGLODYTE DAWN and previous front man of the melodic metal band TYKKÜS.

SNAKETOWN SYNDICATE consists of bassist and vocalist David Mastel (previously of LETTER 7, TYKKÜS & BLINDSEVEN) and guitarist Rock Huddleston. 

Michaud describes SNAKETOWN SYNDICATE "as hard rock with upfront Christian lyrics and a vibe that is similar to ALICE IN CHAINS in places.”

“Wickedly Evil” is the first single from the album:

Die Sin Die track listing:

1. “I Need You”
2. “Rooster Crows”
3. “Die Sin Die”
4. “Wickedly Evil”
5. “Listen”
6. “Something To Live For”
7. “Sympathia”
8. “Eternity”
9. “Where Are You?”
10. “Lullaby”

Stone Groove Records online:



* Christian Metal Distro is a new online retailer:

* Stone Groove Records released a single featuring live and studio versions of the classic TYKKÜS track “Warfare”:


Update: August 24, 2014


Halcyon Way - Conquer

HALCYON WAY reveal Conquer release date & track listing:
Press Release / Award Winning Atlanta, Georgia progressive metallers HALCYON WAY have confirmed an August 19th North American release date and an August 23rd European release date for their new album Conquer. The album will be released on Nightmare Records in North America and via Massacre Records in Europe.

Singer Steve Braun commented on the new album: "We are super stoked about how this entire album has come out, from music down to the artwork. Once again, our good friend Travis Smith has taken our basic artwork concept and made it into a masterpiece. The artwork visually shows the struggles we as a band have faced and how it could have destroyed us, yet at the same time shows how we've emerged from the rubble as a solid unit ready to conquer ANY obstacle in our way. For us we raised the bar with Building the Towers back in 2010, and with the new album Conquer we've surpassed our wildest dreams."

HALCYON WAY was founded in 2001 and released its successful debut album A Manifesto For Domination in 2008 (via Nightmare Records).  The group’s sophomore effort Building The Towers came out in 2010 (also on Nightmare).

HALCYON WAY's sound cannot be neatly slotted into any sub-category of metal; but it can be described as heavy, catchy, technical, and above all, focused on mature song craft. The band draws influences & inspiration from many metal bands from MEGADETH to DREAM THEATER, TESTAMENT or CHIMAIRA.  The focus of the songwriting is on catchy hooks, vocal harmonies à la KING’S X or STRYPER and on heavy, technical, but ultimately accessible instrumentation.

Conquer track listing:

1. “Conquer”
2. “Web Of Lies”
3. “Conceived In Torment”
4. “Home”
5. “World Comes Undone”
6. “Militant”
7. “Hatred Is My Cause”
8. “The Poisoned Apple”
9. “Save Your Tears”
10. “Every Second Counts” (USA bonus track)
11. “King Of Ruin”
12. “Eviscerate The Morning Sun”

Angelic Warlord interview with HALCYON WAY guitarist Jon Bodan:

Nightmare Records online:

HALCYON WAY online: &

SOUND OF ETERNITY - “Broken Heart” video premiere:
Press Release / “Broken Heart”, the new video from San Pedro Sula, Honduras based melodic hard rockers SOUND OF ETERNITY, can be seen above.  The song is taken from the group’s full-length debut Visions & Dreams, which was released June 16, 2014 via Melodic Rock Records.

Gerson Sagastume produced and directed the video.

Guitarist Jean Funes and vocalist Beatriz Aranda formed SOUND OF ETERNITY in 2013 after releasing two Spanish albums as part of CODIGO ETERNO, Codigo Eterno (2008) and Canten La Tierra Y El Cielo (2011).  Drummer Rui Prado rounds out the bands line-up.

SOUND OF ETERNITY describes itself as “a female fronted melodic rock band with a modern twist (and) powerful Christian message”.  The groups influences range from STRYPER, HB, HARMONY and NARNIA to SKILLET and FIREFLIGHT.

Visions & Dreams was mixed and mastered by Erik Martensson (W.E.T., ECLIPSE, Jimi Jamison), who also contributes bass and keyboards to the album.  Andreas Passmark (NARNIA, Rob Rock, WORK OF ART) provides additional bass guitar.  Carl Andre Beckston (MONOWASP) handled cover artwork and Nello Dell'Omo the booklet design.

The track “Call To Action” is available for streaming at:

Visions & Dreams track listing:

1. “Visions & Dreams”
2. “Call To Action”
3. “Running To You”
4. “Broken Heart”
5. “Reason To Live”
6. “Alpha & Omega”
7. “My Saviour”
8. “Eternal Love”
9. “Forever”
10. “Universe”


True Strength - Steel Evangelist

TRUE STRENGTH at work on sophomore release, Steel Evangelist:
Press Release / Christian heavy metal band TRUE STRENGTH is pleased to announce that they have started recording their second independent studio album entitled Steel Evangelist.  The group is planning a mid-2015 release. 

Josh Cirbo at Josh Cirbo Studio is recording the album, while Ryan Mey will handle mastering.

TRUE STRENGTH has maintained the same line-up that appeared on its 2014 debut The Cross Will Always Prevail.  Also similar to the debut, the band plans to donate all proceeds from Steel Evangelist to charity.

Steel Evangelist track listing:

1. “No Cheek Left to Turn”
2. “Steel Evangelist”
3. “Cilician Gates”
4. “Gabriel The Archangel”
5. “Woe To The Sons Of Ishmael”
6. “Blood Waters The Cedars Of Lebanon”
7. “Jerusalem Of The East”
8. “Beyond The Barbed Wire”
9. “The War We Fight”


Rus Gib - Lead Vocals
Ryan “The Archangel” Darnell - Guitars & Bass
Josh Cirbo - Guitars
Chris Clark - Drums

In other TRUE STRENGTH news, the CD version of The Cross Will Always Prevail should be released in limited quantities in September.  The album has been available digitally since June of this year from iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and other digital music retailers. Stay tuned to the band's Facebook page for all updates regarding the CD release. 



* Samples to the new THE BRAVE album Rise:

* E-mail update from MESSENGER: “MESSENGER is grasping shield & sword and getting into the battle. Armed with a new line up & writing new songs, they have been playing new shows since Spring 2014 (check out the schedule they've been playing!). They are promising an elevated show and soon a new CD. More show dates will be added when available.

MESSENGER line-up:

Frank Clifton Herring - Lead Vocals, Second Guitar & Keyboards
Vlad Gurin - Lead Guitar
Mike Zahorchak - New Drummer
Rich Sandoval - Bass Guitar

MESSENGER online: &

* New album on the way from SIGNUM REGIS (Facebook - July 24, 2014): It's been a couple of days, so here is a little update for you, our friends.  Drums and bass are recorded for 3 songs, rhythm guitars for 2 and a half song (there's a surprise regarding this!!), this weekend, we will do some guitar re-amping and record first vocal tracks. Next week, Ronnie (König - bass) is getting his first, brand new signature bass by Sivčák Guitars, which will be used for the recording. More info soon!”


Update: August 17, 2014


Atkins May Project - Empire Of Destruction

ATKINS MAY PROJECT unveils Empire Of Destruction artwork & track listing:
Press Release / Al Atkins is best known for forming UK’s JUDAS PRIEST and fronting them for four years, and laying down the foundations that would see them eventually selling 40 million albums worldwide.  He also wrote songs for them that went gold like “Dreamer Deceiver”, “Never Satisfied”, “Winter”, “Caviar and Meths”, and PRIEST’s all time classic “Victim of Changes”.  Al’s unique powerful vocal style sites influences by noted rock singers Roger Daltrey, Paul Rodgers and longtime friend Robert Plant.  Al has done countless radio and TV interviews worldwide and recently was filmed for BBC TV British Heritage and Banger Films Canada for the metal evolution series on VH1.  He has even written a book on his musical life about growing up in Birmingham, UK, alongside Robert Plant and Black Sabbath, called Dawn of the Metal Gods.  Al has released 6 solo albums to date, toured the US twice, and has worked with Brian Tatler (DIAMOND HEAD), Dave Holland (JUDAS PRIEST), Dennis Stratton (IRON MAIDEN) and Bernie Torme (Ozzy/Gillan).  Al recently released a new self-titled album with his offshoot band HOLY RAGE and has now teamed up with brilliant Christian writer/guitarist Paul May and recorded two albums, Serpent’s Kiss (released in 2011) and Valley Of Shadows (2012), which Al says are the best recordings to date!

Paul May is another kettle of fish.  Some people learn to play guitar, Paul was born (again) to play guitar!  Paul has become respected for his passionate, soulful guitar work and noted for his explosive and exciting solos.  As a world-class professional guitarist and songwriter, Paul has played and recorded sessions across the globe, touring and playing throughout the UK, Europe, USA and the Eastern block.  Paul appears on around 50 albums to date, featured in both the secular and Christian arenas.  Paul is also a record producer and has covered the entire spectrum of musical tastes in production.  Paul has played, recorded with and produced alongside the bands and members of: Al Atkins (JUDAS PRIEST), Dave Holland (JUDAS PRIEST), Roy Wood (MOVE, ELO, WIZARD), Jon Brooks (THE CHARLATANS), SMOKIN RODIE/TEMPEST, MC5, V-RATS, JANUS, A.N.D, Dave Rowley Band, Larry Norman and many others. Along with working with Al Atkins, Paul currently plays guitar with A.N.D and TEMPLE DOGS.

They teamed up about four years ago, and Empire Of Destruction is their third album, which takes them into slightly more progressive territory than the first two, whilst maintaining their normal high standards.  A free bonus DVD comes with the album, which is scheduled for release on September 29, 2014.

Empire Of Destruction track listing:

1. “Dog Eat Dog”
2. “Whisper To The Wind”
3. “A World at War”
4. “The Midas Touch”
5. “Here Comes The Rain”
6. “Darkness Within”
7. “Reckless Child”
8. “Paranoia”

DVD track listing:

1. “Welcome To The Nightmare”
2. “Fight”
3. “The Shallowing” (unplugged)
4. “The Darkness Within”
5. “Enslaved to Love”
6. “Interview with Paul May and Al Atkins”

Empire Of Destruction can be pre-ordered at:


PROMISE LAND - “Hiding Place” lyric video released:
Press Release / “Hiding Place”, the official lyric video from Western Pennsylvania symphonic metal act PROMISE LAND, can be viewed above.  The song is taken off the group’s full-length debut Harmony In Ruins, which was released via XNilo Records on August 5, 2014.

“Hiding Place” is a song based on the true story of Corrie Ten-Boom, a modern-day ‘hero of the faith’.  The story takes place during WWII when Nazi Germany was on their way to conquering much of Europe.  During this time, Corrie Ten-Boom and her family became key players in hiding many refugees and saving many Jews from imprisonment and death. The ten-Boom’s built a secret room to avoid being caught during house-raids.  The secret room was built in Corrie’s bedroom as a result of her room’s location in the house, allowing more time for the refugees to hide.

The ten-Boom family was eventually arrested and Corrie and Betsie(her sister) were sent to the notorious Ravensbrück concentration camp in Germany on December 16, 1944, where Betsie died.  Before she died she told Corrie, “There is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still.”  Corrie was released on New Year’s Eve of December 1944.  In the movie The Hiding Place, Corrie narrates the section on her release from camp, saying that she later learned that her release had been a clerical error.  The women prisoners within her age were killed the week following her release.  She said, “God does not have problems. Only plans.”

After the war, Corrie began her ministry, at first helping the survivors of the war and later traveling around the world as a speaker focusing her message on the Gospel and much emphasis on forgiveness.  She later shares in her book Tramp For The Lord that in 1947 the Lord sent her back to Germany to share His message.  During her speaking engagement, one of the guards from Ravensbrück concentration camp, who had been so brutal to the prisoners, came to her now in need of her help.  She admits that she could not find forgiveness for him, so she turned to God pleading for His help and love for this man.  God answered her prayers and in her own words: “For a long moment we grasped each others hands, the former guard and the former prisoner. I had never known God’s love so intensely as I did then.”

She also wrote (in the same passage): “In her post-war experience with other victims of Nazi brutality, it was those who were able to forgive who were best able to rebuild their lives.”

To learn more about Corrie Ten-Boom and her family, please visit the Corrie ten boom foundation:

PROMISE LAND online: &

Supernal Endgame - Touch The Sky: Volume II

SUPERNAL ENDGAME - Touch The Sky: Volume II details revealed:
Press Release / Hailing from Dallas, Texas, SUPERNAL ENDGAME specializes in melodic symphonic progressive rock combined with elements of hook-filled power-pop and classic hard rock, with a touch of ambient music and Celtic folk.  Lyrically, the project is infused with a strong spiritual element. 

On their second full-length release, Touch the Sky: Volume II, the band consists of Rob Price (lead and backing vocals, drums, percussion, loops, and keys), John Eargle (electric, acoustic, and synthesized guitars, keyboards, loops, bass, mandolin, secondary lead and backing vocals), Tom More (bass guitar, keys, midi pedals, backing vocals), Jett Cheek (keyboards, backing vocals), and John Crafton (electric, acoustic, and classical guitars, backing vocals). 

The band is joined on Touch the Sky: Volume II by special guests Dave Bainbridge from the band IONA and Carl Baldasarre from the band SYZYGY on lead guitar. 

Touch The Sky: Volume II will be released on September 16, 2014.

“Blending their diverse technical skills with an abundance of strong melodies and compositional hooks, Supernal Endgame steers the listener through arrangements as smooth as a gentle stream or as breathtaking and expansive as a rushing waterfall.”
- Craig Hartranft – Dangerdog Music Reviews (on Touch the
Sky Volume I)

Touch The Sky: Volume II track listing:

1. “Supernal One (Imminence and Transcendence)”
2. “Different Stage”
3. “Again and Again”
4. “Eden's Song”
5. “S.O.S (Save Me)”
6. “Immutable”
7. “White Flag”
8. “Swim In Your Ocean”
9. “Orwelled”
10. “The Endgame”



* New SAINT album, Broad Is The Gate, update (Facebook - July 18, 2014): “New album in August, no set date.  Jared (Knowland – drummer) says he's almost home done.  Dakin says he's 80% on the cover art- should be no problem getting that done. As soon as I send the masters in we'll start taking pre orders.”

* A 95-second audio sample of the song “Divine” from SWEET/LYNCH - the new band featuring guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet of Christian hard rockers STRYPER and legendary guitarist George Lynch (T&N, DOKKEN, LYNCH MOB) - can be streamed at:


Update: August 3, 2014


Derek Close - The Beta Sessions
Everything about The Beta Sessions, the March of 2014 sophomore album of bassist and guitarist Derek Close, screams straightforward hard rock.  Read Full Review >>

GUARDIAN - Almost Home
There are two constants in the lineage of Christian rock veterans Guardian: Whatever new album Guardian releases will more than likely differ noticeably from its immediate predecessor, and long-term fans and critics are going to bemoan that said album fails to be a throwback to the groups early nineties releases.  Read Full Review >>

The GX Project summer of 2014 sophomore album Sinner in quotes from Southern California based founding member and vocalist Rex Scott:  “This is the most true rock ‘n’ roll album I've ever done.  It's rock ‘n’ roll from beginning to end and I love it.  I've done metal, hard rock and pop rock but this is real rock ‘n’ roll”.  Read Full Review >>

HYPNOGOG - Syndrig Tymes
If the expression “broke the mold” comes to mind on first listen to Syndrig Times, the spring of 2014 full-length debut of Dan Lively’s HypnoGog project, it wouldn’t be an accident on part of the artist.  Read Full Review >>

PILGRIMSPROG - Pilgrimsprog
By every reasonable definition, Pilgrimsprog, the 2010 full-length debut of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Scott Miller’s Pilgrimsprog project, is a progressive concept album.  Read Full Review >>

PROMISE LAND - Harmony In Ruins
The constant with Promise Land is musical direction, which falls under the classically influenced symphonic metal heading.  The group, in its own words, performs “orchestral cinematic metal” that is “modern, heavy, melodic, aggressive and orchestral/cinematic” at the same time.  Read Full Review >>

RAZORIGAMI - Truths From Beyond The Machine
Truths From Beyond The Machine takes vocalist Luke Richard Weber’s Razorigami project to new levels in both songwriting and musicianship.  Read Full Review >>

TRUE STRENGTH - The Cross Will Always Prevail
True Strength leaves little doubt as to its ability to diversify.  I find placing a sub-genre label on the group, as a result, problematic; rather, a catchall power metal designation seems most applicable and accurate.  Read Full Review >>


PROJECT AEGIS - “Collide & Spark” full track posted online:
Press Release / Ulterium Records is proud to announce the release of "Collide & Spark", an all-star charity track for sale with 100% of the income going to The Bridge Bunch, an organization dedicated to serving the homeless population of Nashville, TN, in the United States.

The song, which is almost seven minutes in length, is being released under the banner PROJECT AEGIS, and was composed by THEOCRACY vocalist and songwriter Matt Smith.  It features vocals by Nils K. Rue (PAGAN’S MIND), Henrik Båth (DARKWATER), Elin Redin (END OF SEPTEMBER) and Smith, as well as a guitar solo by Markus Sigfridsson (DARKWATER, HARMONY).

The artwork was created by Felipe Machado Franco (BLIND GUARDIAN, RHAPSODY OF FIRE) and designed by Markus Sigfridsson.

"Collide & Spark" can be purchased at the following online outlets:

Amazon mp3:

Neal Morse - Songs From November

New Neal Morse solo album, Songs From November:
Press Release / Much to the excitement of progressive rock fans worldwide, Neal Morse will be releasing his eagerly anticipated new solo album Songs From November on Aug. 19, 2014! Even a style as broad and accepting as progressive rock has its boundaries. Prog icon Neal Morse decided to break that mold and create a challenging new album. Songs From November may be his bravest outing to date. Musically, creatively, and production-wise, it’s like nothing he’s ever done. Can you handle it?! It’s an album of “normal” songs!

Says Neal, “I listen to a lot of different kinds of music for various occasions… prog albums when I really want to focus on intricate music… sometimes jazz and classical. But many times I find myself attracted to 'feel good' singer-songwriter albums like a Jackson Browne or Graham Nash record. So one day I thought to myself… I'd like to make an album like that! Songs From November is that album.”

Morse wrote most of the songs during a flood of ideas in November, 2013. He recalls, “They just kept pouring out that month…I don't really know why…but it was great!” After the epic Transatlantic world tour was completed in March 2014, Morse set out to make 'November' a reality. And he would craft it differently than anything before.

Says Neal, “I could've gotten together with a bunch of studio musicians in Nashville and banged this thing out, but I felt like the thing to do was to get together with this young drummer named Gabe Klein and work on it as a team. He is only 18 years old and amazing! We had a great time recording these songs and many more. We actually recorded twice as many songs as we needed and picked the best ones. It was the first time I've ever done that and it was very fruitful. I sent out 21 songs to a bunch of different people that I trust and chose from their lists. So that was also a totally new approach for me.”

The final 11 songs are among the best that Neal has ever composed – and the most surprising you will hear. In reinventing himself, he was ready to explore uncharted territory. Are you?

Songs From November is produced by Neal Morse and engineered and mastered by Rich Mouser.

Songs From November track listing:

1. “Whatever Days”
2. “Heaven Smiled”
3. “Flowers In A Vase”
4. “Love Shot An Arrow”
5. “Song For The Free”
6. “Tell Me Annabelle”
7. “My Time Of Dying”
8. “When Things Slow Down”
9. “Daddy’s Daughter”
10. “Wear The Chains”
11. “The Way Of Love”

Neal Morse online: &

Proto-Kaw - Before Became After

PROTO KAW - Before Became After new version:
As noted by guitarist & keyboardist Kerry Livgren at

"This recording has been partially re-recorded, re-mixed, and re-mastered.  Why?  Although there was certainly nothing overtly “wrong” with it, the original recording process became a bit rushed in the mix down (they always do!)  The more I listened to it, the more I believed (the album) needed to be re-mixed, and some of the tracks re-recorded.  I'm glad I did.

"Conceptually, I sought to recreate this album with the band members who toured it in the United States and Europe. During those tours, we became very well adapted to each other as musicians and became good friends. We hope you enjoy this new version of Before Became After."


The re-recording of the album involved three different procedures. First, entirely new tracks were recorded or overdubbed over some of the originals.  The second category would be the “re-amping”of the original tracks. (for instance, running an original guitar track through a different amplifier, such as the Kemper Profiling Amp.)  The third is editing. Every track and sound was listened to meticulously and edited if necessary.

1. The Drums: All sampled drums have been removed, and the drum tracks on every song were re-recorded, with Mike Patrum using acoustic drums only.  Original drummer Brad Schulz lives in Idaho (we're in Kansas), and was unable to participate fully, so Mike became the PROTO-KAW touring drummer and has been on every project since.

2. Keyboard Tracks: The sampled organ was removed and re-recorded using microphones and a real Leslie. Many of the existing keyboard sounds were redone with improved patches, plus there are numerous new overdubs.

3. Orchestral Tracks: Most of the tracks, (90%) were redone with updated and improved instruments and samples.

4. Woodwind and Brass tracks: Little was done to John's (Bolton) sax and flute, apart from some minor editing and EQ. There are, however, new brass overdubs.

5. Guitar Tracks: Every original track was run through the Kemper, and there are many licks and phrases that are newly recorded.

6. Vocal Tracks: Lynn's (Meredith) vocals were edited and eq'ed, but otherwise remained the same. The biggest change was added background vocals by Jake Livgren, which are not on the original recording.

7. Percussion Tracks: Redone with improved patches and samples, plus there are new overdubs recorded by Jake.

8. Bass Tracks: All of the tracks are from the original, except “Axolotl” and a portion of “Leaven”, which was re-recorded by Craig Kew.  Craig joined the band from the outset, replacing original bassist Rod Mikinski.

The PROTO-KAW sophomore album Before Became After was originally released on Inside Out Music in 2004.  PROTO-KAW debuted in 2002 on Cuniform Records with Early Recordings From Kansas, a compilation of demo tapes recorded by an earlier version of KANSAS (a.k.a. KANSAS II) between 1971 and 1973.  The third and most well known version of KANSAS went on to commercial success with hit songs such as “Dust In The Wind” and “Carry On Wayward Son”.  Hence, note how “proto” refers to first, while “kaw” is the Native American name for Kansas (PROTO-KAW).

The Angelic Warlord review (90%) noted the following about Before Became After: “With Livgren being the bands primary songwriter, it is only natural to expect Proto-Kaw to reflect a Kansas-element in its sound.  Consequently, if you enjoy Kansas, particularly its earlier material, then you are going to love Before Became After.  But Proto-Kaw, on the other hand, is very much its own band with its own unique and distinct sound.  Yes, the music here is VERY progressive but that would only be telling part of the story.  The use of a saxophone and flute, for example, helps to give the album a jazz-rock fusion feel while other moments are outright epic and orchestral in their capacity or even lean towards a classic rock direction.  A "jam band" influence can also be found in several sweeping instrumental passages showcasing the abundant confidence Proto-Kaw displays in its instrumental sound.”

Before Became After track listing:

1. "Alt. More Worlds Than Known"
2. "Words Of Honor"
3. "Leaven"
4. "Axolotl"
5. "Quantum Leapfrog"
6. "Greenburg, Glickstein, Charles, Davis, Smith and Jones"
7. "Gloriana"
8. "Occasion Of Your Honest Dreaming"
9. "Heavenly Man"
10. "Theophany"


* Online interview with GX PROJECT vocalist Rex Scott:

* In studio clip from Rewind 36, which features Jimmy Brown (DELIVERANCE) and George Ochoa (WORLDVIEW) performing an acoustic version of the track “23”:
“23” appeared on the 1990 DELIVERANCE sophomore album Weapons Of Our Warfare, which was recently re-issued on blue vinyl by Roxx Productions.


Update: July 27, 2014


STILL promo pic

STILL featuring Michael Sweet, George Lynch: first audio snippet:
Courtesy of

Press Release / A 58-second audio snippet of the song "Time Will Tell" from STILL - the new band featuring guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet of Christian hard rockers STRYPER, legendary guitarist George Lynch (T&N, DOKKEN, LYNCH MOB), bassist James Lomenzo (MEGADETH, WHITE LION, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY) and Brian Tichy (S.U.N., WHITESNAKE) - can be streamed at the link provided below.

STILL's debut album will be released in early 2015 via Frontiers. The band's first lyric video for the song "September" - a tribute to the victims of the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York - will be made available on September 11.

Sweet told Guitar International about STILL: "It was the brainchild of Serafino Perugino at Frontiers Records. He asked me to basically sing on this record and then I suggested producing it. I co-wrote the songs with George. I called Brian Tichy and James Lomenzo to put the band together. It's an incredible combination of classic '70s and '80s. You will hear some flavors of JOURNEY, BAD COMPANY, DOKKEN, VAN HALEN and STRYPER."

He added: "I love this CD. I'm super excited for people to hear this CD. I'm so proud of it.

"James and Brian are amazing musicians. They tore it up. The drums and bass are just as impressive as the guitars. Everybody really delivered… The musicianship level on this is top notch. It sounds as if we were all in the stuff playing together and we were not. Basically, George wrote some riffs about a minute to a minute and a half long. I wrote lyrics and melodies then arranged them. I cut and pasted them together in the studio. Then Brian and James came out and tracked the drums and bass, as well as some rhythm stuff. We then sent it to George to add the guitars."

Asked if there will be any live dates in support of the album, Sweet said: "We are one million percent sure there will be a tour."

Audio sample of “Time Will Tell” by STILL can be streamed: HERE

Stryper - Live At The Whiskey promo pic

STRYPER - Live At The Whiskey details revealed:
Courtesy of

Press Release / Christian hard rockers STRYPER will release a concert CD/DVD combination called Live At The Whisky on September 23 via Frontiers. The live recording captures a sold-out show last November at the legendary Whisky a Go Go in West Hollywood, California. The 16-track collection documents the band's first show in support of its latest, critically acclaimed release, No More Hell To Pay. From the show opener "Legacy" to the final notes of show finale "Soldiers Under Command", Live At The Whisky documents STRYPER's rich musical legacy that spans over 30 years. The original lineup comprised of Michael Sweet (vocals/guitars), Robert Sweet (drums), Oz Fox (guitars) and Tim Gaines (bass) showcase the musicianship and songs that garnered the band a huge fan base in the mainstream world and the Christian market.

Live At The Whisky was produced by Michael Sweet and is available for pre-order at Amazon.

"We've always wanted to record a live album that captures the rawness of the band and this is it!" says the band. "We couldn't be more thrilled then to have captured this at the infamous Whisky, where it all began for us. After 30 years, we're still proud to do what we do and hopefully it shows. This is an intimate performance, the way it should be."

The Live At The Whisky DVD contains the music videos for the songs "No More Hell To Pay" and "Sympathy", both of which are taken from No More Hell To Pay. It also features an interview segment the band recorded for Nashville All Access.

The concert will be broadcast on AXS.TV on September 28. Check local listings and providers for more information on the television debut of "Live At The Whisky" this fall.

Live At The Whisky track listing:

1. “Legacy”
2. “Marching Into Battle”
3. “You Know What To Do”
4. “Loud And Clear”
5. “Reach Out”
6. “Calling On You”
7. “Free”
8. “More Than A Man”
9. “The Rock That Makes Me Roll”
10. “No More Hell To Pay”
11. “Jesus Is Just Alright”
12. “Always There For You”
13. “All For One”
14. “The Way”
15. “To Hell With The Devil”
16. “Soldiers Under Command”

A trailer for the DVD can be seen below.

No More Hell To Pay sold around 9,600 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 35 on The Billboard 200 chart.

Second Coming, a collection of re-recorded versions of STRYPER's classic songs, opened with around 4,400 units back in April to land at No. 117.

STRYPER's covers album, 2011's The Covering, registered a first-week tally of around 4,600 copies to enter the chart at No. 175.

The band's previous collection of new material, 2009's Murder By Pride, premiered with 5,900 copies to debut at No. 73.

No More Hell To Pay was released on November 5, 2013 in North America via Frontiers Records. The effort was made available in two formats - standard CD and deluxe digipak featuring exclusive video content. Produced by STRYPER guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet himself, the set features some of STRYPER's strongest and heaviest material ever.

STRYPER online: &

Deliverance logo

DELIVERANCE announces live acoustic shows:
As taken from the groups Facebook page (July 19, 2014)

“Huge thanks to all the DELIVERANCE fans out there for the great response and support on the Frontline Rewind Podcast! Jimmy and George together again, oh what a feeling! After the show it felt so good working together again after all these years we’re talking about doing a handful of shows across the US ‘unplugged’ style! Yes we are working on a 45 minute to an hour set to celebrate the new vinyl release and the 24th anniversary of Weapons Of Our Warfare! The set will be completely stripped down, Jimmy and George on mostly acoustic guitars playing your favorite classic ‘D’ songs and telling you stories of the glory days of DELIVERANCE!

“We are looking at bringing this show to you anywhere and we want to see who all is interested! Churches, clubs, coffee houses or what about an intimate show in your living room? Yes we are looking at truly taking the show to the people! Message us (on Facebook) with your email contact info and tell us what you’re thinking and where you want us to play? If we get a good enough response we may get back out on the road again! Jimmy and George touring again for the first time in over 20 years!

“Lastly we had so much fun jamming that acoustic version of “23” we are going in to the studio to record a special version of it this coming weekend to be included as a bonus track on a re-mastered and expanded version of Stay Of Execution due out on Roxx Records this Fall!

“Well let’s hear from you guys! You want to see some ‘D’ out there!”

Stay Of Execution was the fourth DELIVERANCE studio album (released on Intense Records in 1992).

Frontline Rewind Episode 36 featured an in-studio appearance with DELIVERANCE members Jimmy P. Brown (lead vocals & guitars) and George Ochoa (lead guitar). Jimmy and George played (the song) “23” (originally off Weapons Of Our Warfare) for the first time in 24 years. George still claims to be “Joe Metal” and Jimmy talks about the time he met James Hetfield of Metallica before either of them were famous…

The session included humorous stories, live guitar and vocal performance, lots of laughs and reflections on the creation of historically influential album Weapons Of Our Warfare, originally released on Frontline Records in 1990. The show celebrates a vinyl collector’s edition of the album releasing August 12th by Roxx Productions.

Frontline Rewind Episode 36 is available for listening at:



* The Christian Metal Room is a good place to discuss Christian hard rock and heavy metal:

* Update from guitarist Paul May in regards to the next ATKINS MAY PROJECT album (Facebook - June 23, 2014):  “I am happy to say that the new ATKINS MAY PROJECT CD is now being mastered and will be complete this week. I'm extremely pleased with the result it's sounds cracking !!!!!  ALS (Al Atkins) vocals are great !! I'm really happy with the songs and the performances.  The album is to be titled Empire Of Destruction and the cover is once again done by the incredibly talented Rodney Matthews. I'll keep you informed as to the progress and release dates. Thanks for your patience but I hope you agree it was worth the wait.”

* “Icon” is a previously unreleased song from CROSSWIRE:

CROSSWIRE put out its full-length debut A World In Flame in 2010 prior to disbanding two years later.  Former CROSSWIRE member Noah Copeland is in a new group called NO LONGER SLAVES:

* “IMPELLITTERI to headline Korea (as reported by BraveWords - July 4, 2014): “Impellitteri will be Headlining the Busan International Rock Festival in Korea on Saturday August 9th, 2014. We will also do a special show at VHall on Sunday August 10th, 2014 for a limited number of fans. We are very excited to perform in Korea as it will be our first time in the country. Impellitteri will be playing songs from all of our records including " Answer to the Master", " Wicked Maiden", "Lost in the Rain", " Power of Love", "Rat Race", " Ball and Chain", "Garden of Eden", and many more! We are also told by the concert promoter that fans should come early as they are expecting approximately 15,000 to 20,000 people at the show.  It should be great evening of music!”

“ I’m In A Cage”, Neal Morse cover by THEOCRACY:

“I’m In A Cage” was included as a bonus track on the Japan release of the groups third album from 2011, As The World Bleeds.

* New MILLENNIAL REIGN single, “Millennial Reign”:

“Millennial Reign” is off the group’s upcoming album entitled The God Particle.


Update: July 20, 2014


Theocracy promo pic

THEOCRACY announce new drummer, Patrick Nickell:
Press Release / Georgia-based melodic metal band THEOCRACY is excited to announce the addition of drummer Patrick Nickell to the lineup. Patrick is originally from Nashville, TN, and brings 13 years of drumming experience to the band. His power and progressive metal background is a perfect fit for THEOCRACY, and the band is thrilled to see where this new musical union leads them.

THEOCRACY first met Patrick several years ago when he was a member of Nashville’s OBLIVION MYTH, and when the time came to begin searching for a new drummer, he was one of the first candidates they auditioned. It was immediately apparent to everyone that he was the perfect fit, both musically and personally. He has the skills to faithfully execute all of the older material, while bringing his own brand of power, finesse and flair.

To offer the fans a small glimpse of what he can do, the band recorded a “live in-studio” performance of the As the World Bleeds track "“Nailed",” which can be seen below. THEOCRACY’s first live performance with Patrick will be a private show for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in late August, followed by Midweek Mayhem at the prestigious ProgPower USA festival in Atlanta, GA, September 10.

THEOCRACY online: &

M.A.P. - From Where We Are, To Where We Will Be

M.A.P. to release concept album, From Where We Are, To Where We Will Be:

Bass & Drum Composer - Rick Mals
              Vocals & Lyrics - Tim Amos
              Guitars & Keys - Rob Perez

Press Release / Formed from the first letter of each members last name, M.A.P. also puts forth the musical concept of finding one's way to God and the path that is provided through Jesus Christ.

Knowing where you are in this life in relation to a Holy God must be dealt with by both believers and non-believers.  For the believer scripture paints the perfect path for God centered spiritual understanding and biblical wisdom to navigate this life.  For the non-believer, its usually left up to luck, fate, four leaf clovers, rabbit's feet or just simply thinking that being a good person will somehow make one's self worthy of what a holy and righteous God desires.

This 5-song concept EP titled From Where We Are, To Where We Will Be will be released in 2014.

Musically it will be creatively accessible.  Utilizing very rare amplifiers that date from 1952 to 1970, (an amp list will be highlighted in the digi-book) there will be a uniquely vintage heaviness to the sound without coming off as classic or cliche.  Rich vocal harmonies and a groove oriented rhythm section will provide an amazing foundation to showcase all of these great sounds.

Further details and first single, “Feel For You, Fell For You”, available at:

Black Fate promo pic

BLACK FATE signs with Ulterium Records:
Press Release / Ulterium Records are proud to announce the signing of the Greek melodic metal band BLACK FATE to the label. Their as-yet-untitled new album will be released during fall 2014 and more details will be announced soon.

Check out a short teaser for the up-coming album at:

Led by the incredible vocals from Vasilis Georgiou and the technical playing from guitarist Gus Drax, BLACK FATE will surely gain attention in the scene with their new album that could be described like a mix between KAMELOT, IRON MAIDEN, DREAM THEATER and CONCEPTION.

BLACK FATE line up:

Vasilis Georgiou - Vocals
Gus Drax - Guitars
Nikos Tsintzilonis - Drums
Vasilis Liakos - Bass

BLACK FATE online:


* The new MILLENNIAL REIGN single “Not On My Own” has been added to this year's Warriors Of Metal Festival Open Air compilation CD.  “Not On My Own” will be included as part of the groups next album The God Particle.

* NARNIA set list at Gullbranna Festivalen in Halmstad, Sweden: “Gates Of Cair Paravel (Intro)”, “Inner Sanctum”, “Show All The World”, “The Mission”, “Scared”, “Into This Game”, “Shelter Through The Pain”, “The Witch And The Lion”, “Long Live The King”, “The Awakening”, “Living Water”, “No More Shadows From The Past”

A photomontage of the groups performance can be viewed at:

* Scott Miller uploaded a new song, “On That Day”’, from the upcoming third album of his PILGRIMSPROG project, Here I Am:

* Rubicon Music will release the SOUND OF ETERNITY debut Visions & Dreams in Japan on July 30, 2014 with the bonus track "Cambiar el Mundo" (Spanish version of “Call To Action").


Update: July 13, 2014


Guardian - Almost Home

GUARDIAN - Almost Home release date announced:
Press Release / Veteran Christian rock band GUARDIAN will release their long-awaited album, Almost Home, via iTunes and other digital outlets on July 15, 2014.

The band was chosen to be a part of new special pre-release program on iTunes where fans can pre-purchase the album 10 days prior to release at a discounted price. The album was available for pre-purchase on July 5th at a specially discounted price of $4.99, leading up to the albums official street date of July 15, where it then be available for $9.99.

Two years in the making, Almost Home is the first full-length GUARDIAN album in over 10 years. Funded by Kickstarter crowd-sourcing, the band completed the album in January of 2014 and are finally releasing it to the public.

"We are grateful to our Kickstarter backers", says bassist and founding member, David Bach. "We wanted to wait a few months to be sure we got all of our backers their copy of the album, and we're now thrilled to finally be able to release the album to the rest of the world."

Vocalist Jamie Rowe adds: "We were excited to see the album hit the iTunes rock charts on the day the pre-release began. To crack the top 100 at #98 with no label support or marketing push was humbling and exciting! The fans made it happen!"

Almost Home track listing:

1. “Boom She Said”
2. “The Real Me”
3. “Little Things”
4. “Wonderful”
5. “California Rain”
6. “Show Us What You Got (Interlude)”
7. “King Of Fools”
8. “The Calling (Interlude)”
9. “Paranoia Kills”
10. “Price We Pay”
11. “Free”
12. “Requiem Calavera (Interlude)”
13. “Almost Home”

Jamey Perrenot produced Almost Home, while Tony Palacios handled mixing duties and Mat5t mastering at Midwest Audio Mastering. 

A limited quantity of physical CD's will also be available on July 15th through the bands website:


Stone Groove Records logo

Stone Groove Records update:
Press Release / Phoenix, Arizona based Stone Groove Records announces the digital release of new albums by HYPNOGOG and SWEET CICADA in addition to re-issues of older material from TYKKÜS and TROGLODYTE DAWN.  The label, founded by Randy Michaud with the goal of “specializing in doom/stoner, heavy rock, classic metal, ambient, experimental and reissues of lost underground classics”, has made available for download the following releases at the Bandcamp pages of each respective artist:

Tykkus - Hystorykkus Maximus

TYKKÜS - Hystorykküs Maximüs: 1985-2007
Hystorykküs Maximüs represents a complete TYKKÜS anthology by including the following:

1. RIZER (pre-TYKKÜS) 6-song EP from 1985
2. TYKKÜS 3-song 1995 demo and 2005 4-song Ümlaut EP
3. Live: Clams & All 8-song show
4. 4-demo tracks recorded with vocalist Will V

Release date: May 4, 2014

The 3-song demo and Ümlaut are also available for separate purchase.

RIZER is the original band to feature guitarist Dale Burton.  Burton later crossed paths with guitarist Justin Frear, drummer Steve Slack, bassist Brian Weldin and vocalist Randy Michaud in Phoenix, Arizona to form the initial TYKKÜS line-up.

TYKKÜS stands for Teaching You Kingdom Knowledge Unto Salvation

Commented Michaud:” I still cherish the memories of my time in the band and I feel privileged to be able to keep the legacy alive!”

TYKKÜS online:

Hypnogog - Syndrig Times

HYPNOGOG - Syndrig Times
HYPNOGOG founder Dan Lively is West Virginia’s best kept secret when it comes to being a riff prodigy.  Accordingly, the full-length HYPNOGOG debut, Syndrig Times, comes across in the form of instrumental stoner doom with massive riffs.  The album represents a collection of live-in-the-studio improvisations with little or no doctoring, and no writing before the tape started rolling.  In other words, what you here is what the artist did, right on the spot!

The 2-song singles “Paranormal Supernature” and “Reprimand Of The Watchers” are also available from HYPNOGOG.

Release date: May 7, 2014

HYPNOGOG online:

Sweet Cicada - Switch

Dan Lively is nothing if not prolific!  In addition to his improvisational jam project HYPNOGOG and playing bass for Victor Griffin’s IN-GRAVED, Lively has his own polished stoner-doom groove band SWEET CICADA.  For fans of SABBATH, KING'S X, SOUNDGARDEN and the like.  Lively’s songwriting and playing skills shine on the SWEET CICADA debut Switch, a 3-song EP re-issued by Stone Groove Records with a bonus track, “Trials”, to whet the appetite of fans for the upcoming full length sophomore release Ziklag later this year.

Release date: May 7, 2014


Troglodyte Dawn - Troglodyte Dawn

TROGLODYTE DAWN - Troglodyte Dawn
The doom metal with ambient tendencies of Randy Michaud’s 2003 self-titled TROGLODYTE DAWN debut has been re-issued with two bonus tracks originally part of the 1995 Before The Dawn demo: A live acoustic version of “Flowers” and “Dead Man’s Switch”, an early form of the track “Fallen World”.

Also released are three new epic-length ambient singles as part of a new group of recordings called the Mystoric Series, “Ant Tattoos (Retold)”, “Zatanfallen” and “Flaatinslang” (free bonus track only available with the purchase of “Zatanfallen”).  An extended single version of the “Fallen World” suite (including all 5-sections of the piece) is also available for the first time as a single track.

Release date: April 18, 2014


Stone Groove Records online:


* The 2008 Retroactive Records FAITH FACTOR full-length debut Against A Darkened Sky is scheduled to be re-issued by the band later this year.  According to vocalist Norm “Ski” Kiersznowski, the album has been re-mixed and re-mastered and will feature bonus tracks in the form of the groups 3 song demo from 2007 entitled 07/07/07.  The re-issue includes the original album artwork.

* Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Scott Miller plans to release the third PILGRIMSPROG album, Here I Am, the latter half of 2014.  The follow up to the 2010 PILGRIMSPROG sophomore outing Do You Have Thanatophobia? offers the same formula by tastefully blending straightforward hard rock, classic rock and progressive rock with bold lyrics.

Those attending PILGRIMSPROG shows the past six months have heard many of the new songs live, including “Here I Am”, “On That Day” and “Arise O Lord”.  Another will be a progressive epic entitled “Chronicles Of Job”.  The Here I Am title track is based upon Hebrews 10:7: "Then I said, ‘Here I am - it is written about me in the scroll - I have come to do your will, my God.’” (NIV).

Follow the progress and get updates at:, &


Update: July 6, 2014


Sonic Divide promo pic

New online SONIC DIVIDE interview:
In a recent online interview with Fireworks Magazine, SONIC DIVIDE members Wayne Holden (vocals), Glenn Johnson (lead guitar) and Andy Young (keyboards) talk about the groups self-titled debut album, which it released independently late last year.  Following is an excerpt:

What response have you had on your album?
AY: Really good, when we first heard the finished product we went, “Wow, this has taken our sound to a new level”. We had exposure on Australian national radio and local Adelaide ABC radio from which we received terrific feedback. The UK first heard of us when Glenn took a video snippet of us recording the opening track ´So In Love´ and put it on YouTube; radio programmers came across it and started playing us. The former guitarist of Air Supply, David Moyse, lives in Adelaide and really loves the album and said he would see what he could do to help us. Pretty much everyone has been positive; our biggest challenge is to get people to hear us.

Read full interview: HERE


The Brave - Rise

THE BRAVE to release new studio album in August:
Press Release / Lancaster, California melodic hard rockers THE BRAVE completed work on their third studio album, Rise, scheduled for an August 19, 2014 independent release.  Rise features five new BRAVE songs in addition re-recorded versions of seven BRAVE classics from the past!

The album will be available worldwide on CD and via iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon and other digital outlets.   

Commented guitarist Stayce Roberts:  "Yes, we are back! I think the new record will be an amalgamation of everything our Brave fan base dug us for-- melody, shredding and great songs."

THE BRAVE describes its sound as “melodic hard rock with soaring vocals, harmonies, thunderous drums and memorable hooks” while listing GUARDIAN, JOURNEY, FEAR NOT, QUEENSRYCHE, RACER X, NIGHT RANGER, LYNCH MOB and BRIDE among its influences.

THE BRAVE came onto the music scene in 1991 and released two successful CDs with Pakaderm/Word records under the high production standards of John and Dino Elefante. The first, Battle Cries from 1992, was met with critical success and yielded over 6 top ten CCM singles, including “All Together Now”, “The Waiting”, “Just A Man” and “If That Ain't Love”.  The album was mixed by Neil Kernon, the mastermind behind QUEENSRYCHE’s Operation Mindcrime and DOKKEN’s Under Lock And Key.

With the departure of long-term front man James Salters, drummer Randy Roberts took over vocals for the 1994 THE BRAVE sophomore outing Trust.  Though more bluesy in its style, Trust solidified THE BRAVE as a serious contender, specifically as they watched the entire music landscape change before their eyes as groups like NIRVANA and SOUNDGARDEN began to turn the tides musically. 

Sadly, THE BRAVE disbanded shortly thereafter when its label, Pakaderm, picked up and left for Nashville.  The good news, however, is that THE BRAVE is back after twenty years with “new spins on BRAVE classics and a few new surprises as well!”

Rise track listing:

1. “Tell Me Now*
2. “I'm Your Reason*
3. “If That Ain't Love”
4. “Running All My Life”
5. “Dirty Water”
6. “All Together Now”
7. “The Killing Floor*
8. “Wither Me”*
9. “When You're Alone”
10. “Trust”
11. Don't*
12. Somebody*

*New songs

Rise pre-order:

THE BRAVE online:

Kevin Wright promo pic

JACOBS DREAM unveils new vocalist, Kevin Wright:
Press Release / Columbus, Ohio based power metal act JACOBS DREAM has announced the addition of vocalist Kevin Wright to its ranks.  He replaces long-term front man Chaz Bond, who departed JACOBS DREAM in late 2013 after having spent the previous ten years with the band.

Commented the group: “Good News. The vocalist search is complete. Kevin Wright has been selected from a wide field of worthy candidates. As we continue to work on our new material with him, we are also working on a solid set of older songs so as not to let the summer gigging season slip away. Stay tuned for more info and pictures of Kevin.  Maybe he will let us post some raw studio clips of rehearsals or tracking the new CD (Where Vultures Gather). Please welcome Kevin to the Jacobs Dream family.”

Wright offers his thoughts in regards to how he joined JACOBS DREAM: “In 2012, I was looking to get back into (music), so I put an ad on Craigslist. I (soon) got in touch with these guys who were looking to do a hair metal tribute and I thought that would be perfect. I never made any money doing originals, so I thought I would make some doing covers. The band was called Teezer, and it was a lot of fun, and I had a great time doing it and met a lot of cool people in the Columbus music scene.

“James Evans (Jacobs Dream bassist) was at one of the Teezer shows and video taped me with his phone and then played it back to the guys in JD. They didn't know my name and didn't know how to get a hold of me, but a couple of weeks later I went to a gig of a friend of mine and James was there. He approached me about joining JD, but I just wasn't interested at first. Things with Teezer kind of died down and I was trying to put something else together when John Berry contacted me. I told him no like, 2 or 3 times (LOL!).

“I actually blew it off, but something kept telling me to at least research it. I got on YouTube and Spotify and was totally blown away by the guitar work. I'm not a very good player, but I am a guitar nerd! I love all things guitar, so that guitar work spoke to me. I emailed JB and told him after listening to the music, I had changed my mind and I wanted to audition. He sent me some tracks to work with, so I came to the audition and they liked what they heard I guess.”

He goes into further detail about his background and musical influences: “I'm originally from Saint John, New Brunswick Canada. My parents used to travel and do evangelism when I was young, so I started singing on stage at around 6 years old. My father graduated from Bethany Bible College and (started) a church in Damascus, Maryland. I continued to sing in the church until I reached my teens. I wasn't allowed to listen to secular music until I was around 13, and even then it could only be pop music. I was aware of bands like KISS and Led Zeppelin and a lot of the bands that were influential to modern metal, but didn't know any of their music, so most of my early influences were pop stars like Daryl Hall, Freddy Mercury, The Bee Gees, Billy Joel, Michael McDonald, Christopher Cross etc.

“At age 16 or so, hard rock songs started coming on the radio by Billy Idol, Ratt, Def Leppard, Scorpions, Van Halen etc. I fell in love with what is now known as the "hair metal" genre and vocalists like Sebastian Bach, Axl Rose, Jani Lane, Ray Gillen, Don Dokken and Geoff Tate really took it to a different level than the stuff I was used to hearing. Most of the bands of that era were kind of party rock, so to speak. I started looking for something similar, but with serious subject matter. When I first heard Iron Maiden, they were already well established and I sought out other bands in that vein like Queensryche. For a while, Queensryche was the be all/ end all for me.

“I was in my first band at age 16, we did a cover of Men at Work's "Overkill" and I was hooked on being in a band. I was in several bands that did nothing but implode. Almost all the bands I've been in were original bands. The most notable were SNaG, we had a great demo out, but no takers. I'm good friends with them til this day. The other was a band called Sunbelly. It was a Sabbath-y type of riffs combined with a heavy soulful vocals type of thing. Things just didn't take off. I also did a lot of cover work with all different people from around the globe. I did some original work for a few folks as well. I did vocals for a project called Drawing on Scars out of Georgia, a band called CLAN out of Dallas and for a guy named Jonathan Keifert from England. When my oldest son was born, I took time off from being in bands.”

Digital audition of Kevin Wright performing the track “Stain” off Beneath The Shadows (the fifth JACOBS DREAM album from 2009):

JACOBS DREAM remains at work on its next album, Where Vultures Gather.

JACOBS DREAM online: &

Michael Sweet promo pic

Michael Sweet reveals possible name for project with George Lynch, SWEET LYNCH:
Courtesy of

Press Release / Guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet of Christian hard rockers STRYPER spoke to Guitar International about his recently announced project with legendary guitarist George Lynch (T&N, DOKKEN, LYNCH MOB), bassist James Lomenzo (MEGADETH, WHITE LION, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY) and Brian Tichy (S.U.N., WHITESNAKE).

"It looks like we are going to go with the name SWEET LYNCH," he said. "We were debating that for a while and the label was pushing it for it. It was the brainchild of Serafino Perugino at Frontiers Records. He asked me to basically sing on this record and then I suggested producing it. I co-wrote the songs with George. I called Brian Tichy and James Lomenzo to put the band together. You'll start to hear about it in September with the first single and video. It's an incredible combination of classic '70s and '80s. You will hear some flavors of JOURNEY, BAD COMPANY, DOKKEN, VAN HALEN and STRYPER."

He added: "I love this CD. I'm super excited for people to hear this CD. I'm so proud of it.

"James and Brian are amazing musicians. They tore it up. The drums and bass are just as impressive as the guitars. Everybody really delivered… The musicianship level on this is top notch. It sounds as if we were all in the stuff playing together and we were not. Basically, George wrote some riffs about a minute to a minute and a half long. I wrote lyrics and melodies then arranged them. I cut and pasted them together in the studio. Then Brian and James came out and tracked the drums and bass, as well as some rhythm stuff. We then sent it to George to add the guitars."

Asked if there will be any live dates in support of the album, Sweet said: "We are one million percent sure there will be a tour."

Sweet in 2012 revealed that he would hit the road with T&N (formerly TOOTH AND NAIL), the project featuring current and former members of DOKKEN (George Lynch, Jeff Pilson and Mick Brown), in support of that band's debut album, Slave To The Empire, and upcoming follow-up effort. He wrote in an online posting: "It should be a blast and a lot of fun singing those classic DOKKEN tunes."

He added: "And to ease your mind, I WILL NOT be leaving STRYPER, just having some side fun with George, Jeff and Mick when this actually takes place."

Read full interview at:


* “Rage”, video of new song from FRÜHSTÜCK:

“Rage” is taken from the groups June 2, 2014 released sophomore album Story.

* New PROMISE LAND website:

Pre-orders are being accepted for the group’s debut album Harmony In Ruins, which is scheduled for a August 5, 2014 release:

* Roxx Records July 2014 update: First and Foremost the bad news: Unfortunately, the vinyl industry is booming! (or maybe that’s good news for us vinyl enthusiasts!) But in this case it means our two new releases from Deliverance and Ultimatum are slightly delayed! The manufacturing plant is jam packed with new releases and ours are in line for pressing but will not be shipped until the first part of August, which unfortunately means we have to push our releases back a few weeks! Our revised release date will be August 12th which should give us plenty of time to get all the pre orders in your hands before the release date! We apologize for this delay but it is beyond our control and we now know to manufacture a vinyl in the US at this time we need to give a 5 or 6 month lead time for the whole production process, but these will be worth the wait as our test pressings have already shown us!

As an added bonus, we will be giving away one test pressing from Deliverance and one from Ultimatum in a random drawing for all those who already placed their pre order and for anyone else that gets in on it before they are shipped! If you have not pre ordered your copy yet get in on it now, the blue and green vinyl editions will not last, you have been forewarned!

Up next for Roxx watch for full announcements on two limited edition CD titles which will both be going through the remastered and expanded process! For the first time ever re-mastered and reissued will be two classic titles from the Frontline Records catalog, from Deliverance their classic Stay of Execution and the fourth and last title from Vengeance Rising Released Upon the Earth.  Full press releases outlining both releases are forthcoming.



Update: June 22, 2014


GX PROJECT - “Train Wreck” video released:
Press Release / ”Train Wreck”, the new video from gritty hard rockers GX PROJECT, can be seen above.  The song is taken from the group’s second studio album, Sinner, which was released in June of 2014via Image Records.

Commented vocalist Rex Scott: “This is the most true rock n roll album I've ever done.  It's rock n roll from beginning to end and I love it. I've done metal, hard rock and pop rock but this is real rock n roll”.

Scott offers additional details in regards to how Sinner compares to the GX PROJECT 2012 debut, Bite Stick: “On this one we tried to expand a bit and add some flavor that reminds me a bit of Peace Treaty at times (the 1991 sophomore album from Rex's other band X-SINNER). We do a bit more layered vocals sometimes on this one and I think that's the main difference between this one and Bite Stick.”

GX PROJECT represents a partnership between Scott and guitarist and producer Glenn Thomas.  Again, further insight from Scott: “On Bite Stick we shared a guitar solo on one song and he played all the rest but on Sinner he let me take a couple on my own this time. Glenn is the producer, drummer, bassist and guitarist. I'm the vocalist and the rhythm guitarist. He's typically on the left side and I'm on the right if you listen in headphones. For live we have Craig Jeans play the drums.”

Scott gained initial renown as part of ZION and X-SINNER, fronting the formers 1989 full-length debut Thunder From The Mountain and latter’s 1991 sophomore effort Peace Treaty.  He returned with X-SINNER following the turn of the century for its third and fourth albums Fire It Up and World Covered In Blood from 2006 and 2008, respectively.

The Angelic Warlord review (80%) described Bite Stick as “(Staying) true to the AC/DC influenced sounds of X-SINNER” while also reflecting the “occasional bluesy hard rock moment hinting of early nineties BRIDE in addition to some eighties metal swagger not unlike MAIN LINE RIDERS and WHITECROSS.  Throw in the raw energy of Fire It Up and World Covered In Blood and you have a creative merging of several styles to form a cohesive whole.”

Sinner is available for order at:

Sinner track listing:

1. “Satisfaction”
2. “Rock N Roll Soul”
3. “You Can’t”
4. “Get Some”
5. “She Goes All Night”
6. “I Sell Love”
7. “Tear It Up”
8. “Sinner”
9. “Get Your High”
10. “All About You”
11. “Don’t Come Cheap”
12. “Train Wreck”
13. “Living Dead”

GX Project online:

True Strength - The Cross Will Always Prevail

TRUE STRENGTH - The Cross Will Always Prevail album details revealed:
Press Release / Classic US power metal act TRUE STRENGTH released its full-length debut, The Cross Will Always Prevail, independently on June 8, 2014.  The album is available digitally via iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and other outlets.

TRUE STRENGTH was formed in October of 2012 by rhythm guitarist Ryan "The Archangel" Darnell and drummer Chris Clark, who “envisioned a Christian metal band that honored God, spread the Word of Jesus Christ and dedicated 100% of their music sales to charity” (as taken from the groups press material).  The two later hired lead guitarist Josh Cirbo and proceeded to record the music for The Cross Will Always Prevail over the latter half of 2013.  After recruiting vocalist Rus Gib, TRUE STRENGTH completed the final mix in April of 2014 and mastering a month later.

The Cross Will Always Prevail was recorded at Josh Cirbo Studios by Josh Cirbo.  Josh Cirbo also produced the project, while Ryan Mey for Darkwave Media handled mastering duties.

Commented the group: “It has been a long road this year, with a lot of delays and setbacks but the cross has indeed prevailed! We give thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving us the strength to release our first album! All glory and honor belongs to Christ alone! We hope you all enjoy this album as a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into making it, we love you all!”


The track “The Cross Will Always Prevail” is available for streaming at:

"The Cross Will Always Prevail" track listing”

1. Exorcism (Intro)
2. The Cross Will Always Prevail
3. Christian Battle Cry
4. Under The Scimitar
5. Starve The Fires Of Moloch
6. Michael The Archangel
7. When We Meet At Armageddon
8. Key To The Abyss


Rus Gib - Lead and Backing Vocals
Ryan "The Archangel" Darnell - Rhythm Guitar & Bass
Josh Cirbo - Lead Guitar
Chris Clark - Drums



* EMPIRE 21 debut album studio update (Facebook - April 21, 2014): “Today we want to thank Thomas Plec Johansson at The Panic Room mastering studio for putting his soul into mastering the EMPIRE 21 debut album. He used his very well trained ears not only to create a blasting final result but to carefully and patiently listen to our wishes.

“He let us hear all possible approaches to the mix before making any final decisions, so we're confident that we have the beefiest sounding album we could ever dream of.

“So thank you Thomas for this and again thanks to Tobias Lindell who did an equally amazing job mixing this album, making it nothing but awesome! You guys rock and we sincerely appreciate you!”


Update: June 15, 2014


W.A.S.P. to release Golgotha album in 2015:
Courtesy of

Press Release / W.A.S.P. is "about three weeks away from finishing" its new studio album, titled Golgotha, for an early 2015 release. During a press conference yesterday (Friday, June 6) before the band's performance at this year's edition of the Sweden Rock Festival in Sölvesborg, Sweden, W.A.S.P. main man Blackie Lawless stated about the lyrical inspiration for the upcoming CD (see video above): "'Golgotha' is Hebrew for place of the skull, and it's the hill where Christ was crucified. And it's interesting, when you see a lot of bands going around using Satanic images or images of death and things like that, and I'm thinking, all they need to do is look at the source, 'cause it's right there. I mean, if you want death, there's enough to go around there."

Regarding the musical direction of W.A.S.P.'s new material, Lawless said: "It sounds probably more similar to the last two that we've done (2007's Dominator and 2009's Babylon). And we've been working on this thing for four years now."

He continued: "I don't know if you guys heard, I had a little hiccup last year, and that delayed recording for almost a year. I broke my leg. And that, too, was an interesting trip.

"But there's one thing that I learned when I was doing (1992's) The Crimson Idol: if you make a record over too long of a period of time, you have to be very, very careful, because the record you start out making is not the record you end up finishing, because you've changed so much as a person over a three- or four-year period, you've gotta be very, very careful to hold on to that vision. But from what I'm hearing so far - and it's not completely mixed yet - it has definite overtones of the last two records."

Lawless was also asked about his statements in past interviews that he will never perform W.A.S.P.'s classic song (edit out song title with nasty four-letter word) live again because of his "religious faith."

"I look at it like this: I'm a representative of the most high God," he said. "But I have to be very careful about the things I say and do," he said. "I mean, I'm gonna answer one day for the things that I've done. And I wanna make sure that when I do, that my slate is clean. But equally as import as that, I think, is I've been given an opportunity to stand in front of people, and you're either gonna say something positive or you're gonna say something mindless; there's no in between - you're either one or the other. And I'm just trying my best. And I'm not saying that I'm doing it all the time, but I'm trying my best to say something that I think could help somebody's life."

He continued: "I remember on the first album (1984's W.A.S.P.), we had a song called “B.A.D.”. And a girl came up to me one day, and she says, 'I wanna thank you for that song.' And I said, 'What for?' And she says, 'Well, I used to be a really bad heroin addict. And when I heard that song, it changed my life and I don't shoot heroin anymore.' Now, that song had nothing to do with heroin; I don't know what she heard in those lyrics. And at the time, I really didn't wanna hear that, because, to me, I knew enough about what a statement from her like that meant. To me, that was the 'R' word, and I didn't wanna know about… The 'R' word, to me, was 'responsibility,' and I didn't wanna hear it. And I ran from that as far as I could. And then over a period of time…

W.A.S.P. - Babylon

"We got finished with the Inside The Electric Circus record [1986], and I realized we had made one of the biggest piles of junk in the history of the recording industry. And I said, 'You know what?! That's it. I'm not doing that anymore. If I can't say something with the music, there's no point in me doing it.' And I thought, 'This girl is telling me she's not shooting heroin anymore, and I didn't even try. Imagine what I could do if I tried just a little bit.' And there's a ton of stories that you hear like that.

"You don't realize the impact that you're having on people. Because I'm one of those kind of people, I live in my own little bubble. I mean, I am one of the worst people to ask opinions about anything, because I just live in my own little space. If I'm not writing or in the studio, I live way away from everybody and I'm just in my own world. So you don't realize the impact you have on people a lot of times. I mean, when I'm at home, I have a ranch that… It's a pretty big piece of property, and I get out there and I just walk around and I'm just me. And I forget, a lot of times, until I go some place and somebody is interested, for whatever reason, in anything I might have to say. To me, that's always surprising. Because, quite honestly, I don't think it's that important. But apparently somebody does."

According to Lawless, the change in his lyrical approach happened with the 1989 release of The Headless Children album. He said: "There's a place, I guess, for all kinds of music, but for myself personally, I started looking around at what I felt was my purpose. And I thought music can be so much more than this. And I'm not saying that there's not a place for gusy to have a good time. But if I can do something to say something or help change somebody's life, I'm gonna sleep a lot better at night."

Blackie also spoke about his early life as a born-again Christian and his decision to leave the church at age 18, only to return to his Christian faith 20 years later.

"Like a lot of people, organized religion was telling me things that I didn't see in the Bible," he explained. "And so, for 20 years after I left the church, I walked around with all these things that I had been taught, and I thought I was mad at God. And after 20 years, I realized I was not mad at God, I was mad at man for the institutionalized thinking that I had been indoctrinated with. And I discovered then, whether it's the Bible or anything else you ever wanna know in life, don't listen to somebody else telling you. You wanna find out, go find out for yourself, because ultimately you are going to be responsible for yourself. And so that's what I did. And when I did that, I realized, like, I wasn't mad at God anymore. These guys that had been telling me this stuff for the longest time, I realized that they had an agenda."

The artist further discusses his faith and the groups Babylon release in an online interview with Sleaze Roxx from 2010:


* Roxx Records update: First up the limited edition DELIVERANCE and ULTIMATUM vinyl pressings are nearing completion! If you have been holding off on those don’t wait too long! The limited edition Weapons Of Our Warfare blue vinyl version is nearly sold out and the green vinyl version of Heart of Metal is not far behind that!

Pre-orders are still available:

Those that pre-order before the July 15, 2014 release date are guaranteed a free CD copy!

In other news, coming up in October we have 2 more limited edition CD reissues coming from DELIVERANCE with the first ever re-master and reissue of Stay of Execution.  Also, to complete the Intense Millennium Records reissues Roxx Records is very proud and excited to present you with a fully re-mastered/reissue from VENGEANCE RISING their 4th and final offering entitled Released Upon The Earth

If that is not enough for you, watch as we help the mighty MORTIFICATION celebrate 25 years in 2015 with a very special limited edition vinyl release!


Update: June 8, 2014


David Benson - Evil Killer
As a reviewer, and unlike some, I never had a problem with the fact Benson’s vocals are reminiscent to those of Ozzy’s.  Rather, my main concern always came down to whether or not his songs are any good.  Read Full Review >>

BRIDE - Into The Matrix
Matrix, in other words, represents all things Bride in that all eras of Bride’s history can ultimately trace themselves to Matrix.  Read Full Review >>

KING’S X - Out Of The Silent Planet
King’s X made its mark by being different.  Read Full Review >>

PILGRIMSPROG - Do You Have Thanatophobia?
Pilgrimsprog delivers a tasteful blend of straightforward hard rock, classic rock and progressive rock.  Read Full Review >>

PŸLON - Homo Homini Lupus
Homo Homini Lupus, a Latin phrase meaning “man is a wolf to (his fellow) man”, finds Pÿlon presenting with its share of changes.  Read Full Review >>

SARDIS - Escape
Escape, the spring of 2014 full-length debut from Joplin, Missouri based Sardis, succeeds where other self-financed and independently released projects failed: Production comes across crisp and clean with no muddy elements; musicianship is ably done in that all Sardis members are strong performers; and well thought out and consistent songwriting yields no skip buttons or filler tracks.  Read Full Review >>

It is true that An Hour Of Light does not sound remarkably different than the first two Sombre Holiday releases, but therein lies its brilliance!  Read Full Review >>

Michael Sweet - I’m Not Your Suicide
There can’t be a simpler formula in the hard music world than that behind making a solo album: Mix equal parts inspiration of your full time band with your own unique musical spin on things while throwing in a few unexpected twists and turns along the way.  Read Full Review >>


Derek Close - The Beta Sessions

Derek Close releases sophomore album, The Beta Sessions:
Press Release / “A man and his bass guitar. Get ready to rumble!”  The introductory statement at the Facebook page of Kalispell, MT based bassist and guitarist Derek Close, who returns in early 2014 with the straightforward hard rock of his second solo album entitled The Beta Sessions.

Commented the artist regarding his musical background: “I started to learn guitar and picked up the bass (during the late eighties). Throughout the early '90's I played in a few bands that played a few gigs but never did any recording. That changed when I joined My Cat Puddinhead and we recorded our first demo tape in '94. From there I went on to help form the band Judah (WA). We played a number of gigs and also recorded a demo tape called One Step From The Basement. While in Judah I got asked to record the bass tracks for About This Big's album Chaos Theory. After that, life got in the way forcing me into a bit of a hiatus. I did record a few tracks for the band Nathan Creek.

“Come late 2006 Dan Johnson from Sanctyfied got in touch with me and I recorded the bass tracks for their second album Flying High. I even got the privilege of writing the album's title track. It was during this time that I started really working on my own music again. I had several songs that had never been recorded and some that had never been finished.

“In 2011 I released my first album, a Christmas instrumental rock album called In The Christmas Groove, (while) 2014 has seen the release of my second, The Beta Sessions.”

The Beta Sessions was recorded and mixed at Been Jammin’ Studios in Kalispell, MT. Tim Sutherland handled the “floating cat head art” and Tori Close the cover art layout.

Samples to The Beta Sessions are available at the artists Bandcamp page:

An interview with Derek Close can also be read at:

The Beta Sessions track listing:

1. “9-1-1”
2. “Atomic Clock”
3. “Out Of Reach”
4. “Cerebral Vortex”
5. “Violence: Domesticated”
6. ‘Opposite Extremes”
7. “The Pavilion”
8. “Daddy”
9. “El Gato”
10. “Dreaming In Color”

Derek Close online: &

Wonrowe Vision logo

WONROWE VISION announce new album, 2-Headed Monster:
Press Release / Pre-production on the new full-length WONROWE VISION album, 2-Headed Monster, will be complete by the end of this month.

Steve Rowe, vocalist & bassist of the Melbourne, Australian based act, offers further detail: “After learning so much about writing classic rock these past 5 years with the first two Wonrowe Vision albums, I think that we now have the sound nailed! On Mission Invincible (the group’s 2010 debut full-length), I was aiming to sing like Lemmy from Motored. On the second album (Visions Of The Past Present And Future from 2013) I simply tried to 'sing'. Being that Wonrowe Vision has strong punk & rock ‘n’ roll influences, on 2-Headed Monster I will be taking a more aggressive punk rock vocal approach!!

“You can hear this type of singing on “Short Circuit” (off the 2006 Mortification album Erasing The Goblin) and “Resurrection Band (A Tribute To Rez)” (off the 2009 Mortification album The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine).  I think that this style of vocal (delivery) is a strength of mine! It makes the rock way more aggressive and keeps me in a place vocally where I am most comfortable and competent!

“The body of the album will be recorded later this year with Neil Kearin as engineer, (while) production will be handled by myself along with Neil!”

WONROWE VISION represents a joining of Rowe and MORTIFICATION guitarist Lincoln Bowen.  The groups self-proclaimed “heavy edge rock ‘n’ roll” best reveals itself in terms of its influences, namely MOTORHEAD, STATUS QUO, DEEP PURPLE, RESURRECTION BAND, G.B.H., ALTAR BOYS and THE CRUCIFIED. 

Angelic Warlord described Mission Invincible (85% review) as “a joining of old school metal and hard rock backed by punk based angst and attitude” in which the group “wears its influences on its sleeves in no uncertain terms”.  Whereas Mission Invincible was made up of unique material, Pictures Of The Past Present And Future presented with a compilation of new material, re-recorded versions of older songs, live tracks and long lost demo recordings.

Rowe, obviously, is best known as founding member of MORTIFICATION, one of the Christian extreme metal scenes leading groups.  Since its early nineties inception, MORTIFICATION has released 15 studio albums, 5 live albums, 2 compilations, 6 videos and 3 DVD’s



* New IMPELLITTERI album in the works (Facebook - June 7, 2014): “It looks like we will officially be recording a new IMPELLITTERI record in the near future. Working out the deal points now with our Label Family JVC ! We may also be doing some surprise dates as well. And Yes, Rob Rock will be the singer for IMPELLITTERI for those of you that have asked!”

* Symphonic metal band SLEEPING ROMANCE uploaded an acoustic performance video of the track "Finding My Way" online:

The song comes off their debut album Enlighten, which was released on November 1, 2013 in Europe and December 3, 2013 in North America through Ulterium Records.

* Recording update from TEMPLE OF BLOOD in regards to upcoming third album A Show Of Force (Facebook - May 27, 2014): “It’s been really tough to find any music time with a 1 year old running around the house and a brand new baby as well, but I have finished recording the rhythm guitar tracks for the 2nd track, titled “Exalted”! It is a melodic power metal song and reminds me a little bit of some of the classic US power metal bands like Queensryche or Crimson Glory.”

Lyrics to A Show Of Force can be read at:

* THEOCRACY will perform at ProgPower XV Midweek in Atlanta Georgia, on September 10, 2014.  Further details from vocalist Matt Smith:


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